• Day12

    Animals on our journey

    June 28, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Special post for Joy! We've seen:
    * cows
    * horses, including a baby foal
    * sheep, including baby lambs
    * elk
    * mule deer
    * ravens
    * quite a few lizards
    * insects - neat beetles, giant orange stink bug, cicadas, grasshoppers, giant bumble bees, several types of butterflies, gnats, (fortunately almost no mosquitoes)
    * wild turkey
    * peregrine falcon
    * chipmunks
    * ground squirrels
    * Jack rabbit
    * quite a few birds
    * hummingbird
    * frogs & tadpoles
    * marmots
    * family of quail
    * pronghorns
    * prairie dog (we think)
    * hawks
    * vultures
    * eagle
    * fox (deceased)
    * blue jay

    Was really hoping to see condors, but no luck. Kids want to see a bighorn, but we struck out there too. Gave up on seeing a snake! Couldn't even score a (domesticated) bison, but did pretty well overall!

    Wildest of anything we saw was probably our children!! Haha! :-)
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