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  • Day491


    March 1, 2020 in Tanzania ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    A day was plenty to trek round the whole of Stone Town, another World Heritage site that is being prettified for voyeurs. There was one museum I wanted to visit but it was closed for reparation so there wasn't all that much to see other than the allies and buildings.
    On the other hand ... ... ... there are different fingers. If one was after a nice couple of weeks break on a beach, with the option of a little bit of site seeing to break up the time, this is just the place. A day in Stone Town on arrival, off to the beaches and a day visiting plantations in the centre. Perfect.
    This International Airport also keeps travellers waiting in the sun for 40 minutes before allowing them through the x-ray machines and into the lounge to grovel before the check-in chicks. As usual only empty water-bottles are admitted past them: then it is straight through immigration to this grotty little departure lounge. [I dream of making an airline security officer demonstrate how to mix two 100ml bottles of liquid ingredients to create an explosive whilst sitting on a vibrating chair. Can't be done. The mixer provokes an exothermic reaction and gets burnt. Governments invent a possible disaster and say they are taking all measures to prevent its occurrence. Then when it doesn't happen they say that it is because of their actions! Brilliant politics and a bloody nuisance when the tap water is not drinkable and bottled water is sold at a premium] A tourist shop posing as a duty free and one snack counter offering drinks at 4 times the normal rate is the sum total of facilities. And there is no money exchange leaving the country.
    3 aircraft were scheduled to leave at around the same time, so the room was absolutely stuffed and the fans moved the hot stale air around without cooling anyone. When an airline employee opened an outside door there was a surge towards it that made the staff visibly nervous, but they too welcomed some air circulation. I waited until one flight left to take the photo, just so you can see the size.
    Agh. Africa.
    BTW the National Anthem for Tanzania is called “Mungu Ibariki Afrika.” If your Swahili is any good you will know this means “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika” in Xhosa. Originally an African liberation song composed by Enoch Sontonga, South Africa adopted it for its own National Anthem in 1997, and Zimbabwe also claims it.
    "God Bless Africa"; 3 countries; 1 song. Can't sum it up better myself.
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