• Day8

    Ok gonna have to start a new "trip" soon

    November 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ❄️ 28 °F

    No more me and the Fletch!! Its gonna be TEAM MASTRO-BACH.. Ok name might need some work.. BUT STEPH AND I ARE GONNA B CO- DRIVERS!! YAY!! Suck it boys!! Just kidding.. OMG!! Told Fletch to park truck (bobtail) anywhere he thinks he can get out of later.. what does he do?? Takes a hard left doesnt really LOOK.. STUCK on a median!! Ok so now thats 3 times today.. Manages to get off median, goes and gets stuck again, PULLS it out AGAIN, cars honking cuz im sure he pulled out without looking, drives to park at days inn.. oh did i mention when he drove onto the median. Spilled my F-ING FULL CUP OF COFFEE EVERYWHERE!! Im done!! Game over!! Im SURE he f-ed up the truck somehow!! And i dont want to hear ANY I TOLD YOU SO'S!! LOL...Read more