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  • Day11


    November 10, 2017 in the United States

    We caught the train to Philly this morning and it is bloody freezing! We walked up the parkway to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and might have run up the stairs Rocky style. It was awesome! We walked back to the hotel via the river and popped into the Philadelphia free library.

  • Day146

    Freezing in Philly!

    November 10, 2017 in the United States

    After another night at the theatre last night we left New York this morning - very cold and a little snow! Caught the train down to Philadelphia. I'd forgotten what a beautiful city it is- wide streets and Avenues, parks and wonderful buildings. We walked down to the Museum of Art with the huge stairs they used in the Rocky movie. Called at the library on the way back to our hotel which is a fantastic location across from City Hall and just around the corner from the amazing food hall at Reading Terminal Markets. It's freezing 1dec at the moment and will go down to -3 by tomorrow morning- just a little chilly- frozen noses on our cold faces!Read more

  • Day12


    November 11, 2017 in the United States

    We saw heaps on day 2 of Phily including the liberty bell, the national constitution centre, independence hall, and the Franklin institute science museum. Learnt a lot about the early days of democracy in America when Philadelphia was the capital before DC existed from 1790-1800. Phily also has a lot of love for Benji Franklin and now so do we!

  • Day147

    Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

    November 11, 2017 in the United States

    What a wonderful day we're had in Philadelphia. Started with breakfast at a quirky little place call the Green Egg Cafe- great food. Then off to a day filled with museums and American history- all museums had free entry today with Veterans Day- learnt so much about the war of Independence, the American Constitution & the Civil War with visits to- the Liberty Bell, the National Constitution Centre, Benjamin Franklin's grave at Christ Church Burial Ground, historic Elfreth's Alley of homes, American Revolution Museum, Carpenter's Hall, and finished with Independence Square with tours and talks at Supreme Court Chamber, Congress Hall and Independence Hall. We finished the day after dark at the Christmas light display Franklin Square.Read more

  • Day9

    From Caboose to Kabin

    July 8 in the United States

    We start today with the Amish tour ride we had planned for yesterday. It was a nice leisurely 30 minute ride in a horse drawn buggy. The tour guide was a young man raised in an Amish family but later in life abandoned the restrictive lifestyle to venture out on his own. He gave us lots of interesting insights into the Amish way of life.

    For example, the only type of phones permitted are landlines and they are not placed in the home. They are located in small buildings, resembling outhouses, placed a distance away from the home. They are not to be used for socializing. The Amish value family connectedness and will not adopt technologies that they believe take away from that. If you want to speak to a friend or family member you do it face to face.

    I had noticed the use of scooter bicycles. They have no pedals. I asked about that. The guide told us that the Amish don’t want their young people to be able to go too far too fast, possibly allowing them easy access to towns nearby. The idea is to keep them closely connected to their families and community and away from the influences of modern society.

    A full family summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without a bit of camping! Forgot to bring the rent so we’re doing a couple nights of glamping in a KOA Kabin instead. We’re at the Delaware Gap KOA in Pennsylvania, close to the New Jersey border and the Delaware Gap National Recreational Area. It’s a beautiful, Holiday category KOA, meaning it has enough to offer that families can come here and spend their entire vacations without having to leave the campground. For us, it has a nice pool, which we plan to use tomorrow afternoon and ping pong tables so we can have a family tournament.

    On the drive here we made just two stops. The first at The Pagoda in Reading, PA. A curious building perched on a high location above the town. It was built hundreds of years ago and intended as a luxury hotel. This apparently did not work out, but it is now used as a tourist destination as well as for weddings and other functions.

    Our second stop was going to be to the Martin Guitar Factory but it is closed on Sundays. So, instead we stopped for food at a supermarket and continued on to our destination.

    I’ve been struggling with what seems like a slight flu today and yesterday. I’m hopeful it’s the 24 hour sort and that I will feel better tomorrow. Actually, it already is tomorrow, and the good news is that I am feeling better!
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  • Day10

    The Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania

    July 9 in the United States

    Laura and I were the first up, as usual this morning. We walked down to the KOA store to grab a coffee and go online to check our emails, play a bit of Scrabble ... . For breakfast we each ate what we had purchased yesterday at the local supermarket and had stored in our styrofoam cooler.

    First up on the day’s agenda was a hike to the "100 Feet of Awesomeness", officially known as Bushkill Falls. On arrival at the parking lot I was not surprised to see a large number of vehicles and people meandering about. After all, this destination was being promoted as the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania!

    In order to enter the well developed trail system leading to the falls and a number of viewpoints along the way, you had to buy tickets. It cost our family close to $100 Canadian! It would have been more save for the fact that I was able, for the first time in my life, claim a seniors discount which is awarded to anyone over 62. We decided to go for the hike and see these falls. There were three different routes to follow. We decided on the Yellow route, a 45 minute hike.

    We proceeded to follow the graded and fenced path through the woods. We soon reached the first viewpoint. The falls were much like Bridal Falls near Chilliwack. Very beautiful, but not quite Niagara! We then followed a set of steps leading to the base of the falls, across the creek and up another set of steps to the top of the embankment. From there it was an easy stroll back to our starting point. Including stops for photos, it took about 40 minutes. All very nice, but having seen many other falls in our home province and elsewhere, it was a bit of a let down.

    From Bushkill Falls we drove the 10 Kms back to the small town near the campground to pick up a few things for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the heat and sunshine poolside.

    For dinner, we started at a nearby restaurant, recommended by KOA staff. It was very pricey so we left shortly after receiving our glasses of water and found a much more affordable place called Perkin's. It has the longest menu I've ever seen in a restaurant. All our meals were healthy and tasty.

    To end the day, we all played a round of mini golf and some ping pong back at the campground. There's nothing like a KOA to spend quality time together with your family.
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  • Day3


    August 19 in the United States

    Mit dem Amtrak ging es bei regnerischem Wetter nach Philadelphia.

    Nach einer kurzen Erfrischung - bei Nieselregen - im Hotelpool, ging es weiter mit einer Sightseeingtour ... die Philadelphia City Hall mit Benjamin Franklin Statue, diversen Wolkenkratzern, der Cathedral Basilica und dem LOVE Park mit der gleichbenannten Skulptur .

    Auf dem Heimweg ins Hotel stand uns dann leider ein brasilianisches Steakhouse im Weg. Doch mit einer All-you-can-eat Strategie kamen wir dann auch hier noch durch 😋 Das Essen war MEGA 👌Read more

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