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  • Day69

    Tanzania Day 30 - Stone Town

    October 2, 2020 in Tanzania ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    After a few days in Stone Town the constant approaches from shopkeepers, tour sellers and anyone else began to wear a little thin but we persevered because there are so many nice places to discover!

    After our big hotel breakfast and a much needed trip to the gym we headed out to a veggie Indian restaurant called Krishna which served a lunch platter of curry, potatos, naan and poppadom for a fiver and was one of the best we've had!

    We relaxed some more in the afternoon and in the evening headed to Upendo after Gem found some recommendations online and it didn't disappoint. Based over 5 floors it was a hotel with rooftop bar and infinity pool plus 4th floor restaurant serving mainly Indian food!

    The sunset views from the rooftop were amazing (we could see Emerson on Hurumzi perfectly in the distance) and the food was even better - they had our favourite Indian potato burger - Vada pav. Ufortunately another quiet place during these times that deserved to be packed!!

    On our way back in to the hotel we quickly realised that there was a staff talent show in full swing. Sadly we had missed most of it but we're lucky enough to witness some amazing dance routines (especially from Sho Sho, who actually won).
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