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  • Day20


    April 28 in Egypt ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Dahab is a lovely small resort town about an hour and a half up the coast from the better known Red Sea town of Sharm El-Sheik. If you envision the Red Sea as a Y, Dahab is on the right hand arm, with Saudi Arabia visible across the water. I can recommend this place. It's been delightful to be here.
    The 1st picture is of the pedestrian walk along the coast with shops and restaurants on both sides. The 2nd is the area called Lighthouse Square, more or less the center of downtown Dahab. It is named for the lighthouse that had been on the point. The 3rd is Dahab at night. The 4th looks along the shore of the Red Sea from the dive site we used. The 5th is in the opposite direction, looking away from the Red Sea into the Sinai.
    The last picture is special for me. You may know that we are in Ramadan. This is a period when Muslims fast from pretty much everything from sunrise to sunset. Then the break the fast in a communal meal. I am honored to have been invited to share the "breakfast" one evening with the hotel staff. This is a picture of the table. A wonderful meal.
    Ramadan kareem.
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