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  • Day27

    Day 26 - Spicy? Spicy Spicy

    January 5, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Straight to the beach today & claimed our usual beds outside Soul Kitchen. I then took my usual run along the beach, but now barefooted. My toe is just about healed now.

    Later after a short walk we had an early lunch, Jackie a Tom Yum prawn rice dish & I, chicken & cashew nuts with a naan. Then followed a long walk along the beach, which had become a jellyfish graveyard. Hundreds of round transparent blobs were littering the sand & shallow waters. I embarrassingly screamed when one brushed my foot. It was more embarrassing, when on the return journey, we saw a young girl picking the jellyfish up & throwing them back in the sea!

    We couldn’t have our daily dip in the infinity pool, because there were some builders working there.

    At happy hour, we took full advantage, but this time sat in a couple of deckchairs (like Darby & Joan) until dusk & the restaurants were starting to fill up with early evening diners.

    That night we went to another street shack. Jackie went for Tom Yum Soup with prawns from the bbq, whilst I ordered a chicken curry in coconut milk. The owner asked Jackie “Spicy?”, to which Jackie replied “Spicy Spicy”.

    When her soup arrived, Jackie tucked in and soon her nose was running, her eyes were watering & she was turning a delicate shade of beetroot. The paper napkins were used up within minutes, but apparently it was lovely. The staff were laughing when they came over to check that everything was ok, which included the chef, who wanted to know which idiot ordered it spicy spicy.

    My curry was very nice, but spicier than usual. I think I got tarred with the same brush.

    We returned home so Jackie could be close to a toilet & we sat outside our room with a Hong Thong listening to The Stereophonics on the iPad.

    Song of the Day - This Life Ain’t Easy (But It’s The One That We All Got) by The Stereophonics.
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