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  • Day16


    August 9 in Peru ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    Before I set out for my solo trip I was worried I would be lonely. I have 100 hours of audiobooks, several TV series and zillions of books on the Kindle - and so far haven't even managed to finish my gripping book that I was half way through when I came! You may also have noticed that I am rather behind on updating this blog!
    I have met so many great people, bus journeys have been spent nattering, and meals, rather than being spent alone with a book, have been filled with friends. This is a photo of sunset drinks last night with various friends from the Peruhop bus, plus two new friends (Colby and Isadora) made in Arequipa on the walking tour. I bumped into both of them separately again today and went for a fabulous dinner with Colby and her friends. And then tonight in my hostel I bumped into Aarabi (see day 10 post) again! It really is a small world and I am having a fabulous time 😀
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    I love how travelling brings you into contact with so many different people!


    So glad you are enjoying your time. Xx


    How lovely to be away with a great crowd xx

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