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  • Day15

    Ventosa to San Domingo - 18+miles

    October 6, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Hope today's mileage is the longest I'll walk as my dogs are tired.

    Left in the dark, but had the light of a full moon to guide me. Used the headlight a few times, it was impossible to see the yellow arrows as Ventosa is in the country. Believe it or not, but smaller than Old Fort by a wide margin. Seemed as if I was walking in a rock bottomed gully for a good half mile before it leveled out.

    The sunrise surprised me. I turned around and there it was...blazing away and I'm thinking that the temp is going up quickly, but I was fortunate that the clouds and breeze kept the temps down so it was a delightful walk.

    Ran into a couple of folks from prior days, had a cafe con leche with some donuts, and kept going. Also enjoyed seeing a fellow pilgrim with his mule doing the Camino.

    Arrived in San Domingo and the first place I tried (hostel) was full so I walked to the municipal albergue and got a bunk in a room of 20+. Had a great lunch of a chicken sandwich and a beer, looked around some, then decided that I really needed to sit down and capture my thoughts.

    Early dinner tonight and rest.
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