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  • Day13

    Day 13 Albany

    April 26, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    It's our last day in Albany and, because we didn't get the opportunity to go see the whaling station yesterday, we went there this morning to spend the whole day there.
    After getting our tickets the first thing we did was check out a huge whaling ship. It was a real one they used back before whaling was banned, (prior to 1978). We also explored a gallery with pictures of the whaling station in operation and how cruel it was to the whales.
    Next we watched a series of videos inside the four giant cylinders that used to be filled with whale oil. The first video was about how whaling began and took off in Australia. The second was about what they did and used the whales for. The third was on sharks and how much of an influence they had on whaling. In the last tank was a 3D video showing how whales lived and survived in the ocean.
    After the whaling station we stopped by a mini wildlife centre which had a range of different bird species, wombats, quokkas and it even had a bunch of rare red kangaroos, (which were actually white in colour).
    The last thing we did for the day was stop by a place called The Gap which was pretty much just a cool gap inbetween two cliffs. There was a man-made walk bridge which allowed us to see the waves crashing below.
    That was it for today. Tomorrow we plan to arrive in Denmark.
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