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  • Day17


    April 16, 2017 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Next stop Manizales. On the first day we visited Nevado Del Ruiz, an active volcano. A bus took us up to 4500meters but we couldn't go any further as it would have been dangerous going right to the top. Unfortunately there was a lot of fog but when at the very end it settled and we were able to see some great views. On the way home we visited a hot spring - definitely a highlight for cold water-hating me.
    The next day the plan was to visit a coffee farm, then carry on south to stop off in Pereira for a night before continuing our journey. I was 10 minutes into the bus journey before I realised I'd left my passport back at the hostel. Luckily we were with a worker from the hostel at the time so agreed to carry on with the coffee farm tour and go back and get the passport after. The coffee farm was great, we spent 3 hours there exploring and learning all about coffee. We basically learned that even if you pay for 'top quality' beans, it's probably all a lie, so I will stick to my Nescafé instant for now. After the coffee farm it was a short 3 hour detour to go back to the original hostel, pick up my passport, drive past the coffee farm again and eventually arrive in Pereira. Bed time now....
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