• Day1447

    Asia Tour - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

    February 27 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    So this is my last night here in wonderful Kuala Lumpur! Had a brilliant brilliant time here, the two highlights are watching the Liverpool v Man Utd game at the Official Supporters Club and making friends with some locals who ended up taking me for tea for Nasi Lemak.... it was tasty! And going to see the towers, walking across the sky bridge then going to the top it was awesome.

    It’s a lot more expensive here than anywhere in Thailand but the whole country seems richer. It shares a border with Thailand but that’s the only thing that’s similar. The language here is similar to English as in you can actually read it, it’s not just symbols etc. With it being a majority Muslim country, alcohol is understandably expensive however the city centre and area surrounding the petronas towers are very western so it’s readily available just at a price.

    The shopping malls here are huge, really impressive and they even have shops like Burton hahahha.

    Getting around too is also super easy and it’s surprisingly cheap. It’s almost as easy as London to get around I think.

    The people are friendly and they speak a better standard of English here than in Thailand which does help when you’re trying to communicate although they do struggle with my accent and Geordie accents too apparently.

    There is also a huge counterfeit market here which sells watches, glasses, clothing in various standards of quality - however the grade A stuff is remarkable. I’d challenge anyone (except experts) to try and tell the difference.

    I’m off to Cameron Highlands tomorrow, it’s a beautiful part of the country where they have huge tea farms and lush scenery. I have to get a coach early doors so I’m going to the Hard Rock Cafe which is just down the road from me as I’ve been to everyone in each city I’ve been and it would be wrong to not keep up with tradition.

    So Long Kuala Lumpur...... I may see you soon
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