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  • Day7


    April 24, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Janet had a friend who had been to Saleema, so we took the side road into this little beach town. Pretty beach, surrounded by tall hills. We walked on the beach some and then Yelped it again to find a good restaurant. Found an excellent one, run by a great guy. Sat right on the beach, beautiful early evening. Ate grilled Golden Breem, potatoes, veggies, two glasses of wine, and the standard couvert of olives,bread, and pates. Afterwards, the owner gave us two small glasses of port to warm our innards before we left - yum. Afterwards, it was starting to get cold, so we headed back to Lagos - saw a sign on the at for McDonald's and after lots of twists and turns, actually made it to McDonalds where we confused the kid for sure trying to explain what kind of coffee we wanted - as in damn big coffee!! LOL - none of those thimble shots for this boy! :).

    Oh, did I mention that we stopped at a little convenience store after dinner and bought a bottle of port and vinho verde? Didn't want to take a chance on drying out on this vacation!
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