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  • Day12

    Nepali timings

    July 24, 2017 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 72 °F

    We had our usual routine in the morning, but also washed our clothes and hung them on the mine before breakfast. We left the house at 9 to meet Shweta and Om at 9.15 by the blue restaurant at the bus park.

    9.15 ... no sign

    9.30 ... no sign

    10 ... no sign

    We were so annoyed. Seeing as it's temple day for the women, we thought that maybe it had been cancelled but just hadn't been told (which would have annoyed us so much as she was certain that we couldn't have today off!!).

    I text Shweta and she said that she wasn't coming as she had her dissertation to finish. So I rang Om and she said 'on way on way' (bearing in mind the class was supposed to start at 10!!!) - Nepali timings for you!!

    She finally arrived at 10.10 am and we got the bus to the community. We had to wait for an hour for the women to arrive (Nepali timings!!), and we eventually did the class on 'public speaking' (well we did a class in English which no one understood, and then the local volunteer translated it but knew the lesson anyway so technically didn't really need us!). Luckily one of Shweta's friends came instead.

    After the class we chilled out in the cafe, had some chips and chilli chips, then Melanie came and brought her iPad so we could watch the rest of the Wolf of Wall Street. Melanie and I got some strawberry shisha as it was only 300 rupees and we felt like we ought to try it whilst in Nepal (it is everywhere!!).

    Then we went back to the house, and same routine ... tea at 4/5 then dinner at 7/7.30 (normal dal-bhat).

    It's been a pretty average day!!

    Anita got some bangles, bindis and necklaces for our mums which we found so cute!!!
    We have only 2 more nights after this until we leave the host family, then 2 nights in Thamel, and then we fly to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.
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