• Day41


    January 14, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Jodhpur is sort of a strange city. It has an old center and sprawls for miles. The old center has a clock tower that is lit up at night. At one point the Maharaja of Jodhpur asked the citizens of his realm to paint the city blue. It is known as the Blue City, just as Jaipur is the Pink City, and Jaisalmer is the Gold City. Lately it was in the news as the place where an unknown to me famous actress named Priyanka Chopra married the unknown to me famous American singing guy named Nick Jonas.

    The fortress overlooking the city pretty much dominates the skyline. We walked up to the fort for a tour. It is surrounded by a natural area called the Desert Park. We felt right at home as it resembles the deserts in both and Baja California. From the turrets of the fort we saw a path leading back to the city. To get into the park requires jumping over a locked entrance gate. I was reluctant, but the no-longer-risk-averse Nancy was game, so I went along. See photo below...

    Next its on to Udaipur. The site of another recent famous wedding. This one between the heiress of the most wealthy man in India and a guy. It was attended by Beyoncé and Hillary and Bill. Nancy had previously filled me in on Hillary's fawning over the rich and famous which she'd gleaned from Hillary's autobiography titled, 'WTF Happened?'
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