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  • Day192


    November 14, 2017 in India

    We caught a very early train to Jaisalmer and managed to get in a sleeper car so were able to relax in relative comfort for most of the 6 hour trip. The last time we were in India we spent many, many days and nights traveling on India Rail, so it was a very familiar experience.
    Jaisalmer is a much smaller town than Jodphur and even closer to the Pakistan border. We spent an afternoon exploring a military museum that helped us to better understand the history of the Indian military and some of the border wars they’ve successfully fought with Pakistan and China (including some insane conditions high in the Himalayas). They have a huge border to protect and pour incredible resources into this effort. The military presence is everywhere in this part of India and we saw very large convoys of tanks and patrolling jets while visiting this area.
    The dominant feature in the town is a beautiful hilltop fort. Built in the 12th century, it’s one of the oldest occupied walled cities in the world. We had a great guide who spent a day showing us around the Fort and part of the new town. The fact that people still live within the city walls somehow makes it easier to imagine how life may have been several hundred years ago. People here are very proud of their heritage, and rightfully so. The city is truly spectacular and the detail and beauty of the sandstone carved buildings surpasses anything we've seen elsewhere in India.
    People here have been incredibly warm and friendly. One night after returning to our hotel after enjoying dinner at a rooftop restaurant, we had a knock on our door. It turns out that Christy had left her iphone at the restaurant and the manager had ridden his motor bike through the city to return it to us, despite it being worth many months of most people’s salary here in India.
    We’d considered doing a multi-day camel trek through the Thar desert, but in the end decided for a shorter trip of a few hours. Phew, within minutes of getting on our camels we both realized that camels are not particularly comfortable to ride AND they are enormous and a little terrifying. In any case, we very much enjoyed a few hours with the camels, seeing the Thar desert and enjoying sunset over the dunes.
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  • Day9

    Taj Mahal, Agra

    October 5, 2017 in India

    Early departure to Agra with stop on way for shopping.
    Tour of Agra included Taj Mahal on eve of full moon. Exquisite craftsmanship - a vision, a dream, a poem, a real wonder. Including our guide we now have 25 people from 14 countries.

  • Day188


    November 10, 2017 in India

    After an easy 6 hour flight to Mumbai (Bombay) we caught a short connector flight to Jodhpur.
    Our last trip to India was in 2008, but we were quickly reminded as soon as we exited the airport how India has the ability to assault all your senses - often all at the same time. We’d missed coming to this part of Rajasthan previously so were very much looking forward to our visit here.
    Jodhpur is known as the blue city because many of the homes are painted a brilliant cobalt blue color. We visited the 450 year old Mehrangarh Fort, which is wonderfully intact with sweeping views of the city, beautifully carved rooms where the royal family used to live, a good museum and an excellent audio tour. Other sights we visited were the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park and the Jaswant Thada mausoleum - which is likened to a mini Taj Mahal. Apart from the fort, our highlight was taking a cooking class. The cook’s husband, Rishi, is a TukTuk driver who picked us up and took us to their home on the outskirts of the city for the private class. Over 3-4 hours we helped prepare 9-10 different dishes in the small family kitchen and then enjoyed a rooftop feast. The menu included different teas and lassi, several vegetarian dishes, chapatti and finished with traditional sweets called ladoo. Yum!
    The weather has also been kind to us, with warm days and very cool evenings – a nice and very welcome change.
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  • Day7


    October 3, 2017 in India

    After a six hour bus trip arrived to a sumptuous buffet lunch then headed out to visit the stunning Temple of Birla and then on to the medieval Temple of Gopal Ji. This included a ride on an elephant rescued from working on the streets, then cultural dancing and music, and another sumptuous feast in a beautiful outdoor setting.Read more

  • Day16


    January 8, 2017 in India

    We made it to India! 🇮🇳

    Coming to India played a large part of our second trip's itinerary as this is Mitch's first time here. Although Mitch has been immersed in the Indian culture over the years, seeing it first hand was definitely an experience we couldn't miss. We landed in Ahmedabad and got one day to recover from the busy Egypt, UAE and Oman schedule at my uncle's house where we'll spend some time later, however first we chose to do some sightseeing in the state of Rajasthan with my parents who decided to come to India as well.

    Our first stop was Jaisalmer a city close to the boarder of Pakistan known for its desert scenery and its position on the Silk Road. Merchants of the city traded spices, opium, nuts and much more to become very wealthy. One merchant in particular dominated the city's trading business and spent his money to create such detailed homes with hand crafted balconies typical to that region for him and his sons also known as a havelies. These were impressive to see for their beauty and unique architecture.

    Jaisalmer is also known for its fort like many other cities in India which were ruled by regional kings. This fort however is different in that it's still inhabited but not by the king! The city has given the fort to the local people to live in and it's occupied by homes, hotels, restaurants and shops. We got to walk around which was fun seeing a glimpse into the daily life of these people.

    However all this aside the most fascinating thing we learned about Jaisalmer was that it was only developed with electricity, water and roads in 1965! Although progress has been made since then there is a lot of work to be done in the city to bring it to modern times. Driving through small villages was interesting and eye opening to see how people still live in the year 2017. Many of these village people were definitely fascinated by Mitch as was Mitch of their roaming cows and sheep!
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  • Day17


    January 9, 2017 in India

    Our next stop was the Blue City of Jodphur. The main attractions were the Mehrangarh Fort built in 1460 situated 410 feet above the city which offered pretty views of houses painted in blue, Umaid Bhavna Palace where the current king of Jodphur resides and Jaswant Thada a mausoleum built out of marble to honor the royal family of Marwar which is the region which the family ruled over in Rajasthan.

    Have a look at the pictures, they speak for themselves and truly represent the nature of the kingdoms that ruled in India over the centuries.

    We also stopped at Ranakpur Jain Temple on the way to our next stop which was really amazingly carved out of marble as seen in the last picture.
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  • Day8

    Jaipur day 2

    October 4, 2017 in India

    Visited Amber Fort, the ancient capital of the State, including the Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors).
    Palace of Winds, Hawa Mahal and City Palace museum with Rajasthani costumes and Amore. Jantar Mantar, largest stone observatory in the world. Also got some local market shopping including getting some pants made to fit delivered to the hotel.Read more

  • Day19


    January 11, 2017 in India

    Coming to Udaipur was a sight we won't forget. With all the natural beauty that surrounds this city it was a nice break from all the noise and crowds of a typical Indian city.

    The highlight of our visit to Udaipur was our stay at Fatheghar, a hotel situated up in the hills overlooking Lake Pichola. The sunrise we saw from on top the hills was also worth the early wake up call and the sunset was pretty too!

    Aside from the beauty, Udaipur is known for the lavish City Palace of King Udai Singh built in 1559 which was nice to see especially the peacock mosaics that surrounded the courtyard!

    Udaipur was our last stop on this side trip around Rajasthan. It was nice to see another State aside from Gujarat where we'll be spending a week with family as all States in India have their own history and culture!

    And as a side note, we couldn't help but resist to stop on the side of the highway to pick up fresh vegetables as we drove back to Ahmedabad.
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  • Day28

    Jaipur, India

    January 20, 2017 in India

    Well we're about 2 weeks behind on our posts, but hopefully about to catch up again. We figured spending our time planning where we would be staying the next night was a higher priority than documenting the past. We're currently in Bangkok planning out a week or two of our SE Asia travels, but back to our Jaipur post...

    While it was similar to many of the other Rajasthan sights, this was probably our favorite since it was well preserved and maintained, and included the impressive astrological instruments at Jantar Mantar, the beautiful Hawa Mahal or wind palace and the City Palace both of which were made of pink sandstone giving Jaipur the name of Pink City.

    The Jantar Mantar in particular was interesting as it was a site full of astrological instruments including the largest stone sundial in the world which is accurate to 2 seconds. Other instruments plotted the current zodiac sign and several other things which were over our heads.
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  • Day4


    April 8, 2017 in India

    Today breakfast is was nice and we only know that thanks to a random knock on the door by Tom Barlow. Everyone had slept through alarms and we had yet to be called by the hotel.
    We turned up to our match today fairly tired and realised our team was a little older than us. All of them sporting the Virat Kolhi beard and one rocking a tattoo on both arms. Their ages varied from 16 to 25 most of them were 18 and had already left school. We weren't optimistic.
    We batted for nearly 40 overs scoring 114 runs. I scored 2 and then was bowled by there opener. Clinton was proud of us. However the other team caught up with us in 10 overs.
    Our game was over by 1.
    They then invited us to a game of 15 overs aside, however with mixed teams. I volunteered for the other side wanting to win a game on tour. As soon as I entered their dressing rooms I was bombarded by Indians wanting a photo. We won the game after some dreadful bowling from me.
    We then returned to the hotel for some relaxation.
    *pictures with the Indian lads will follow once I have tracked them down
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