• Day92

    Good morning life!

    April 5, 2018 in Uruguay ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    I woke up at 06.45 and went down to the beach to see the rest of the sunrise. It was mesmerising. After a while I got back to the hostel and got some breakfast, and then started my morning beach trip. I went to the lighthouse to watch the sea lions first. They all looked like they were dancing or something in the first sunlight of the day. I find them so fun to watch!

    I went a long the beach and walked to the sand dunes. I had a nice walk for about 2,5 hours. I love to start my day like this. When I got back I went to the beach to relax. After about 1,5 hour my skin had enough sun, and I got quite red of course. I went back to the hostel and chilled out in the hammock in the shade instead.

    I feel this place is just what I needed right now. I have been having some bad spirit lately and felt very tired. Already in La Paloma I could feel it get better, and this place is definitely like conditioner for my soul. I feel ready to continue my adventure in south America, and I am feeling excited about it.

    Traveling can sometimes be very exhausting. You are moving from place to place, need to constantly find new information about the places and where to stay and how to get there and so on, and you need to meet new people all the time when traveling alone. It is a lot of fun, but still exhausting sometimes. I really needed some time to chill out and do nothing more than walking around at pretty beaches.

    In Cabo Polonio I have not been asking anywhere for WiFi. I know they have it some places, but I just don't want to be connected. I use my phone for writing here, and to listen to music. Except for that I need to be disconnected. One of the things I was going to be better at after this travel is not being so addicted to social medias. I need to think more about this, as I have been so well connected my whole trip. When traveling alone it is very easy to use your phone and social medias as companies - but it is kind of a little bit of cheating. I will try to focus more on this from now, maybe put in some restrictions in how much I can use the WiFi. I will have to put off more time to do some reflecting here, as the time flies by really fast and there is always something new happening. I still have a lot of things to reflect upon when it comes to my life back home, and how I want to spend my time and where when I get back home.

    In the night I had dinner and drinks in the hostel with the other guests. Me and two others went to the beach to watch the sunset again. Later on we went to the beach to watch the moonrise and the stars. It is my first time watching a moonrise. I like the hostel, it is very simple but the staff is so nice and it has a Buena onda. Tomorrow I'll have to take the vehicle out of here at 06 to catch the bus to Punta Del Diablo. That is my last stop in Uruguay, and I will stay there for the weekend at an hostel at the beach.
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