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  • Day93

    Punta Del Diablo

    April 6, 2018 in Uruguay ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    I went with the 4WD at 06.00 from Cabo Polonio to catch the only bus to Punta Del Diablo. I slept for most of the bus ride, and arrived around 09. I waited on the bus station until it opened and bought my bus ticket to Chui on Sunday.

    I took a taxi to my hostel that is called Diablo Tranquilo Beach Suites, and is at the beach. It has an amazing location! When checking in I met Jonatan in the receiption, which was a surprise! He will be staying here until tomorrow.

    I got breakfast and went for a walk along the beaches. There is so many beautiful beaches and sand dunes here. I spent the day at the beach, relaxing in the hammock at the hostel, and having wine with some other guests.

    In the night the hostel offers dinner, but in their "twin hostel". The reception of my hostel close at 07, and after that everything move over to the other one that is only two blocks away. We went there for dinner and some wine, and went to a bar and got drinks after. The town is quite dead now that is out of season. A lot of restaurants and bars are closed down.

    I like the vibe in this town as well. I have now been to three charming small beach towns in Uruguay, and all of them have been really nice. I did not like Punta Del Este, that is a big city with beaches. I would rather recommend the small and cozy beach towns.
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