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  • Day51

    Coffee Triangle (Salento & Jardín)

    November 27, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Our next to stops after Cali were Salento and Jardín, both towns in the wonderful „coffee triangle“ of Colombia.

    First thing to say about this region: it’s beautifully green and lush! Wow! We didn’t really expect that hilly, fertile and -again- green landscape. It is easy to see why they have harvest every time of the year.

    Salento is a beautiful town with a nice cowboy vibe and offers the possibility to visit a coffee farm within walk distance.
    And that’s exactly what we did.
    We visited the coffee farm of Ocasa and had a really nice and informative tour with an enthusiastic guide and learned tons about the coffee production. At the end, we additionally enjoyed a really tasty cup of the coffee from the finca.

    Unfortunately, after our coffee tour, it immediately started raining heavily and it did not stop until we left the city.
    We therefore couldn’t hike the famous „Valle de Cocora“ and we couldn’t take pictures of that picturesque place.

    Next stop was Jardín, a really small village 4h away from Medellín. We reached it after a 12 hours Odyssee, switching bus 3 times.
    Again, a beautiful green nature with waterfalls surrounded the city. We stayed in a nice hostel on the edge of the city and enjoyed the veranda, from which you could spot some hummingbirds.
    We hung out in one of the Saloons at the plaza and tried „Aguardiente“, a typical and cheap liquor.
    We left both places a little sad: we would have loved to spend more days in the green!
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