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  • Day291

    Recife e Porto de Galinhas

    October 16, 2020 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    13 hours spending in the bus was nothing compared to the time Iuli had to sit quite until she arrived in Rio.
    Once I arrived in Recife I was lucky the bus stopped at the airport close the district Boa Viagem so it took me zero time to check into the hostel. However that hostel I booked was pretty strict. I could drop my backpacks but had to wait 5 hours until the official check-in time. So what I basically did was just walking along the beach and looking for a nice coffee shop. After an hour of walking the worst shops opened and I could kill three hours in there until it was time for the check in.
    Now let’s go forward to where it gets a bit more interesting. In the evening I ordered an Uber and went downtown for some nice skyline photography. All passengers who crossed my way were absolutely nice and so I didn’t have to worry if someone is going to knock me out and steel my camera which was mounted on the tripod.
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    Ok one more thing. On day two I went to Porto de Galinhas where I snorkeled for almost two hours. Obviously the color of my back changed its color but the day was absolutely fabulous. A good swim a wonderful lunch and a bit of sightseeing in a scenic little tourist village. In the evening, back in Recife I decided to end my stay and figured a way to move towards Natal. But on my google maps application there were two pinned locations in between the way from Recife to Natal. I picked out the more promising one and booked my bus to this very next place.
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