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  • Day42

    Little Islanders

    August 9, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    For some reason the steady time travel I've undergone over the past 5 days caught up with me this morning and whilst being wide awake around 6am for an hour I then fell asleep again and didn't wake up until 11.30. Thankfully our plans for the day were very flexible amd Monica was very accommodating of my newfound jetlag.

    I spent the first hour or so marvelling over Monica's file of family tree research. There was so much to look at from photographs to copies of death certificates and newspaper cuttings.

    Realising the day was slipping away from us we ventured out around 2pm for Toronto Island. I'd only recently come to terms with the fact that I was deemed an 'Islander'. It was a term I'd always reserved for those living on the Channel Islands or Isle of Wight but no - an islander I am. Anyway that has little to do with our visit to Toronto's little island other than it made me think of this newfound revelation.

    We caught a very busy ferry from downtown Toronto and enjoyed a wonderful view of the city skyline. We walked leisurely through the park and to the end of the pier on the other side of the island looking out over the vast Lake Ontario. We watched several flocks of migrating birds which we have yet to formally identify. They were almost cormorant like yet formated like geese.

    After a couple of hours meandering around the pretty and peaceful island we caught a ferry back to the mainland and arrived back in time for some lovely homemade burgers.

    A nice slow paced day was definitely what jet-lagged Joey needed! My only minor regret was not indulging in a 'Beaver Tail'. Sadly despite our search we would never see them again.
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