• Day214

    Nara - deer and more deer!

    October 21, 2015 in Japan ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Taking full advantage of our Rail Pass, we head to Nara for a day trip. Nara is approximately 1hr from Kyoto by train. It is famed to be the original historic capital of Japan.. or something like that... But the main reason we were interested in going is because of Nara Park.. which is full of deer!

    A quick walk past the town centre and its got a great friendly vibe. Straight to Nara Park (we slept in and were short on time) and there are deer everywhere! So many deer. And all super friendly. You can buy deer biscuits to feed them from several vendors in the park but we had already pre-purchased some crackers on the way over (they were super tasty! The deer had to share with us :-P ). We had our staple lunch of sushi and tofu salad (from the supermarket but still amazing) in the park then proceeded to feed the deer, who were not shy at all! They are friendly but could get a bit pushy.. one of them stole and ate one of our maps, and if you didn't feed them fast enough they would start butting you! The polite ones had the courtesy to bow after they were fed :-)

    Deer feeding complete we head back to Kyoto and end up having dinner at a local Ramen restaurant.. so cheap.. and amazing!! We had fried rice (on our own hot plate), gyoza, veges, karrage chicken, rice and an egg... Omg it was sooo good! Everything in Japan is delicious!
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