• Day5


    February 27, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    It has been the opening day of the World Flower Show today and by the time we left at 6pm we were flowered out! The show is set in and around the Diggi Palace in a smart suburb of Jaipur.
    Well, smart by Indian standards that is. It was beautifully set out, air conditioned in the halls, the sun shone and the temperature was steady at a pleasant 75 degrees. We were surrounded by bright jewel like colours in flowers, fabrics, furniture, signs and the Indians themselves of course, flitting about like brightly coloured butterflies. It was something of a gathering of the flowery clans, in that I saw lots of people I knew, both from the UK and across the world.
    The competition was of a high standard and there was lots to admire and examine. As ever, there was the usual discussion over incomprehensible judging decisions and there was a large Indian Bazaar set out full of tempting things to buy. Perhaps luckily, I had forgotten to top up my purse from the safe, with a consequence that my buying power was severely restricted. Some of my readers might consider that a good thing!
    I could wax lyrical about this flower and that, my design and technique favourites and so forth, but rather than take things too far for the uninitiated, I will include a few photos instead.
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