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  • Day6

    Waking up Lila to leave for the train station around midnight and running through a pack of barking street dogs to a waiting uber (who you can't contact due to your technical incompetence...hence the running and then helped by a bunch of guys of which includes someone from the lassi shop or other restaurant we've eaten at)...get to the train station and yep the train isn't estimated to arrive until 1:30am. Lila is understandably upset and tired but then is distracted by the trains coming and going. She is amused by people getting on the train when its already moving, why certain trains stay at the platform longer than others, and people on the tracks walking next to the train 'they're going to get run over?'. And then her nervous anticipation for when our train comes and her utter excitement when she climbs up to our top bunk sleeper 'ahhh bunk beds, I've never slept in bunk beds!' :) these are the moments which melt my heartRead more

  • Day5

    When we first landed the heat was pretty overwhelming for Lila...and a few days in it's still one of the big things she talks about. Here are some questions and pics from Lila :)

    What is different here? that it's hot in india

    what do you notice in the streets? that sometimes I see animals and I get surprised. What do you see? Monkeys, pig, funny hump cow, goats, normal cows

    What do you notice about the people? that they have beautiful clothes on

    What are your favourite things here? Chapatis

    What is the most fun thing you have done? eating chapatis

    Most beautiful thing you've seen? palace

    Most exciting thing you have seen? chapatis

    Favourite food? Lassi (interesting it wasn't chapatis)

    Most difficult thing about India? squat toilets

    Lila loves the paintings she has seen on the buildings here and was genuinely intrigued when she first saw the monkeys in the street.
    Lila is very good at holding hands and getting very good at moving amongst the insane traffic of cars, buses, motorbikes, auto rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws, cows, dogs, goats and people...and the associated horn beeping that is ever present here!
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  • Day2

    Welcome to India...

    May 21 in India

    We land to the lovely announcement that it's 39degrees in Jaipur! We are hit with the heat, noise and the all those amazing things which make India India. We get to our hotel and dump our bags then head off to find food... Find bananas before Lila says she too hot and wants to go back to the hotel. Hmmm...maybe taking her to India in the middle of summer wasn't the best idea (crossed my mind). Anyway, after a kilo of bananas and some rest, take 2 goes a little better and we enjoy a yummy thali 😀Read more

  • Day3

    So only in India...
    Go into a photo place asking for passport photos. I'm directed behind the little screen to wash my face and comb my hair. I must have looked really bad, because they insisted twice after I first told them I didn't care. I then sit on the stool with the dead pan look you generally need to have for passport photos...and they tell me to smile for a nicer photo 😀 then we went to get hair cuts, maybe we should have done it before the photos and they wouldn't have been so worried about my presentation?Read more

  • Day3

    Lassi walla

    May 22 in India

    With this heat, it's a great excuse to indulge in the amazing lassis... several times a day. Lila's diet thus far has consisted of chapatis (her new favourite food), rice with a few spoons of whatever dahl/curry I can get her to tolerate and lassi

  • Day4

    Only in India... Will it take more than 3hrs to find a swimming pool where you can swim + get a tour / buy from this factory for my commision visit thrown in by the auto rickshaw driver. So after attempting to use Uber (which is a whole story in itself for those who know me well), we end up getting an auto rickshaw/ tuktuk to take us to a swimming pool about 20mins away. We get there and find it doesn't open until 5pm (btw its around 12:30pm), so then the driver talks us into a textile factory tour (as well as a whole plan of other things) to kill time until 5pm. Lila is insistent on wanting to go to the hey we go along with it (only in India). The textiles/clothes in this place are amazing but we didn't plan on doing this so I didn't have any money with me for this stuff, so it was a pretty quick tour when they work out you have no intention of buying anything. Anyway I found another pool about 10km off we go again and then eventually get there to find that its the 'boys' time and 'girls' access is 8-9am or 6-7pm! He then tells us of another pool...and the auto rickshaw driver happily takes us to this one where we find is open :) Driver nicely talks us into getting a discount (because he knows the less money that goes towards the pool, the more money he will get)...anyway so by around 3:15pm we manage to go for a swim and the look and excitement on Lilas face was totally worth it :)Read more

  • Day51

    Visiting Jaipur

    July 9 in India

    We decided to stop overnight in Jaipur as Jean has always wanted to go there, however his first impression was that it was dirty (and we funnily we arrived in the early morning when they are cleaning the streets, so is generally the cleanest). We took this opportunity to visit the City Palace and Jantar Mantar, a UNESCO site and with huge astronomical instruments.

  • Day70

    Rose milk in Jaipur

    July 28 in India

    Another stop in Jaipur and Lila has discovered pink or rose flavoured milk...with icecream and pistachios! She was treated to a hair cut and got her nails painted for the first time at a fancy salon. And we also met up with some workaway friends for lunch at the art gallery :)

  • Day3

    Exploring Jaipur

    May 22 in India

    Early morning was great to go for a little walk through the town, less traffic, less busyness...and you can stop, notice and appreciate things :) Jaipur is an amazing city which encapsulates all the things I love about's an assault to all your senses, which can be both invigorating or depressing depending on how you want to look at it. You can spend hours, days, weeks wandering through the small streets here (however with a 4yr old in this heat we are lucky to get an hour), which are filled with life, character and the rawness of the human condition and realities of the world we live in. From the people (usually men) on the pathway drinking their morning chai, the men and women doing back breaking work shifting building rubble/materials, the lady selling her pile of veges on the street corner, to the kids playing cricket in pretty much a waste dump. I would have loved to take photos of done of this.. But some things I think are better photographed in our memories :)Read more

  • Day9

    Taj Mahal, Agra

    October 5, 2017 in India

    Early departure to Agra with stop on way for shopping.
    Tour of Agra included Taj Mahal on eve of full moon. Exquisite craftsmanship - a vision, a dream, a poem, a real wonder. Including our guide we now have 25 people from 14 countries.

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Jaipur, Jaipur district, منطقة جايبور, जयपुर जिला, Districte de Jaipur, Distrito de Jaipur, District de Jaipur, જયપુર જિલ્લો, Distretto di Jaipur, ജയ്‌പൂർ ജില്ല, जयपूर जिल्हा, जयपुर जिल्ला, ଜୟପୁର ଜିଲ୍ଲା, ضلع جے پور, Джайпур, जयपुरमण्डलम्, ஜெய்ப்பூர் மாவட்டம், జైపూర్ జిల్లా, جیپر ضلع, 齋浦爾縣

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