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  • Day98

    Coral Bay to Getaldton

    March 7, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Early morning for me, I got up around 6.15 am to have enough time to eat breakfast without stress and fix the last things in the car before I go to pick up Ya-Fan and Kris from their place. We planned to leave around 8 am so we have enough time to get to Geraldton.

    As I started talking to two girls I was running about late and as I was picking up the phone to text them that I will be there a bit later I got a message from Ya-Fan that they slept over and are running late as well. So I didn’t need to stress out and could finish all calm and easy. I picked them up around 9.15 am and their stuff was easily fitting in the car. We stopped quickly at the bakery so they could buy something for breakfast and even I got a pie for later. So we finally left Coral Bay at 9.30.

    They had a nice evening and especially Kris had a few drinks too much so he took a nap almost straight away after we left. 😂

    Ya-Fan and I really had some good conversations during our trip! We had to stop once to fuel up and use the restrooms and just stretch out our legs for a while, but not too long as the flies were horrible here 😬
    At least Kris was feeling good again after his nap 😉

    We arrived in Geraldton at around 4.10 pm which was really good. We had no problems on the way and traveling with them is super easy and nice as I never got tired or bored driving so long.
    We stopped to find a place to stay overnight. They found a lodge where they got a room for a really nice price and I planned to drop them off there and go to a campground nearby and pick them up in the morning again.
    When we arrived at the lodge we all thought immediately that it could be possible for me to pitch my tent here as there was a huge backyard behind the buildings.
    Ya-Fan went into the check-in and ask and I was more than welcome to stay and put my tent where ever I want and use the kitchen, toilets, and showers as well for a really nice price. So that was just perfect!
    So we spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening together, talking and later on cooking and eating together. We even watched all my whale shark tour pictures and the video together so now I finally even saw the video and it’s really good as well 😊

    As we all were super tired we went to bed early. The plan is to leave between 8.30 and 9 am tomorrow as their flight from Perth to Melbourne is departing at 3.15 pm.
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