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  • Day275

    Christmas Eve

    December 24, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Hello Everyone, we hope you have enjoyed the Festive buildup and have a great next couple of days.
    Today has been bright and breezy p, this seems to be the most usual weather phenomenon here so as we had done all our food shopping yesterday we decided to go for a ride and this time we headed up the Rhone rather than down it towards the beach. We rode to the Bac Baccarin and took the ferry across the Rhône to Salin de Giraud. The decision to take the ferry was a bit last minute when we realised it was free for us and our bikes. We didn’t have the iPad so I have found some photos from the internet to show what we saw the horse were grazing in the fairly waterlogged field on our way up to the ferry and Bar de Sport is where we stopped for a hot chocolate sitting outside soaking up a bit of sun. We would have explored the town and surrounds a little more but we had no idea when the last ferry was and didn’t want to end up stranded on the wrong side of the river for Christmas.
    We have invited a French friend Nicholas to join us for Christmas lunch and are planning a Festive dip before hand, that we will remember the iPad for with its waterproof cover! So we need to be a bit organised so the poor guy isn’t waiting till 6 for his lunch.
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