• Day19

    Greenspond to Deer Falls

    June 23, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    1. Greenspond was super quaint. Photo one is the hill where I slept on Friday night.
    2. Photos 1,2,3 show a fifteen minute span where the day went from perfect to socked-in foggy. Classic NFLD.
    3. Photo 4 is the tea house. Ida's Place, where I met owner, Heather. We sat out front on the patio because there were no other customers. We watched whales feed and swapped life stories. This house started off as the summer home for her and her new husband. She left her management job and they turned the first floor into a tea shop and moved here full-time. Photo 5 is the next morning. Yellow house is Ida's Place...can you see the little dot of a whale?
    4. Left Greenspond and booked it hard for Grand Falls-Windsor on my way west. The event in Grand Falls is the Salmonid Interpretive Center. Really informative stop on the Atlantic Salmon which (who knew?) were way different in behavior than the Pacific Salmon. got a history lesson on how this gynormous, famous fishery was managed to allow for both salmon habitat and hydro-electric power. This spot had a fish ladder, or diversion system. The other big dam down river uses a crazy salmon elevator to get the fish up and around the falls.
    5. On this Saturday's drive I went from the flat coastal of areas east and central Newfoundland to the mountainous provinces of the west. Made it all the way to Deer Falls by dusk where I found a Provincial Park to sleep in. It just so happens that this park was the other famous fishing spot that has been mentioned to me. I actually didn't know until I drove in the gate and saw the signs for "Great Falls". I got to have a fire and cook some dinner which turned out better than expected. Just a jumble of scrambled eggs, indian flavored rice and lentils and edamame. Fried rice, indian style! I've talked a lot about following the start of spring through this travel. Greenspond is still just in daffodils and lilac blooms. The part I failed to recognize was that I get to follow the black fly hatch, too! They were out in full force at the campsite. That aside, starting to get excited for the legendary natural beauty of this area as well as the Viking history that permeates these fiords. Rain forecast for tomorrow so I will likely drive north toward Viking-land.
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