February 2017
  • Day9

    skydive Dubai

    February 19, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    The Most Most Most amazing part of the entire trip !!
    After our dive being cancelled on 16th feb, paras was quite sad about it.. i was anctious whether it wud happen on 19th which was the last day of our trip and having a flight in the noon and showers everyday made it look much less likely ..
    On 19th we reached at 10 .. our names were first in that day's slot but again bad whether n low clouds put us on stand by. Waited until 12.30 and then we had to leave for our flight to mumbai but just then they announced that the clouds have gone and we r good to dive ! Wohh paras all exited and i got scared for a moment ! Shit we R jumping !!
    Soon we got our teams. i was with Matt(coach) and a photographer and we were set to go in 15 mins of instructions and getting all ready !
    The team was very friendly and so jolly.. they encouraged us and we set out in an open van. about 10 of us to the plane..
    in no time we were above the clouds and the view of the palm looked just mesmerising !
    We fastened our belts and got attached to our coaches. Paras was 3rd to go and me 5th ! Within few seconds all our co-divers jumped one after the other within 10 seconds ! When i saw paras going off the plane and his jaw wide open and there he goes..was all i cud see and my heart pumped !
    I just prayed he was all ok and told him in my heart " im coming right behind Paras... See you soon"
    Now Matt took me to the edge and before i look down from the aircraft, my photographer called me to look into the cam ! And thats the trick !! Girls ! Even if they r dying, if a cameras facing them, they wud stop and smile.. ( or pout ) ! so i got busy with posing into the camera and didnt realise when my coach just jumped off with me !!!! That saves you from getting nervous before jumping off.. but then....
    Suddenly i was like heyy... Im in the air and therz nothing below my legs !! Its a free fall the super strong wind on my face cant even shout loud as air wud get in my mouth.. what was happening !?!? Slowly i calmed down and again the camera came to my help !.
    Now i was looking down to the amaazzzzzziing view below.. just enthralled ! But the best was yet to come !
    Suddenly some strips of the belts i was tied to, opened ! From the facing down position, i was standing and i felt like i slipped !!! But i trusted Matt .. and saw the parachute open... :) It was blis ..... Suddenly there was no noise of the wind.. everything was calm and serene... i was floating and hovering like a bird... Matt was taking me around n round.. we were hovering above the atlantis and the palm and the runway.. i felt​ like a bird.. i was chatting with matt about how beautiful this feeling was... And how lucky he us he gets do this so many times a day... I remebered a video where these professional divers even had Pizzas in the air !! I just wanted to stay there ! Looked around for paras but cudnt find him..
    Finally it was time to decend ! And we landed quite smoothly..
    I wud love to do it again ! It was surely one of the best experiences iv had ever !! Thanks to Paras :* :)
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  • Day5

    Freeze and Heat on the day

    February 15, 2017 in India ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    The world's biggest mall with over 1200 stores of the world's biggest brands collection and a huge snow park for fun ! With indoor sking for ski lovers, 45 mins training for beginners !
    Dessert Safari has fun quad biking, dune bashing, hot air balloon rides in specific months and a vaaast dessert to look at !Read more

  • Day4

    Dubai city and Burj Khalifa

    February 14, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    This tour can be done by self in a hop on hop off bus with halts at Gold Souk, Jumeriah beach and burj al Arab, dubai mall, the wondrous buildings on route where no 2 buildings have same design and each one is worth marvelling !
    The lovely burj khalifa by night is sight to sore eyes... It's so peacefull, poised beautifully standing tall in glittering in night sky .. 😍 the view of the dancing fountains from the top, floor and from the Abra ( boat ride ) is a perfect way we celebrated our valentine's !!
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  • Day3

    Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque

    February 13, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    A world of speediest roller coasters, jaw droppingly thrilling rides, some for kids too, and Ferraris ( u can also sit in one for a ride n drive one if u have an international driving licence)
    Ferrari world would require half a day depending on how crowded it is.
    Abu Dhabi has a beautiful n magnificent mosque with tranquillity and serenity all around preferably visit in evening
    Mosque dressing requires fully covered attire full sleeves and top toe.
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