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  • Day17

    NYC #4 Central Park

    October 4, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    I wanted to go to the Central Park Zoo but Rhonda said she had, had enough of exotic animals, she reckons every time you look up you see some creature swinging off a skyscraper so we settled for just walking around enjoying the beautiful park.
    As far as seeing critters go, the place is lousy with squirrels, cheeky little buggars too, they snatch the food right out of your mouth but the jokes on them, nuts last the winter, organic chicken sandwiches don’t.

    There are domestic critters here too. A huge thing in NewYork is dog walking, this is a profession catering for people who live in small apartments, work long hours so they have no time to exercise the mutt but still insist on having a fashion statement in the form of fur.
    There are basically two or three breeds that are on trend right now the trouble is they are quite different types and sizes.

    Central Park is the ideal place for a dog walker to exercise the dogs, they have one lead that divides into individual ones that attach to each dog. This makes a nice neat controllable device that works beautifully on paper. The problem is when an issue arises and this is usually started by the smallest and yappiest dog there is trouble.
    You watch a dog walker strolling through Central Park, walking under the trees or wandering by the lakes and you think, this is money for old rope. Then one of them gets a bit cranky or another would rather be sitting by the window, in the sun in its 14th floor Maddison Avenue apartment instead of being dragged around the park with a group of useless flea bags.
    This is the problem if there is trouble. When a group of dogs are tied together, others that were quite content and didn’t really want to get involved get caught up in the moment and then it’s on. Most don’t really know what they are fighting about but at this stage it doesn’t really matter they’re here they might as well have a go.
    From a distance, sitting on a park bench under a shady tree this looks pretty funny watching it all happening, seeing we have nothing else to do because the squirrels stole our lunch.

    It’s was almost as funny as some of the lines from the excellent buskers who work Central Park
    Some black guys were doing comedy and gymnastics. This will lose something in the translation but they were putting themselves and everyone else down.
    They were getting members of the audience to be involved in their act and it did look pretty dangerous so they warned that if the person moved they would die or worse turn black.

    When they asked for money, which they really deserved some people quickly turned to leave and so one of the performers started yelling out to them “hey don’t leave just like my father did, y’all come back and support your family” this was their style all through the routine, it was hilarious, but I know, you had to be there, their talent and timing even their voices pulled a lot of simple stuff off.
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