• Day6

    Flying to Genoa

    August 22, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Transfer bus arrived at 7am for Charles De Gaulle. Flight at 10.30am to Genoa.

    Whilst enjoying our pastries, I encouraged Athena to face time her mother on FB messenger. Angela was so happy to see her daughter. She kept saying,'I love you Sandra', as she knew full well the coaxing that was required. Beautiful.

    Called Jules and chatted away. Hi Lee. Sunny afternoon in Eumundi. So good to see happy smiling faces of people we love xx

    We wander toward our gate and Athena turns to me and says 'They are calling out our names!'
    SHIT! 'RUN!!!'
    We ran down the glass corridor to gate 33. Phew, just made it.
    So 1hr 20mins to Genoa.
    And here we go from 'Bonjour' to 'Bonjourno' ☺

    Landed and caught the Volubus to Station Principle.
    At a little outside wine and beer bar at the station, I asked for a piece of spinach pie. The woman serving was confused and yelled out 'American, American'. A guy came over to serve me. Of course I said 'No American, Australian 🇦🇺 with a big smile' they laughed and all said ohh Australian!

    I just love interacting with everyone I come across. A cheeky grin 😁 spreads across my face and another wonderful haphazard attempt at speaking foreign flows out of my mouth. It is so great.

    I get our tickets to Monterosso for 11 euro each. And head to platform 20. Athena says she is not sure this is our train. I ask what do you want to do? She said she will go check.

    Our train was leaving in 12 mins though. Our train time came and no Athena. I messaged her to say our train is due now. I thought good god where is she? She turned up in the nick of time. I was ready to leave without her. 😡
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