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  • Day123

    Family time at Barwon Head

    February 11, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    Carole (Bun’s sister) arranges a family holiday for her adult children and their families each year. Barwon Head is a popular place for them to holiday. We stayed 15 mins walk away, in a caravan park, so that everyone has space. We spent most days and evenings with them. The weather was generally a bit miserable, overcast, windy and drizzle; that was a bit disappointing. We took a few opportunities to go to the beach. The youngest generation (14m to 8yrs) didn’t feel the cold as they all had short wetsuits, not so good for Bun and I.

    We left Barwon Head on Saturday and drove back to Mount Macedon to stay at our friends’ house while they are away. The rain has left some roads flooded and the verges waterlogged.

    We planned to go and watch the film “Picnic at Hanging Rock” open air at Hanging Rock but the weather was atrocious, wind and rain. We decided to go to the pub for a meal instead.

    We have been well looked after by one of the near neighbours who has known Kerry for very many years. We also have he offer of a beach house near Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road, that should be good.

    The weather is a brighter but much cooler than we have been used to and we have been wearing jumpers and fleeces, but kept shorts other than going out for dinner.

    Today is bright sunshine and expected 27C. There is a saying in Melbourne, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes”. It changes very fast so not sure how reliable the f’casts are.

    We are now heading into Melbourne to see what is there.
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  • Day68

    Torquay, South Australia

    December 10, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Torquay hatte wirklich einer der schönsten und vor allem auch längsten Strände an dem wir waren. Die Sanddünnen auf der einen Seite, das türkis blaue Wasser auf der andere und du läufts kilometerlang im weichen und sehr heißen Sandstrand entlang, lässt dir den Wind um die Ohren wehen bzw. eher stürmen und das kalte Wasser über eine Füße fließen. Wirklich ein traumhaft schöner Ort. Deshalb blieben wir hier auch gleich über Nacht 😊Read more

  • Day34

    Next stop, Australia!

    May 1, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 9 °C

    Alright so the plane was delayed but after a short wait I boarded the plane and off we went. I began a conversation with Christopher the guy seated beside me. He was born and raised in south NZ but Melbourne had been his home for the better part of the last 12 years. Christopher had a pretty cool sense of style and after he told me he was a painter it kind of began to make sense. He that he was in NZ because his aunt was having some health issues. She ran a motor park in the south so he had been down there for the last six months helping run the business. At the end she even offered him the opportunity to buy it out. He seemed actually quite excited about the idea and the fact that the business came with a good chunk of ocean view property definitely didn't hurt the offer!

    Once we arrived in Melbourne we said out goodbyes. I zoomed through customs and grabbed my stuff. As I walked through the doors there was Mel eagerly awaiting me. After a much needed long hug between old friends, we set out on our journey home. I would be staying with her in ocean Grove for the next few days which was about an hour south of Melbourne. We arrived back at her place and shortly after that I fell asleep.

    April 30, 2016

    After a long sleep I felt completely recharged. I woke up to Honey (Mels dog) licking my hand. It was the greatest deja vu I've ever had. I miss having a dog so much so this time here with Mels dog will be glorious!

    Mel and I got ready for the day and headed out to her Net ball game. For those back home it's kind of like ultimate Frisbee meets basketball. When we arrived I saw these two old guys who seemed to be long lost friends randomly meeting at their bocce ball court and it warmed my heart to hear their brief exchange. Before the the game began I saw this mother and child trying to throw water bottles at a tree trying to get their balls out of the stuck branches. I'm not sure why but I felt like being the hero so I climbed up into the tree and got one of them and then they threw me up a water bottle and I got the other one out with just two swift tosses. Totally felt like a hero haha.

    It was a tough game for the team as they lost quite badly but still fun to learn a new game. After the game we went out for lunch and I tried my first official sausage roll which is apparently quite an Australian thing. Then we went down to Queens cliff marina and I saw a stingray swim in the water right below the dock and I almost crapped my pants. For those of you who don't know me, I'm so afraid of ocean wildlife. It's not even funny. Anyways then we went to Point Lonsdale which was beautiful and picturesque. Then we headed back to Mels place.

    I spent a good chunk of the afternoom watching some AFL on TV and getting acquainted with the rules. I can't really explain the game but I think we're going to go to a game next weekend in Melbourne.

    Later that evening we went to Jamie's house (a close friend of Mels). Jamie lives in Geelong which is about an hour from Ocean Grove. From there we took Jamie's Mercedes C63. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CAR! We went for dinner in Geelong and I tried my first chicken Parmigiano (chicken parmi as the aussies say it). It was good but nothing spectacular.

    After that we met up with Jake and Catie a few more of their friends. We had quite a few drinks at a few different venues. Some of the drinks were just horrible though. This one martini type drink was blue and looked great but legitimately tasted like shaving cream. There was another Bright green drink that was the spiciest thing I have ever tasted. It was so gross. They even got a peanut butter and jelly drink which really wasn't very good either. On the better side of things I tried my first cosmo and my first old fashioned and Australian beer is pretty good also. Also liquor 43 is pretty delicious with coke.

    Then as you do, Jamie, Mel and I went to Macdonalds for some late night snacking. It also started storming pretty bad so we went down to the oceanside and watched the storm for a little while. Obviously because Mel and I were drinking we just stayed the night in Geelong at Jamie's who pretty much lives in a big auto garage. It was quite an experience, but hey the couch was super comfy.

    May 1

    The next day Mel had to work so she left early but I stayed at Jamie's. We eventually went for Sunday brunch at Pako Pantry. I had the best french toast I've ever eaten there! The rest of the day was pretty chill. I did some planning for my time here in Australia and then Jamie and I also watched a few Netflix documentaries.

    For supper Jamie, Mel, and I went back to Ocean Grove and Mels mom made us a nice pasta bake dinner with garlic bread which I inhaled! And that was pretty much the night. Pretty lazy day but much needed. Kinda got things planned out. I think I'll be staying in Ocean Grove and Melbourne for the next week or so! I'll keep you posted!

    -Terrence out!
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  • Day191

    Barwon Heads

    April 17, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Unseren letzten Zwischenstopp bevor es dann endlich auf die Great Ocean Road gehen sollte, legten wir in „Barwon Heads“ ein. Hier verbrachten wir zwei Tage. Der Ort erinnert ein wenig an einen Touristenort an der deutschen Küste. Einige kleine Geschäfte, Cafés und natürlich „das Wasser“. Hier mündet der ‚Barwon River‘ in die Bass-Straße. Über den Fluss ist der Ort über eine Brücke mit dem Nachbarort „Ocean Grove“ verbunden.
    An unserem Ankunftstag suchten wir zunächst den ‚Bluff Lookout‘ auf. Hier gibt es ein paar schöne Wanderwege, von welchen man einen wunderbaren Blick aufs Meer hat. Anschließend erkundeten wir ein wenig die Stadt, gönnten uns „award-winning“-Eis aus Skandinavien und landeten auf unserer routinierten Suche nach einem Souvenirpin in einer Bücherei. Der Besitzer fragte uns woher wir kämen und gab uns noch den ein oder anderen Tipp für unsere weitere Reiseroute. Man muss dazu sagen, dass uns bevorzugt ältere australische Herren Orte empfehlen, die wir auch immer versuchen in unsere Planung mit ein zu beziehen – manchmal geben sie uns jedoch sooo viele Informationen mit, dass wir froh sind, wenn wir auch nur die Hälfte im Nachhinein zusammen bekommen. :D
    Einer dieser Tipps war es jedenfalls, das „Port Lonsdale Lighthouse“ (=Leuchtturm) zu besuchen. Da dies nur ein paar wenige Kilometer von Barwon Heads entfernt liegt, fuhren wir am nächsten Tag mit dem Bus dorthin. Auch von hier hatte man wieder einen herrlichen Weitblick über das Meer und konnte über Treppen neben der felsigen Steilküste herunter zum Sandstrand oder oben zwischen den Dünen entlang spazieren. Besonders interessant war auch der Jetty (=Anlegesteg). Hier waren eine Menge Angler anzutreffen und am Geländer der Brücke waren zahlreiche Halterungen für die Ruten angebracht – einfacher geht es kaum.
    Als wir in Barwon Heads ankamen, war es herbstlich kalt und auch noch sehr trüb, an Tag zwei klarte es sich langsam auf, sodass wir planten, am nächsten Tag mit der Great Ocean Road zu starten.
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