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  • Day33

    Mataranka Thermal Pool

    October 7, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Am Nachmittag erreichten wir die natürlichen Thermal Pools, welche eine Temperatur von 30C aufwiesen. Es wurde jedoch sehr viel verändert, damit die Touristen besser darin baden können. Wie man sieht hat es in den Bäumen sehr viele Fledermäuse, die einen unangenehmen Geruch in dieser Gegend verbreiten.Read more

    Peter Spielhofer

    Wow erlebst eine tolle Zeit. Die Fotos werden auch immer besser! Viel Spass weiterhin

  • Apr1

    Mataranka and Bitter Springs

    April 1 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 31 °C

    Mataranka thermal spring fed pool crystal clear swimming hole. Whilst Bitter Springs again spring fed and crystal clear is a stream you float down.

    Kirsty Tomlinson

    At this speed you will have finished the lap in 3 months.. slow down and enjoyyyy

    Ren Bishop

    Kirs, guessing there is a lot of blank country up that way am sure as they get to the west they will slow down, ( heard fuel is at least double over there. ) 😉

    Ren Bishop

    wow this place looks amazing , might have to put it on my wish list after the luxury Antartic cruise

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  • Day17

    Mataranka, NT

    June 26, 2021 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    106 kms - Next stop.... Mataranka Homestead in the Elsey National Park. What a popular spot. We arrived at 9:30am and already there was a line up of 9 vans awaiting check in! Once set up we headed for a swim at Bitter Springs. The water was beautiful and warm and current allowed you to get in one end and float to the other! So relaxing. In the afternoon we headed for a dip at the Materanka Hot Springs, again it was beautiful and relaxing but we did both prefer Bitter Springs as it seemed more ‘natural’.
    We ended the day with dinner and entertainment by ‘The Repeat Offenders’ and got to see 5 world record holder in whip cracking, Nathan Whippy Griggs in action.... wow!
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    Linda and Andrew Celewych

    All looks great.

  • Day8


    April 30, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Facebook threw up a great memory-Graham by the water's edge in Venice 5 years ago today. Mum n Bridie, you guys will remember the hours we spent drinking vino by the forward 5 years and Graham is even closer to the water's edge - see photos!

    We've been looking forward to this stop and weren't disappointed. We stayed at the Mataranka Homestead park, less than 200m walk from the spring. The park itself has a huge open bar/restaurant and stage area for bands etc. Sadly the beer was expensive and not so cold so we didn't hang around it in the evening.

    The spring itself was really lovely- some don't like the fact that it's cemented but when you think of the thousands that visit every year, it makes sense. We followed a path to the source of the spring and the bubbling colours were spectacular! We are a couple of weeks ahead of the tourist season so it wasn't too crowded at all. Freshwater crocs are definitely around, they've stopped trapping them further up the river. They aren't much to worry about unless you annoy them Im told. 😬.

    The highlight of this stop was definitely getting out there in the early morning. The air is crisp and the steam coming up from the warm spring is magical in the sunlight. Love it ❤️

    We decided only to stay one night in the end, figured we would head to Mt Bundy Station and spend the extra days there before we are due in Darwin on the 4th. :)
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    Graham Van Heerde

    Give it to me! Give it to me!!


    Vino under the bridge, one of my favourite memories. Could it be 5 yrs ago? Even longer when we were at Mataranka. Must be about 33 yrs,

    Graham n Rosie

    Hey mum, I assume that's you!

  • Day32

    Mataranka - Capital of the Never Never

    July 21, 2021 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    A one week stay ended up being closer to two weeks - but no complaints here!

    We absolutely love Mataranka - the hot springs are divine, especially when you are smart enough to avoid peak hour and get down there early in the morning. It’s interesting to note that here in Elsey National Park, there is no underground “hot spot” heating the water - it just occurs naturally as the reservoirs of water are heated to the temperature of the ground at depths of 30 -100 metres. Rainbow Spring releases 30.5 million litres of spring water every day, ending up in the Waterhouse and Roper Rivers. During the summer wet season, rains top up the underground reservoirs. (Also during the Wet, Mataranka homestead is completely flooded!)

    Watching the sun rise through the palms is so special, the light flickering through the leaves across the steamy water - brilliant! A super special way to start the day, and a routine that never got boring!

    We extended our stay to take advantage of the Mataranka Markets held each Sunday, managing to fit two markets in for some very welcome $$. (Check out the HUGE termite mound!) So, we were kept pretty busy making new jewellery every day and enjoying the resident entertainment of an evening. (No need to even be there - we could hear it all from our camp!)

    The homestead has a great little bar and regular entertainment from Nathan “Whippy” Griggs and The Repeat Offenders - both of which are here every year. Have to admit though, it did get a little repetitive listening to the same songs every night! 🤣

    Mataranka is also home to The Homestead - an authentic replica constructed for the movie, We of The Never Never. It’s quite something to walk through when you know that every detail was hand made using local pine. The bar at Mataranka plays the film daily which is also a nice touch.
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  • Day26

    Nitmiluk to Mataranka

    September 5, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We headed to the 9am 2 Gorge Dreaming Cruise we booked into around 8.30am. The whole park was blacked out for some reason so everything was running a bit behind. The cruise location is only a 900m easy walk from the campground (almost no stairs!). The park have recently had a large influx of bats which had us feeling right at home, unfortunately the walk took us through their roosting area which wasn't pleasant.

    After a late start the cruise took us through the first Gorge which was lush and green and incredibly calm. Although we saw a crocodile trap we didn't see any of the anticipated fresh water crocs we were expecting. They are not considered dangerous to people at all according to our guide. The last person injured by one was trying to move it to get a better photo.

    Half an hour in and we stopped and had to walk about 400m to the boat taking us to the next Gorge. On the walk we were able to see a few rock paintings and and take in the beautiful landscape. Apparently I took a little too long taking it all in and held up the boat. The second Gorge was also stunning as we saw more of the expected cliff walls we were expecting. It was amazing seeing so many trees growing on an angle due to the pressure of the water during the wet season. We also saw an area that turns into an enormous whirlpool during the wet season and has created depths of up to 55m in that area. It was wonderful.

    On the way back to the van we stopped at the visitors centre and got the girls their Nitmiluk pins. The girls have been collecting pins from all the places we've stayed. They're earning quite a collection! As we packed up we noticed several red tailed black cockatoos in a nearby tree. It was really something else seeing them in the wild. And that restarted the girls talking about all the birds they want us to get as pets for the rest of the day!

    We stopped at Katherine again for bread and milk then we were nonstop to Mataranka! It took us about 10mins to check in and get changed ready for a swim. Jon missed out the first time we were here so it was great that he got to experience it here before he headed home. We swam for about 45 minutes before saying our goodbyes to Jon, then stayed in nearly an hour longer before deciding we needed to dry off and and head back to the van.

    We've had a lovely relaxing afternoon just chilling out and seeing some of the local wildlife. With the next few days being predominantly driving as we head towards the Daintree, this afternoon was just what we needed!
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    Isabella Bailey

    Love hearing that there are almost no stairs. Not no happy to hear about the bats! YUK!!!! Katherine Gorge sounds absolutely beautiful. 🌞😎👍😘😘😘😘

    Isabella Bailey

    Spectacular scenery! This must have been a special place for the Aboriginal People.

    Isabella Bailey

    Looking well settled in. The caravan parks sound great!

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  • Day15

    Driving to Mataranka

    August 25, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    With as much packing up done the night before we managed to get away around 8am (after the girls gave the camels some left over salad we had plus a few photos around the place).

    We stopped at Renner Springs about half an hour up the road. It also looked like a good place to stop while travelling. The first few hours were a little trying with the wind blowing a gale which doesn't make towing a full van easy! Once the wind died down a bit we made pretty good time. We stopped for an early lunch at the Daly Waters Pub and left one of Tom's memorial badges on the wall.

    It took us about two hours to get to Mataranka Homestead. Jon left us here and continued on to Darwin and will catch up with us in a few days. We found our spot then headed down to the hot springs. The water was by no means hot but a beautiful walk in temperature. You would think the girls had never seen me swim before! We easily spent two hours in the water before we decided to come back to reality and have dinner. While we were drying off we got a visit from a local peacock which the girls were able to feed some bread by hand. Meanwhile I was watching what I think was a kyte (or hawk) who was patiently watching us. Joe decided to grab a little ham and threw it up and the bird grabbed it mid air!! Joe came in to get a little more. As soon as he went back out the bird had called a few friends for the feed. It was amazing watching these stunning birds swoop and grab the meat right out of the air! We were careful not to give them much but it was really something else to see!

    We walked over to the bar and grabbed some ice creams after dinner and are now just chill out in the van listening to the band. We could easily spend a couple of days here! But we are off to Darwin in the morning and looking forward to the things we have planned there before heading to Kakadu! Two weeks in and still so much to look forward to!!
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    Isabella Bailey

    We are loving every moment of your trip! So many amazing things. When we were at Hwangi in Zimbabwe, there was a Kyte that would swoop down and steal our breakfast! 😄😎❤️

    Isabella Bailey

    What a beautiful place! 👍xxxx

    Isabella Bailey


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