Woolgoolga Creek

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  • Day33

    Morning walk.

    August 12, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Emily had an early morning meeting so we walked after that about 8am.
    Very high tide.
    Not a ripple on the lake.
    And not a sandbar in sight.
    The creek was barely making it into the sea so, as it was so shallow ( 3 inches ) we turned left along the beach over the creek.

    Hardly a person in sight unless they had a dog.
    Overcast morning but a beautiful place to walk.

    Headed to Sandy Beach to Daryl’s house to pick up 4 parcels that had arrived for Emily.
    ( I am still waiting for my Directors Chair to arrive!)

    1) A part for her One Wheel
    2) A case of wine
    3) I can’t remember .... still stuck on the 12 bottles of wine.
    4) A necklace.

    The necklace has separate metal discs that are engraved with all the countries she has visited.
    Looks great!

    Saw Daryl driving towards us as we headed there.
    He did a u-turn and we stopped to chat.
    Was lovely.
    I was thinking that this just doesn’t happen when I live in Berwick.
    Making the most of it while I can.

    Sneak preview photo of Emily on her paddle board.
    Standing up!!!!!
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  • Day34


    August 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Emily had work till about 11.30am so Lacey and I headed for a long walk near the lake and along the beach.
    I could hear this haunting music.
    I checked my phone in the back pocket ...
    “Nope. Not me.”
    It was a man playing a trumpet on the boat ramp into the lake.
    It was so clear and echoed over the water and sounded just amazing.
    In the still of the morning, what a treat!
    So we wandered and soaked up the music!

    Magnificent morning and hot!
    Could not believe it.
    Rain was forecast for about 4pm so were disappointed when clouds rolled in early to block the sun.
    Emily came out of Bumper most disappointed.... and then they just went away.
    Stunning blue skies again and hot.
    Into bathers and wetsuits ...
    And off onto the lake.
    Still water covering all the sandbars ...
    So much fun to kayak and paddle board.

    The main expanse of the lake goes back to the left into the land, if that makes sense.
    The smaller part of the lake to the right becomes the creek and flows into the sea.
    We hadn’t been able to paddle to the right before as it was too shallow.
    But that is where the water is that turquoise colour and there are several big rocks in the water.

    So Emily turned right and we paddled towards this turquoise water and rocks .... and the sea.
    We pulled our boat and board onto the far side of this creek and played on the rocks while wading (me) and swimming (Emily) in that beautiful crystal clear water.
    Lacey explored the bush land.

    It was wonderful.

    Then turned our backs to the sea and set off to the great expanse of the lake.
    We paddled and drifted.
    Paddled to the old wooden bridge way down the lake and then past the bridge to see the lake fork to our left and right.
    So, so peaceful.
    You simply cannot hear another sound, just the water from the paddles and the birds.
    I can see how people get hooked on this.
    It is just magic.

    Paddled back towards the sea and more pulling into shore and swimming.
    Then left our boats there and headed for the sea.
    So funny.
    There I was kneeling in the waves, getting accustomed to the water and was knocked straight over and under.
    Those waves pack a punch!
    This water is so crystal clear, you simply cannot believe it.
    No seaweed anywhere.
    And mad kayakers rowing out past the breakers into the open sea to fish.
    (Apparently the fishing is wonderful sound a rocky island about a kilometre off shore. Too far out for me. I like the lake!)
    Lacey was loose on the sand.
    She did not go anywhere.
    Eyes on us all the time.
    Coming towards us as the water receded.
    Bolting back to dry sand as another wave came in.

    Emily decided to carry her board back to camp but, with Lace riding point again, I rowed back across the Lake.
    More fun.

    More work (Emily)
    I gave Lacey a bath.

    Then we all walked the beach to Woolgoolga and back in the late afternoon.
    Rounded the headland past Woolgoolga just to see what was there.
    A very small rocky cove...

    Dinner, pork chops and the best potato something ever!
    Emily now tends to wash up as well now that she has hot water in the bus.
    I have got off this cooking thing very easy!


    That’s it.
    Not sure what is on for tomorrow.
    Still saying rain is coming.

    Didn’t take the camera in the kayak today so few photos.

    That’s the frame of my hammock in the Fig Tree photo.
    I take the hammock off at night to keep it dry.

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  • Day51

    I have a situation here....

    August 30, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    And not for one second am I trying to compare this to your situation down there....
    But ....
    Up at 7am this morning.
    Glorious day.
    Walked Lacey near the Lake.
    Saw Martine and Scout in the distance ....
    Said, “ Look Lacey. There’s Scout.”
    Well that little dog spun her head around so quickly to see a Scout, I thought she has dislocated her neck.
    And off she went!
    So excited.
    They played.
    A lot.
    Martine and I talked as we walked back to the caravan park, along the lovely grassy banks.
    That’s where the situation arose.
    Lacey found something absolutely irresistible to roll in.
    Not once.
    But 4 times.
    Rubbing that little body into the grass for all she was worth.
    Don’t know what it was .... but it stank.

    So I had a very stinky little dog on my hands and we were off to Nambucca Heads for the day.
    ( See next blog. )

    Now, we are back from our day out.
    And it was too cold to give a Lacey a bath.
    Very chilly wind at 4pm and given that it is dark at 5pm, not able to get her dry.

    So I am in a van that is 4 foot 6 inches wide and 10 foot long not counting the driving bits.
    I am in bed with a very stinky dog laying at my feet.
    That’s sort of all right until about 2am when she will try to get under the covers with me.
    ( I have just put off everyone who does not have a dog. Sorry.)

    So, even though I have just got back from a steaming hot shower, tomorrow morning off I’ll go again.
    And all those bed clothes to the laundry as well.
    At $4 a load.
    On the plus side, the forecast is 26 degrees and sunny..

    So there...
    Stinky dog night!

    The other night when we sat outside with a Matteo and Jess and I was FROZEN, I dragged a Lacey, kicking and screaming under the covers early, just to be my hot water bottle., and quietly went off to sleep.

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  • Day60

    Hello from Paradise.

    September 8, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    We are having a wonderful time in Woopi!
    Sometimes doing stuff.
    Sometime not.

    Up at 7am.
    Sunny and still.
    We went for a walk on the beach in the sun.
    This time north across the creek where it meets the ocean.
    ( I wore shorts today. Yesterday I didn’t and the water was too deep to cross in rolled up jeans.)

    The depth depends on the tide, of course.
    Wonderful walk in the sun.
    Lacey greeting all her friends on the beach.
    The same people tend to walk at the same time and we know them, and all the dogs.
    Cody, a little terrier/ collie cross is Lacey’s special friend.
    They run towards each other at full speed to say hello.
    It’s lovely to watch.

    Emily had a few meetings so I headed to a vet near Mitre 10 to get some dog food for the trip home. We would have run short, I think.
    Then grocery shopping at Woolworths.
    The people who are camped next to us were riding their bikes through the car park there and we waved furiously.
    People in caravan parks are lovely.
    Everyone talks.
    This couple arrived yesterday and she came over as Emily and I were discussing the Iveco vans.
    “ Sorry. Couldn’t help eves dropping ... what are you going to convert?”
    We had a great chat.

    Back to camp with a hot chicken and salads ... as well as other things ... but we attacked this as if we had not eaten in years.
    All this fresh air and exercise, I think.
    Once again we were starving.

    I had seen some very nice cane baskets at the enormous $2 type shop here and mentioned them to Emily.
    So off we went.
    Got two.
    And Emily did some organising in Bumper.
    Looks amazing.
    Trying to have things in baskets ( which will be screwed to the counter top ) so she can just up and drive without so much packing up.
    Off to buy curtains tomorrow for behind the passenger and driver seats.
    ( Same shop. It is a great shop.)

    Read on the deck.
    Another couple of walks.

    Wonderful dinner, rolled chicken and veges.
    Followed by chocolate freckles.. also from that shop.

    Tomorrow’s forecast - 23 and sunny, may rain late afternoon.


    Oh ... and if you enlarge the photo of inside Bumper, there are 2 photos on the whiteboard.
    One is Emily about 2 years old having a tea party with a Grandma.
    Unfortunately, Grandma is not in the photo.
    The other one is of Emily with my Dad, her Grandpa splashing in the paddle pool.
    Again, she’s about 2 years old.
    These were taken when Mum and Dad flew to visit when were lived in Bunbury, WA.
    Dad had this photo on his bedside table and kissed Emily goodnight every night for over 30 years.
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  • Day61

    Bumper interior finished!

    September 9, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Beautiful sunny day today.
    Rhyll came with her dog for a walk with Emily at 9am.
    Lacey and I went for a lovely walk around the lake.

    Read until the girls got back.
    And then Rhyll left and Emily did some work.

    Then we headed to that special shop in Woopi to get curtains to divide Bumper’s front driving section from the living area.
    These were block out curtains and came in the most beautiful pale grey and white.
    We could not have got better colouring if we tried.

    Then to Burger Box again.
    Burgers for lunch at the table at Teabag Corner.
    Then off to Mitre 10 for dowel for the curtain rods.

    We haven’t got a saw.
    The young workman in the park agreed to saw the dowel to the correct length for us.
    Three cuts and we were set.

    Up went the curtains in the bus.
    They look fantastic.
    Then we took the insulated silver sun shield from inside the windscreen of Bumper, laid it on the next curtain and with 2 sided tape managed to exactly cover both sides.
    Back on the inside of the windscreen that went.

    Then 2 rods, one above each side window of the cabin.
    Curtains attached to those.
    Voila... total block out and sun protection for the whole front cabin which, in turn makes the whole bus cooler.
    And it looks great!!!!!

    Long walk over the creek in the sun.
    Chat to our lovely neighbour under my green sun shelter ...about vans.

    Steak and veges.
    Started to rain slightly.
    Rain forecast all day tomorrow.


    Great day!

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  • Day61

    Bit excited.

    September 9, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Roger rang.
    He likes Iveco Vans.
    This is huge.
    He can tell us in no uncertain terms what vans not to buy.
    He gave the OK on the Iveco.
    “Not a bad van out of all of them”
    I am taking that as a ‘Yes.’

    So onward and upward.
    Much planning.
    And a lot of designing.


    On the other side, I think Emily is staying with Bumper for a while yet.
    She is bringing her car up here so can travel to places she wants to see.
    And she is thrilled to have her home base, Bumper, in Woolgoolga.
    So, after all that hard work, she is going to sit back and enjoy her home.
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  • Day65

    Shell hunting and surfie watching.

    September 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Very pleasant way to spend a warm sunny morning.

    A man in one of the cabins had told me about a beach called Shell Beach that you could access by going up to the Headland and taking the path down and around and up and down again.

    So off we set.
    Emily turned right in the van, not left.
    “ Hey. Where are you going??
    “ I know a shortcut.”
    Emily has explored all around on Burner.

    We turn towards the sea down a dirt road which opens into a huge grassed parking area.
    My Tin Tin fitted in with all these surfie vans perfectly!
    Felt like he had come home.
    A lovely sandy walk to another absolutely perfect beach.
    Surfers everywhere.
    Surfers’ dogs running free everywhere.
    Having an absolutely fantastic time.

    We wandered along the sand for a while.
    Lacey having a ball.
    Then headed towards the headland to see if we could cross to Shell Beach.
    Stepped over one large rock and there were shells as far as the eye could see.
    Piled on top of each other.
    There were huge rocks between this area and the sea.
    We think that in rough weather, the shells are dropped here by the waves.
    Then cannot be washed out again.
    Anyway, we had a lot of fun finding some lovely shells.

    I drive Emily crazy as we walk along the beach into Woopi.
    I stop dead in my tracks, or even backtrack, to pick up a shell.
    So I have a jar almost full of shells from Woopi Beach.

    Sat on the rocks and then further along on the sand to watch the surfers.
    A guy waved and sat hello as he walked towards us.
    He was one of the gardeners from our caravan park.
    There with his family.
    Lacey visited them of course.
    Even checked out what they had in their cooler lunchbox!

    Back home.
    Emily went off to visit Rhyll.
    I had a wonderful walk around and in and out of the creek.
    I thought I was going to swim but the wind was very strong down there and I passed.
    Wading is fun though.

    Quiet afternoon.
    Drove into town for an ice cream.
    Only the ice cream shop open really.

    We haven’t heard Kara with the border collie yet.
    Were hoping to meet her today.

    My shell jar is now full.
    98% Woolgoolga Beach shells from my wandering.
    And 2% Shell Beach shells.
    So now the jar is full, I have to leave.
    Only 5 more nights.
    I am very sad.

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  • Day69

    Emily’s 41st Birthday!

    September 17, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We were both up about 7.30am.
    Magnificent day.
    Already felt hot and the forecast was for 27 degrees and sunny.

    I bought all of Emily’s presents out to her table outside Bumper.
    Lacey, as always, ripped the paper off the presents.
    I gave Emily a dog lead, dog bowls and a REAL Pony stuffed toy for her puppy.
    ( I bought Lacey a stuffed toy when I got her and we play with ‘Pony’ all the time.
    It took Daryl to point out that it was actually a Cow.)

    So.... I found a REAL Pony for Emily’s puppy.
    ( Daryl would be proud!)

    And a lovely sterling silver necklace and chain.
    She loved everything.

    Then we headed for our walk around the lake and towards the beach.
    It was hot and just wonderful wandering the water.

    The tide was high but still coming in.
    We watched the huge rush of water coming into the lake.
    It is fascinating.
    “ Do the little fish want to go out to sea or are they fighting to stay in the lake?
    “ How do the crabs make all those round balls of sand and toss them out of the hole in a perfect star pattern?”
    “ Why are there circular depressions in the sand, under water, 12” diameter?”

    We have so much fun wandering.

    Back to camp.
    Emily had a couple of meetings.
    Would be free after 11am to move Bumper to Site 66.
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  • Day69

    So then I invited the whole park ...

    September 17, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    To party with us under the awning at 4.30pm.
    I went from van to van and just invited people.
    Mainly, the people I knew from the park, but I am sure I invited some total strangers,
    They were very polite and quite a few turned up.

    Emily worked again til 3pm.
    We wandered the water again.
    Thought we were going to swim, but played in the creek instead.

    Emily cooked a few sausages.
    ( We had forgotten lunch.)
    People walking past were stopping to talk.
    One lady told her husband that is exactly what I want my caravan to look like on my birthday on Monday!

    A couple I talked to turned out to be the parents of one of Meagan’s best friends.
    It’s amazing how the conversation seems to work it’s way round to something like that.
    Having a good time?
    Oh. Narre Warren
    More stuff....
    Then, my children probably went to school with Emily. No they are a bit younger.
    They went to school in Pakenham.
    My niece and nephew went there. Meagan and Nathan Street.
    She’s best friends with our daughter, Anna.

    We could have just talked about the weather.

    People started to arrive.
    About a dozen or 14 came in the end.
    We had a great time.
    Much laughter.
    Caravan park recommendations.
    What site have you got for next year?
    And a rather rousing rendition of Happy Birthday was sung.

    As it drew to a close, Reece the young man in charge of the park tonight came up and wished Emily a Happy Birthday and said he was glad most people had left because he was going to have to remind us about social distancing otherwise.
    And just chatting was much more fun.

    The last people left about 6.30pm.
    It was a lovely, friendly afternoon/evening.

    Pork chops for dinner.

    Much hugging.
    Great day!

    Happy Birthday Emily xxxxxx
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  • Day70

    And a couple more ...

    September 18, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Last night at Woopi.

    I have had the best time.

    Just lots of talking.
    I was telling Emily that my Grandfather, Dad’s Dad was nicknamed ‘Poet’ when he served in the First World War .... lots of stories told...
    We talked about what a great name that is.
    And after a bit of ‘trying the name on for size’, Emily is naming her puppy ‘Poet’.
    Great sounding name.

    I have absolutely had the best time.

    Get the names of places VERY wrong....
    But ...
    Then I had this awful realisation.

    I turned to Emily and said, “ My new van is going to be called ‘Dorringo’, isn’t it?”

    We both collapsed in hysterics.
    Daryl took us somewhere ... 3 different places actually ... and I could not get their names right.
    One of them, I kept calling ‘Dorringo’.
    Daryl and Emily keep bursting into song ...
    “ Dorringo .... dum da da da da da da ... Dorringo “
    Like a Western movie.
    I’m sunk.
    The van’s name is Dorringo.
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