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  • Day39

    Florence continued

    December 21, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Day 3 in Florence

    I was so awestruck at the Galleria Academia when I saw Michaelangelo's David. At the Uffizi, Ruby declared that one must always check the buns when meeting a naked 3D friend, aka sculpture. Some buns are just not properly baked nor formed. I am happy to report that David has a perfect set of buns. Just perfect in every way.

    Day 4 in Florence

    Saw the Duomo. Magnificent on the outside, austere on the inside. We did not pay to go in the baptistries, and dome because the place was crawling with selfie Asians and rowdy school groups.
    As we were leaving the Duomo, Kai noticed a split in Ruby's boot. Fortunately we found a cobbler to mend it. He not only mended her boot but also proposed to marry her as well. Ruby took her boots and fled.
    We had appetivo at the Westin Excelsior rooftop bar. Appettivo is a pre dinner drink with some finger foods. Some places, like the Westin, have a buffet appettivo. Charges vary. Some places charge another €2 for the buffet appettivo after a drink (can be non-alcoholic) is ordered. Other places offer free non buffet appettivo with an alcoholic drink. Westin's price was €21 for a drink and the buffet appettivo. So us poor travellers ordered one cocktail, stayed the full 2 hours, and had dinner overlooking the lights of Florence where no building can be higher than the top of the Duomo.
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