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    • Day 3

      Lazy Saturday

      September 16 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

      I had a lazy start to the day - relaxing and reading and adjusting to the time difference and warm weather.

      Brigitte and I did some shopping and then started preparing for dinner as we had Gui, Geertje, Luc, Nathalie, Sohan and Stéphane and Emma for dinner.

      I made an apple cake which ended up being a disaster as the cake form Brigitte had leaked and so the floor of the oven was covered in cake batter. So no dessert tonight.

      We are having a barbecue with brochettes and sausages. I made some guacamole which was a big hit with everyone and we also made a potato salad and a green salad.

      It was a lovely evening catching up with family.
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      Traveler  Sounds like a perfect Saturday… even with the cake pan excitement.

      Traveler  Gorgeous weather and great company and food (minus dessert). Fabulous.

      Traveler  Lovely pics Danni. Very sad to tell you our Tycie was put to sleep this afternoon. We just couldn't wait until the end of the week as planned. He went very peacefully and we know we did the right thing, but it is so dreadfully sad.

      Traveler  Oh Katie - I am so sorry for your loss, despite it being the right thing it I’d still so terribly hard and sad. Thinking of you allxxx

      Traveler  ❤️

    • Day 8

      Rainy Thursday

      September 21 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Woke up to the rain falling. We had planned to go to Brussels today but there is rain predicted all day. So I spent the morning doing some laundry and getting organised for our trip to France as the next few days before we leave are going to be very busy with social engagements.

      For lunch we met up with Brigitte’s friend Eva and we went to Le Bar à K a lovely little spot in Wavre that Brigitte and I frequented many times during my visit last year. They both had garlic prawns and I had prawns with Chicory. We had a lovely bottle of rosé to go with the meal. It was also an early celebration for Brigitte’s birthday which is Saturday.

      After lunch we went back to Eva’s place in Limal for coffee.

      Tonight Brigitte made the National Belgian dish Chicons au Gratin, (there is some debate about what is the National dish - some say Waterzooi (Soupish Stew) Moules Frites (Mussels & Fries) Cannibales (a type of steak tartare) and Waffles are all on the list. Chicons au Gratin consists of Chicory that is boiled and then wrapped in ham, placed in a baking dish, covered with white sauce and cheese and then placed under a grill. It is an interesting dish and quite delicious. It is a good dish on a cold day.
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      Traveler  Great to see Elvis on the wall!

    • Day 7

      Relaxing Day in Limal

      September 20 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      After the big day visiting Gent yesterday, today is going to be a nice relaxing day hanging around home and getting some jobs done. I had left a whole bunch of stuff at Brigitte’s place last year as I had intended to spend several months in Europe this year - plans change and now that extended stay won’t be for a couple of years. So I packed up all my warmer gear and posted it back to Australia.

      The weather is still very mild, although some cooler and wet weather is forecast over the next couple of days. Stéphane, Brigitte’s son has created a wonderful garden that produces so many vegetables, so today more produce was picked from the garden including pumpkins, zucchini, potatoes, onion, cucumbers and tomatoes. The zucchini are huge and plentiful so I decided to show Brigitte how to make zucchini slice. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the slice - something they had never had, but will now make as it is a great way to use up zucchini.

      I also spent some of today reading my second holiday novel - Dreaming in French by Vanessa McCausland - it is such a good read I am afraid it will be finished in a couple of days!
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      Traveler  There is something about cooking with home grown vegetables 🥗

      Traveler  Absolutely- they are so fresh and delicious

    • Day 5

      Get things done!

      September 18 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Today we had a slow start as we weren’t in a rush to go anywhere. We had a number of errands to run and things to do. We headed off to Ottiginies to purchase a large box from the Post Office so that I can send a whole lot of clothes I left here last year when the plan was to spend 4 months in Cahors.

      Then we picked up some lovely soaps from Provence that I really like and we went and bought some delicious chocolates as a thank you to a women who found a number of cards belonging to Stéphane that he had lost. I then also got my hair cut as my hairdresser went on holidays recently and so I wasn’t able to get a trim prior to heading off on holidays.

      I then took Brigitte out to lunch to a favourite restaurant of ours, Maxime, in Wavre. Brigitte had moule frit and I had steak tartare, the meals were delicious.

      After lunch we did some grocery shopping and planned dinner- deciding I would cook schnitzel, which was a hit with both Emma and Stephane.

      We also harvested some of the wonderful produce Brigitte and Stéphane grow including tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins. I also finished my first holiday novel - Before the Coffee Gets Cold - which was a lovely read and I have now started reading Vanessa McCausland’s - Dreaming in French - which I am thoroughly enjoying.
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      Traveler  Lovely paced day! I’m in Perth for a few days - max of 20 degrees!

    • Day 60

      Last Saturday in Limal

      November 12, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

      Today we are just getting a few jobs done. The most important is to box up the knives, some of the souvenirs and some of my clothes and post that back to Australia. So we purchased a box and then we went back home, filled it and completed the paperwork which was much easier than when I did it in France. So the Laguiole knives are finally on their way home!

      After that I suggested to Brigitte that we go somewhere for lunch and so we went back to Le Bar à K where I had the Scampi Chicon and Brigitte had the Scampi with garlic. The bar is a really nice, with a great vibe. Joe and Kat who are the owners are lovely and very welcoming - they use old records as place mats and play old rock and roll music. After lunch as it was such a warm day, about 19 degrees we walked through Wavre to enjoy the sunshine.

      When we got back home I started the task of packing, which went very well. A quiet night at home watching some Netflix and eating some more delicious Dutch cheese was the perfect end to a lovely day.
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      Traveler  why are those corks in a "k" shape?


      Traveler  It is called Bar A K and the owner’s name is Kat

    • Day 5

      On our way to Paris

      May 29 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

      Are you even a tourist if you don't run after the train? Lucie helped me fulfill this dream. 🤣 Not on purpose though.

      There's also a woman next to us who is hardcore praying (out loud) as if she is asking for forgiveness on behalf of all humanity.

      Lucie said "It must be her first time, I guess."

      *This photo is dedicated to my mom because she insisted I take more pictures of myself*
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      Traveler  The photos are much improved now that I can see your face. 😊

    • Day 37


      October 20, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      This afternoon I will be going on my first geocaching experience. Arlette a good friend of my cousin has been geocaching for about 9 years and she has arranged this afternoon’s excursion.

      We were very lucky that the weather improved from this morning and we now have blue sky and sunshine and it is about 20 degrees, which is perfect conditions for geocaching. We headed off down a path in Ceroux-Mousty and we found some amazing wood carvings that were done by a local artist called Gills Dominique and they are fabulous. We found our first cache by following the clues and it was lost of fun and rewarding. Once you find the cache you write your user name and the date and return it to where you found it. It was really lots of fun.Read more

      Traveler  Looks like fun. Angus said he did some geocaching when he was in primary school. Lots of stuff around Glen Waverley apparently.


      Traveler  Can’t wait to try it when I get home

    • Day 4

      Nerorock and Grape Festival Hoeilaart

      September 17 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

      This afternoon we headed over to the village of Hoeilaart for Nerorock and Grape Festival. There was a carnival, flea market, food stalls and lots of beer options, the Belgians do love their beer.

      My cousins wife Geertje was born in Hoeilaart and so I got to meet her siblings, nephews and nieces etc, it was a real family affair. We wandered through the flea market, stopped for a drink and to sample some of the local fare.

      There was a large stage set up in the park and we watched one of the bands - the Meltheads - a young, local, energetic punk band, that I quite enjoyed. The weather has been unseasonably warm and very humid. It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.
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    • Day 16

      Visit with Lieke!

      August 20, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Everyone meet Lieke! Lieke is my dad's cousin who lives in Brussels :) I made a quick stop to visit and boy was it fun! We started by walking around Brussels, saw the main square, ate muscles, and saw the arch at night (it was raining lol). Lieke is also a big salsa dancer and recommended seeing the street salsa dancing under the arch. So cool! Then the highlight. Saturday morning Lieke took me to meet her horse, Mourenna, who is lovely. She is currently training her so we practiced in the ring. It is amazing that all of the commands are done by expression. Just inhaling tells the horse to start to trot and exhaling tells the horse to slow to a walk. Amazing! We also went for a quick little bareback which was great :) we ended off with a walk in the park and had some YUMMY pastries and Belgian chocolate 🥰 love family❤️

      Now off to Amsterdam! 🇳🇱
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      Traveler  Wonderful to see fam! ❤️


      Traveler  Sounds like so much fun, and so interesting to hear of the horse training! You would have loved some horse time!! Thank you Lieke! Always wonderful to get time with you!! ❤️

    • Day 49

      Lovely Day in Limal

      November 1, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

      Had quite the sleep in this morning and a very slow start to the day. I got my washing done, we had lunch and then Brigitte and I went for a lovely walk in the woods which are just up her street. We took a different path to see if we could locate the wood carvings that had been done by local artists in honour of a friend who had passed away from a brain tumour over a year earlier.

      After initially missing the path as we were talking we doubled back and found a few carvings along a path, plus the place where his ashes were scattered. Brigitte thinks some of the carvings have been removed which is terrible as they were done to honour Dominique and his contributions both to society and the arts.

      Nonetheless we had an enjoyable walk in the beautiful clean air of Limal and tonight Nathalie, Steph, Sohan and Emma are coming for dinner.
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      Traveler  gorgeous colour


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