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  • Day15

    Leave the canadian poncho..Try to fit in

    July 4, 2016 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    So yesterday morning we checked out of our amazing... Let me repeat.... Amazing hostel in Brussels. It has been by far the nicest accomodations we have stayed in thus far.

    We headed over to the train station across town to drop off our bags at the Brussels Central Station since our flight was only at 9pm.

    We ventured off into the rain with our ponchos.. As per usual. We were trying to find a market that was recommended by a local... And would you look at that. We ended up at a waffle place. Since it was our last day, it only made complete sense to eat waffles & chocolate for breakfast & so we did. (im sick with a bad cold so I ended up just eating the fruit off the top)

    We roamed around for a couple hours, visiting a church and another cathedral (europe has too many of them)

    We decided to hit up the airport early because we didnt know how security was going to be & didnt want to risk it.

    So off we went back to the train station to retrieve our bags & buy our tickets to get to the air port... WHICH WERE 8.50€ 😭

    Oh also I forgot to mention that the cops in belgium walk around with AK47s on them... Which stand taller then me & if that wasnt bad enough, they always had their hand on the trigger... Couldnt figure out if I felt safe or scared.
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  • Day1

    Ankunft Belgien

    February 17, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Nach recht stauiger Anfahrt kommen wir gegen 21:30 Uhr bei unserem Hotel an. Nach dem Einchecken und dem Verstauen der Koffer im Hotelzimmer machen wir uns gleich auf den Weg zum Restaurant. Bei gutem Essen und belgischem Bier lassen wir den ersten Abend gemütlich ausklingen.Read more

  • Day61


    June 3, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Set the alarm for 9 because we wanted to be out of the house by 10 but were realistic about our sleep requirements after such a long day yesterday.
    I ate the provided breakfast, Will was a pain in the bum and did not.
    We had so many options - she has provided yogurt, bananas, bread, jam, cheese spread, juice, ham and cheese.
    I had the most delicious and obviously homemade blueberry jam on bread 😋
    We left at 9:50 and began our 3.5km walk to the city center. Will got a croissant near to home.
    On our way I saw an African man lying down, passed out on a bench with his belly hanging out. I just glanced at his belly and to my horror the head of his penis was popping out the top of his pants hahahaha
    Too early for that shit.
    It's a long way but we could do with the exercise haha.
    I like the buildings here.
    We walked past a lot of fresh fruit stores and one giant, extremely random clam on a stick - it didn't appear to relate to anything around it..
    They LOVE comics here and have murals all around the the city of things such as Tin tin.
    Our tour started in Grand Place - it was spectacular- its a 4 sided area of old gothic style buildings.
    Our tour guide was Simon and he was fantastically engaging.
    He told us about each separate building in the square before we walked past some Karl Marx building ( I missed the story because of noise levels but he is the founder of communism)
    Next up was Mannekin Pis which is Brussels main point of interest. The mannequin has 937 different costumes. There are many replicas of the fountain all around the world but this is the original. It was smaller than I expected it to be honest but still awesome to see. Apparently the statue has been stolen many times in the past but the original is in the museum we planned on visiting after the tour.
    Before we went to visit our guide yelled " now let's go see a little boy peeing! " it's one of the only place I can think of where that sentence is acceptable and doesn't stir suspicions of pedaphilic intentions hahaha
    We next came across one specific cartoon mural which marks the beginning of the LBGTG community. Belgium was, I think, the 2nd country to legalize gay marriage. The mural has been designed as such that it could be 2 men, 2 ladies or 1 man and 1 woman.
    Along our walk Simon pointed our shops he recommended for Beer, chocolate and chips etc.
    We saw the stock exchange building which was supper impressive but is now empty - he said there were talks of making it the palace of beer - he sounded deadly serious but not sure if he was joking or not. We saw the Opera house - ours is 1000 times better, walked through a glass gallery - there's was the first and then has a 20 minute break.
    Our guide is so very insistent that we shouldn't J- walk because it's a 60€ fine. Ouch. Our group was 34 people big and so it often took 2 turns for everyone to Cross lights but he always waited.
    They must police is pretty well because he really stressed the point not to do it.
    We walked on and found a St James walk shell on the floor - one of few I had already noticed. They act/acted as a sort of GSP for pilgrims - they point towards the nearest sanctuary which in this case was the "our lady of assistance" church which we also saw mid tour. It's also related to the St James walk in Spain.
    We saw the Cathedral of St Michel and St Gudula. It reminded me of pictures I have seen of Notre Dame - very large and of gothic style.
    There was a wedding inside and like 1000 Africans came spilling out of the church, some in the most ridiculous outfits.
    The refugee situation is blatantly obvious here. There is a very very large African and middle eastern population. The Muslim community also are easy to spot because a lot, including the men have been in traditional dress. We went to the Royal Park or as they call it "park" because it's the only one 😂😂😂
    It's close to where the metro bombs went off. He made a big speech thanking us all for coming and ignoring others opinion on Brussels and for giving it a chance. Apparently tourism has declined rapidly. We too were told by many many people not to bother with Brussels, not because of danger but because it's an ugly city - they all need to go to the optometrist. It is awesome. We are liking it very much and will go away and spread the word. You could tell Simon was really bummed out by Brussels new reputation.
    We saw the Kings place. - super impressive but what surprised me was the lack of fence and/or obvious guards. Apparently it's only his smaller residence but still, I expected more security.
    He sat us out the front and told us of the history Brussels had with the Congo and how at one point Belgium was the 4th richest country in the world - unfortunately this was because of slaves and rubber and in essence it was all blood money. He said he finds great shame in his country regarding this because in Germany there are memorials for the terrible crimes of the 2nd world war - as there should be.. but he said that he didn't even learn about the mutilation/slaughter of the millions of Africans until he researched it himself and that there isn't a single memorial in all of Brussels.
    We walked on through a section full of museums until we came to our final stop in front of a pretty garden.
    We gave a 10€ tip - he deserved more but I'll give him a 5/5 star on trip advisor which will hopefully help generate him more work.
    We walked back toward Grand Place toward the museum and came across an Australian made ice cream shop... we didn't realize we made ice cream... Will asked what made it Australian and without batting an eyelid the man answered "Kangaroo milk"
    We of course had to try it for it's ridiculousness. We went with an Aussie flavor and got Mango. It wasn't very nice lol.
    We went inside the main building - which isn't symmetrical - which apparently the designer killed himself over but jumping off the top..
    The outside was better than inside - just stone walls really.
    We went in the museum - it cost 8€ each - more than we were expecting. I thought I read somewhere that it was only 4€
    To my great disappointment there was no English signage..
    So we just wanders looking at everything not really knowing what it was. On our entry tickets is a picture of asparagus. We found the item in amongst some other China looking food. Don't know it's significance or why it got such an honor of being on the ticket. lol, I feel there was worthier things inside.
    Some of the paintings were cool especially one of the city on fire - I'd like to learn more about it but it didn't really offer me the chance. There TripAdvisor review isn't going to be the best..
    Upstairs it did have the original mannekin pis which made me feel a little better about the entry fee.
    The building itself was lovely and had stain glass windows with what looked like family crests - we each picked which one we would like to have as our own. I picked a blue back with a yellow lion thing. He picked something similar only yellow. I wouldn't want the fish crest.
    We started the long walk home.
    I don't remember the journey there being downhill but the journey home was definitely uphill -.-
    We walked past this lady singing and a bunch of strangers doing a dance they all obviously knew. Kind of like us and nut bush at a wedding haha. We stayed and watched it for a while.
    We saw a dead falcon on the way which was different.
    We managed to find 95% of the journey home without a map 🎉
    I did a load of washing and then hung them up then we both crashed until 9pm ( fell asleep at 5)
    I went down and had toast for dinner - Will went out and got a kebab.
    I have a mozzie bite on my foot and it's realllllly annoying me.
    I also have a headache again :( so I'm gonna smash some panadol and hit the hay 👋🏻
    Jokes, we facetimed Jess first and I smashed my head on the ceiling and feel down the stairs ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
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  • Day62


    June 4, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    So I had a very weird morning. I had a dream that I was doing the things I was meant to be doing i.e. Getting out of bed and having a shower onIy I wasn't, I was sleeping..
    It took me ages to realize I hadn't actually gotten out of bed.
    Our washing had dried so I stuffed it all back into the washing machine just so it looked a little neater just in case the cleaning lady came through - didn't want our crap spread all over the house.
    And then so began our 7.2km walk to The mini Europe theme park.
    About a kilometer in we stopped for kebabs - they put corn in it which changes the flavor completely. It's very powerful for something so small.
    They too put chips in the kebab like every other European city so far.
    The walk was long and tiring - as we walked you could see the change in the social and economic standings. I wouldn't say we entered the slums but it was definitely a lower class. We came across a pretty church and then finally saw the top ball of the Atomium statue which helped lead us in the right direction.
    We walked through a nice park that had a purple leaved tree and then what seemed like 3 hours later, made it to the Atomium and mini Euro. We got some photos of the Atomium- supposedly it's the symbol of Brussels and is very near where the Heysel stadium stood (the stadium that collapsed in 1985 killing 39 people and injuring 600) we chose not to go to the top because of the price then we walked over to mini Europe.
    The line took ages but we finally got there - Will is so impatient. We got given these AWSOME booklets upon entry which outlines what countries are in the E.U, provided a lot of basic facts about them such as population and language etc but then also gives novelty facts such as Belgium consumes more fries than anyone else.
    It then had the pictures of all the displays with information about each structure underneath which was helpful.
    To my great disappointment and yet not to my surprise, Will got bored after the 2nd or 3rd structure. So unfortunately I felt very pressured to move quickly and didn't have the opportunity to read about each place there - I'll have to do it at home.
    I feel like I missed out to be honest but oh well - can't win them all. I told him I was going to be the cooler parent and take our kids to theme parks. He has agreed that it will be my duty not his.
    If my kids don't like roller coasters I'll be devastated haha.
    Maybe I'll bring my own kids back to mini Europe one day :)
    I honestly loved the park and thought it was fantastic to see the 94 odd most significant buildings/monuments in Europe all in the one place.
    It also had buttons to engage children such as moving the boats in the harbor or ringing a bell in a church.
    When you pressed the Mount Vesuvius button the floor shook and smoke came out which I though was great :)
    A few of the places we saw I hadn't heard of but they will be added to the itinerary for sure.
    Indian tourists are so annoying. They are so slow and I nearly fell over at the lack of respect for where they were. One lady went and sat on a structure for a photo. She want the skinniest either.. i wasn't feeling too confident.
    Luckily the building was fine.
    But honestly, they were like the Chinese and got a photo with every damn structure which held everyone else up 😾
    One thing that really bothered Will was that there was a replica of Flanders field and Australia was not mentioned. At first I thought maybe they were only mentioning EU countries but Canada got a memorial.. ?
    Afterwards our legs were so saw so we attempted to use the trains. We got on at Heysel station.
    We couldn't figure out the difference between the train and tram lines on the big map so we decided to just get a train to central Grand Place.
    We decided, while in Belgium, we needed to visit the delirium beer cafe which in 2004 (not sure if still does but locals give the impression it might..) held the record for the most beers available. I am told it has over 3000 options.
    Now, I hate beer. With all my heart I hate it. I wish I didn't but i just do.
    I thought to myself if I was ever going to find a beer I liked, this would be the place.
    We went inside - it had a great vibe. It was pretty crowded but we found a nice little spot sitting at a barrel downstairs that was just perfect. The music and lighting was just right 👌🏻
    I went to the bar and said I hate beer so what do you recommend - I ended up with some sour raspberry thing.
    I felt like such an adult. On the 4.6.17 I bought my first beer 😎😎😎😎
    Will loved his.
    Mine, as expected, was disgusting BUT I persevered through the pain and not only bought my first beer - but finish it! Woohooo!!
    Will had 5 in the time I managed to down my one - I had a sip of all of his too.
    All rubbish.
    We then went to Mary's.
    We learnt about Mary's on our tour. It's a Belgium chocolate shop that opened in 1919. She was the first and only chocolate maker at that time.
    Because she was a woman it became a novelty to buy from her which helped keep her in business (not only that but the product was great) and we were recommended because the recipes haven't changed, they are all still handmade and unique because the shop stayed small and doesn't mass produce.
    We walked down the line of chocolate and picked out lots of yummy pralines. It cost 16€ for hardly anything but hey, today's all about trying the local cuisine - speaking of which we had chips afterwards :)
    Belgium is also known for there mussels which I haven't worked up the courage to try yet..
    Mayonnaise is for sandwiches not chips 😫😫😫
    We walked home and tried to find a Chinese place but must have missed it.
    We ended up with Pizza.
    I feel very comfortable around French. I know a lot more than Will so I feel smart.
    I just feel happy knowing I already know the very basic words. I've felt so rude the last few countries not being able to even say thank you because I can't read the Cyrillic to sound it out.
    However I'm best at Bulgarian
    Our vocabulary stand at:
    Sdrusty = Hello
    Da = Yes
    Nacedraven = cheers
    Ciao ciao = bye
    Mercy = thanks

    That was all obviously not the correct spelling.

    We also were introduced to Banitzas and Lutenitza :D
    We are now home and it's magical- I went to pack before but then the best thing happened... WE HAVE ANOTHER DAY HERE!
    I'll need to sort out a day plan :)
    The pizza we had was delicious.
    We are going to watch the South Park movie shortly :)

    Also, I think I forgot to mention yesterday..
    we had to play a game of Simon says on our tour and Will didn't know how to play.

    I have a very bad memory so I can't remember if I've already noted this but on the off change I haven't -
    This city has so many pedestrian crossings it's silly. The whole city is striped - ever single street crossing - both with lights and without has a zebra crossing marked out and then every 20 meters there is another one. I would go bonkers as a driver.
    Also, a lot of the city is under construction.
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  • Day9


    September 22, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    It may seem strange that the first pic of Brussels is a fountain dressed up in a costume, but it is said that the city has over 1,000 get ups for Manneken Pis, as he is called. He was probably a maker for leather workers as urine was used in tanning. Then the gothic city hall and baroque guild houses around the Grote Markt, or main medieval market square. Then a puppet show and views over the cityRead more

  • Day9


    September 22, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    An interesting artsy city. They make a point of so many towers in town, claiming that it's unique, and I suppose it is. There is a pic of the medieval harbor and some of the guild houses around the old harbor. Nearby is the castle and graffiti alley, an area provided by the city for street artists. The city even over-paints the whole thing once in a while to start over. The day before my visit was one of those, and the "Pros" were out in force working on the new "canvas."Read more

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