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    • Day 1


      December 21, 2019 in China ⋅ 30 °C

      After getting into a mishap at Shanghai airport (I didn’t know the ticket I booked required me to transfer to a different airport within Shanghai after sleeping a couple of hours, some girls talking woke me up and I realized I had to find a last minute taxi past midnight to make it to my flight.) I arrived safely in Sanya. It was hot but since it was a seaside province, the weather was comfortably temperate. I tried to ask for directions for the bus terminal but I was handed a piece of paper with some drawings instead, I had to crack it like some kind of code but managed to find my way. Chinese people were very different, even inside the bus they were loud and rowdy and it was quite fun seeing people so open albeit it’s hard to find one’s peace. I got dropped a bit far from my hostel and I had to walk a couple of blocks, tired and sleepy from the uneventful airport adventures. I was able to find my hostel after walking around the block a couple of times as it was pretty hidden around some alleys. I checked-in just fine and crashed for a couple of hours, waking up in a daze, I decided to make the most out of this day and started to head to Luhuitou Park.

      It was a long walk with a lot of slopes going up, now I hadn’t recovered from my long trip coming here so I found myself getting winded quite easily. I was able to see life in the city and for some weird reason there was a guy with a painted face in Shrek’s costume screaming on his phone which was super funny. There were also a lot of video bloggers around carrying these mini tripods and I’ve never seen these things before, it was really interesting. I reached Luihuitou's entrance. There were trees adorned with bottles and other ornaments, it was pretty. Turns out to enter the park, you had to buy a ticket. I bought my ticket and went on to find out that the park itself was a hill, meaning I had to hike a lot to reach the peak. It was quite fun to take a rest in those hillside gazebos. The views kept getting prettier the higher I got, seeing the seaside and beautiful buildings of Sanya was quite a sight. There were deer as well, they seemed to be a sacred animal and had something to do with the legends of the Luhuitou. Strangely, at the peak there were Russian dancers, seemed like they are hired by the park to perform for the Chinese. I finished circling the area and tried to see as much as I can from gardens to statues and headed back down, which was easier.

      The air smelled great and I decided to go to the beach. It was calm and peaceful but also a bit dark, I sat down and enjoyed the sound of the waves and the presence of the ocean. After that, I decided to get something to eat so off I went in search of affordable but delicious food. I walked on the way to my hostel and found a place to eat beef noodle soup. It definitely hit the spot. I went back to my hostel to find another person in my room. He was Chinese, friendly and quite talkative. He told me about the stuff he had done and I told him my plans for the next day. Surprisingly, he dropped everything he planned on doing and decided to go with me instead to Yalong bay. I guess... I was down for it? I was just a bit tired and wanted to get some sleep. I went to bed, being woken up a few times by people coming and going but otherwise all was well.
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    • Day 5

      Sanya II

      December 25, 2019 in China ⋅ 27 °C

      We celebrated Christmas in our hotel, the Grand Hyatt. Our lunch was super delicious and we retired for the day to chill for a bit before heading out to swim at the pool. The pool had a lot of wacky thing such as a bucket that slowly fills with water before toppling over and making a huge splash. They had all sorts of fountains and slides, and even a bubble party. Afterwards, we had a very nice dinner buffet as well. We had some family picture taking, and helped clean up some stuff but I was getting a bit impatient as I wanted to spend time with Janelle. I was able to escape though I did feel a bit guilty and we spent a lovely evening together.Read more

    • Day 6

      Sanya III

      December 26, 2019 in China ⋅ 29 °C

      Throughout the night, I had some stomach problems. I woke up not feeling well. They were supposed to go eat the biggest lunch for the trip with the best food and buffet, and I, unfortunately, was not up to such a big task. I ended up with some congee and decided to skip lunch for a chance to rest and recuperate. Janelle stayed with me and made everything much more bearable. I didn't want to waste the day and I didn't want her to waste the day stuck with sick me, so I pulled myself together and we grabbed a cab to Atlantis. We had trouble finding the entrance of the place and we couldn't get in without a ticket which one of my uncles had. With a stroke of luck, we found one of our relatives and we were able to get in. There were a lot of sea creatures in a sort of Atlantis (duh) themed aquarium. It was here that I started to get an early onset of fever, gradually getting worse the more we waited along with a splitting stomach ache. Now, we still had to watch a theatre show and we did, it was an entertaining performance with a lot of acrobatics, flair and a captivating story but I was pretty much just hanging on for dear life. After the show, there was still another long excruciating wait for the rest of the family and then another wait to find a cab willing to take us to where we needed to go, though they still gave priority to my grandmother which was fair. It was hard to find a cab because our hotel was quite near so they didn't want to make that journey, we thankfully found one and I got to take my meds and reunite with my bed once we got back to the hotel.Read more

    • Day 117

      Sanya - Angekommen im Urlaub

      September 29, 2018 in China ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

      With a delay of 1,5 hours we have arrived in Sanya yesterday. It is a very tropical climate here. The hotel is great and very empty, even though there are public holidays in China in the moment. We will relax for some days now without doing very much.

      Mit einer Verspätung von 1,5 Stunden sind wir gestern in Sanya bei strömendem Regen und Gewitter gelandet. Aber es ist dennoch extrem warm. Unser Hotel ist super, der Pool warm und ansonsten werden wir die nächsten Tage wohl erstmal nicht viel tun außer entspannen.
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    • Day 7

      Sanya, China

      November 24, 2016 in China ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Spent an hour or two wandering around. Strange place. Really felt like a foreigner, which I guess is obvious, but felt a bit out of our depth. We didn't stop for lunch..... On the plus side, they do like to light everything up at night, buildings and boats, which looks quite nice. Had a load of Chinese dignitaries being given a tour of the ship when we got back. Don't know who they were but had lots of Army types following them everywhere.Read more

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    Sanya, سانيا, Горад Санья, སན་ཡ་གྲོང་ཁྱེར།, Săng-ā, San-ja, SYX, 三亜市, 싼야 시, Sam-a-chhī, Санья, ซานย่า, Senya shehiri, سانیا, Sanj, Tam Á, 三亞, 三亚

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