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  • Day764

    Nye Lillebæltsbro

    July 30, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    The regular brrp brrp brrp of vehicles passing over metal joins punctuates the constant hum of engines and rubber on tarmac. We are parked close to one of the 120m high stanchions of the Nye Lillebæltsbro, a suspension bridge spanning the straits between mainland Denmark and the large island of Funen. Its name translates as New Little Belt Bridge, the 'Little Belt' being the 600m stretch of water between Snoghøj (where we are) and Midelfart on Funen. We don't mind the noise because it is a pretty impressive sight. The road even has heating so it can be kept free of ice and snow in winter! Not that it is needed today, the hottest of our trip so far at 31.8°C.

    This morning we set off from Mossø and blasted down the motorway; the Midelfart LPG station our first port of call. When we discovered 4 days ago that there were only 5 LPG vendors in Denmark, Midelfart was the closest town to sell it. As part of this mission for gas we got to make the exciting journey accross the bridge to Funen. We soon found the station and sighed with relief when we saw that it did indeed have what we needed! We had a slight moment of worry when we'd attached the nozel and pressed the button but no gas flowed. A quick word with the attendant and we had sufficient LPG to fuel the fridge, freezer, hob, oven and hot water for another month! We'd had enough to last us perhaps another week, but we fret when we are running low on anything so it was worth making the journey to fill up.

    Having noticed a small retail park nearby we dropped into the Jem & Fix shop (the Danish equivalent of Wickes), to try and find a new cover for the oven flue among other things. No luck this time but we'll try a caravan shop next. If we can't find one over here we'll have to order it online for when we return to the UK.

    Travelling back over the Little Belt Bridge at 44m above sea level, we took the access road that swung round and dropped down to a large grass and gravel parking area by the shore. It was busy, with small speedboats, rigid inflatables and fishing vessels coming and going, using the launch ramp to join the large yachts, many from Germany, that sailed in between the stanchions. Mixed in with these were a few traditional sailing boats and a black, wooden hulled tourist vessel, loaded up with successive sight seeing parties. Although the channel was big enough, we only saw one cargo ship pass by.

    It was too hot to do much, so Will spent the afternoon fishing and swimming while Vicky stayed with Poppy. The site was on the inner curve of a U bend in the straights, so water surrounded the land on three sides. The tidal current pushed the sea first in one direction, then in the other and the little boats not under power drifted with its not inconsiderable pull. Although Will didn't catch any fish, we reckoned it would be a good spot and in the evening we caught sight of what we think was a sea otter diving under several times in search of its next meal.

    The following morning Vicky took a walk along the narrow beach where a mass of colourless jellyfish had been washed up. It was less busy than it had been the previous day and she got to see the fin of a harbour porpoise as it surfaced for air!
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  • Day22

    Fredericia Denmark

    July 9, 2017 in Denmark ⋅

    Another little Danish town . The people here are very excited to see our ship. We are about to set sail and a band is coming to play and they are going to fire a canon in our honour hopefully not at the ship. We walked all through the town and up along the fortress. My back is still pretty awful so am off for a second massage with Agnes who is tiny but is extraordinarily strong 💪. Wish they had a physio on board! Bette is at Trivia ( she does love a game) lol xxxxRead more

  • Day4

    Avocado-Spiegelei-Brot am Ufer

    May 22, 2018 in Denmark ⋅

    Für ein kleines Picknick sind wir von der Autobahn abgefahren und haben uns ein idyllisches Plätzchen am Wasser gesucht.
    Stühle und Tisch raus, Gemüse schnippeln, Eier in die Pfanne - und fertig ist das Menü, welches wir mit Blick auf die Bucht und eine riesige Brücke in der sonne geniessen :)

  • Day14

    Auf Nordkurs

    July 11, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Um 9 Uhr verlassen wir unter Motor den Kongebrohavn.
    Aus dem Logbuch:
    09.30 Uhr querab Strib.
    10.00 Uhr Ausgang Kleiner Belt, (5,0 sm) Segel gesetzt.
    12.00 Uhr querab Bogense (13 7 sm).
    12.30 Uhr westlich Aebelö 1.Holeschlag
    Tageszähler SL 15,4 sm >über Stag
    12.55 und 13.30 Uhr 2 weitere Holeschläge (20,9 sm)
    14.10 Uhr Rote Tonne vor Aebelö LT (22 sm)
    14.20 Uhr Kurs Korshavn [rd. 100 Grad Kompasskurs, 14 sm]
    17.40 Uhr fest am Steg von Korshavn ( 39,4 sm). Unsere Leinen wurden von Peter und Helga Pauls angenommen.
    Ein herrlicher Törn bei sehr guten Wind- und Wetterbedingungen liegt hinter uns.
    Kurz hinter Aebelö wurde für ca. 30 Minuten das 1. Reff ins Grosssegel gezogen, der Wind ging dann auf ca 3 Bft zurück, kam aber schnell mit 4-5 Bft (jetzt Halber Wind) zurück. "Pietjevagel lief wie die Feuerwehr"....

    Aufklaren, Abendessen (Pellkartoffeln mit Quark, Tomatensalat,, Stremellachs), Abendspaziergang.

    Ein schöner Segeltag geht langsam mit dem Sonnenuntergang (22 Uhr) in herrlicher Umgebung zu Ende.
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  • Day13

    Kurs Middelfart

    July 10, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Aufstehen 5.30 Uhr. Ein leichter Ostwind hat über Nacht den gestern Abend starken NW abgelöst.
    Um 6.45 Uhr verlassen wir unter Motor den Hafen und setzen nach 4 sm querab Hornenaes die Segel. Ein leichter SO von 2-3 Bft läst Pietjevagel mit Anita an der Pinne um 8.55 Uhr nach 8,3 sm Helnaes Fyr passieren .
    Teils unter Segeln, teils mit Motorhilfe stehen wir gegen 11.30 Uhr querab Baagö. Hier setzt sich etwas Wind (jetzt aus SW !) durch. Das Sumlog zeigt nunmehr unter Segeln bis zu 4-5 kn an.
    Doch kurz vor dem Faenösund ist das Glück vorbei, die Segel werden gestrichen, der Volvo gestartet. Um.15.20 Uhr ist Pietjevagel nach 35 sm im relativ vollen Kongebrohavn angebunden.
    Im Fischgeschäft werden Schollen für das Abendessen gekauft.
    Ein schöner Spaziergang nach Middelfart rundet den geruhsamen Segeltag ab.
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  • Day56

    Egeskov Castle

    October 11, 2017 in Denmark ⋅

    Had the loveliest last day for our trip today. We went to Egeskov Castle in Odense. It's technically not really a castle. Was owed by a Count and his family. They have done a superb job of displaying their home plus all the extra museum showrooms for cars, bikes, merchandise, Not to mention the surprises in the attics, the gardens and Tatiana's Palace!

    Very bitter sweet goodbyes to Johanna and Jonas this afternoon. We could not have asked for a more warm hearted welcome then we've had from this lovely young couple and their wonderful families! We only hope they will all come and visit us in Australia so we can repay them in kind! Xx
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