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  • Day188

    Cancun/ Isla Mujeres

    August 9, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 88 °F

    I've always wanted to go to Cancun, just to see what it's like - and now I know. If you're into American spring break type of partying, or want to come on a family package holiday, or simply just use Cancun as a base for the surrounding Yucatan/ Quintana Roo area, then Cancun is ideal. But, it is not at all representative of Mexican culture - it's a bit of an America bubble really.

    That being said, as a traveller, there are some cool things to do in Cancun which shine through. The first is Isla Mujeres which is a fifteen minute ferry ride from the port. When I arrived in Isla Mujeres, the sun was shining and it was glorious. The beach had the clearest blue sea and white sands. The perfect way to end six months of travelling, right?

    Little did I know that a hurricane was headed towards Yucatan and the next two days would be torrential rain and winds, meaning all chances of last-minute sunbathing or snorkelling with whale sharks was eliminated. Typical.

    I spent the evening watching Netflix before getting the ferry back to Cancun the next day. Although I did get an idea of what Isla Mujeres was like, I definitely did not get to see the best of it due to bad weather. I would definitely like to go back one day in the dry season (and low season because it's insanely busy) and give it another chance.

    The next thing for me which shines through is some of the food in Cancun. When you look past all the American fast-food chains and Western panaderias, you can find some awesome authentic Mexican food. In Parque de las Palmas you can get 3 tacos for 30 pesos (that's the equivalent of £1.25 or something ridiculous).

    I also went on the hunt for souvenirs at Mercado 28, which is great for tacky tourist presents and also a good way to practice Spanish bartering skills. There are some bargains to be had, and I managed to get prices down as much as I could to get presents for the fam and Josh. Top tip - half it, and then walk away. They'll say no at first and then come calling after you.

    My trip ended with drinks at my hostel and a failed attempt to go out. Standard. The next day I caught my flight home from Cancun - back to the motherland - LONDON!
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