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  • Day117

    Arriving at the carribean sea

    January 2, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Our (probably) last day in Mexico has come. Tomorrow, after exactly 2 months, we are going to cross the border to Belice. We decided to have a short day, so we can enjoy some time at the Carribean sea and give our butts a little rest after 6 days in a row of >100km. Plus, this way we'll be fresh when crossing the border, as you never know through what kind of hassle you have to go.
    It was a good decision as we had really strong headwinds again on the way. Not a surprise, as we went towards the sea on a flat terrain. When we arrived in Chetumal, we were pleasantly surprised by the standard of our AirBnB - after that overpriced place at Bacalar lagune. We packed our swimmers and cycled North along the coast to Calderitas, a little village. We really liked it there - no tourists, a cute beach (though a little rocky) and great restaurants where we got ourselves a treat for lunch.
    Afterwards, we checked out a few bike shops in town to see if they had some pedals for me. Unfortunately not what we were looking for. However, the shop owners were really nice, gave us advice on Belice and Guatemala. One even invited us for a coffee, so we kept on chatting about our trip, the bikes and Mexican street food. This actually made us hungry. So instead of cooking, we tried some marquesitas on the road and had sandwiches (we also found a great bakery). It was also interesting to observe the nightlife at the Malecon: many people, street food, lights everywhere... A good ending for this country where we cycled about 5000km!
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    Elisa Köppl


    Florian Köppl

    Sind die ersten Pedale schon durchgetreten? 😳 Wenn selbst solche Teile nicht durchhalten, dann ist bis zu eurer Ankunft nur noch der Rahmen original. 🤪

    Meike Grothe

    Durchgetreten noch nicht, aber man könnte "optimieren". Und es heißt, dass es nach Mexiko nir schwieriger wird, Ersatzteile zu bekommen. Bin gespannt 😉

  • Day15

    Wir bleiben ...

    April 21 in Mexico ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    ...noch 2 Tage länger...noch zwei Tage länger Paradies...
    Na gut....auch zwei Tage länger, da Marcello noch nicht alle Angelideen ausprobiert hat😜
    Also hieß es nach dem Frühstück Sachenpacken und in die neue Bleibe umziehen.
    Da unser Zimmer noch nicht fertig war, entschieden wir uns für den Mexican way of life und kauften uns ne große Buddl Bier und machten Siesta im Schatten am Strand. Lässt sich aushalten so.
    Nachdem wir genug geruht und nen kleinen Snack verspeist hatten, bezogen wir unser neues, kleines Häuschen. Wir schlafen jetzt in nem schicken Holziglu 😄 Und endlich geht Jules Traum in Erfüllung: Ne Hängematte vor der Haustür ❤
    Also erstmal ne Runde abhängen.
    Für den Abend hatten wir uns nämlich noch nen kleinen Fußmarsch aufgehoben.
    In der eintretenden Dämmerung liefen wir los Richtung Punta Cocos. Ein Strand am westlichen Ende der Insel. Dort soll man das Phänomen Bioluminiszenz sehen können....wird auch hier an allen Ecken beworben mit Ausflügen für 20 $ und so....das können wir auch allein.
    Langes Laufen und knietiefe Pfützen waren wir ja schon gewohnt, also erreichten wir auch kurze Zeit später den Beach. Natürlich voller Erwartung gegen 20/21 Uhr ein blauschimmerndes Meer vorzufinden. Wir richteten unsern Platz direkt unterm Mondschein ein und warteten und warteten....beugten uns immer wieder ganz nah an die Wasseroberfläche in der Hoffnung endlich was zu sehen. Und dann wars soweit: Wenn ich durchs Wasser lief waren immer wieder kleine bald funkelnde Punkte zu sehen! Ganz so extrem blau, wie beworben, war es jedoch nicht. Aber immerhin gab es wenigstens bisschen was zu sehen.
    Wir sind dann auch kurz vor 9 wieder los....wer weiß, ob man später noch mehr sehen konnte...🤷‍♀️
    Der Heimweg war dann noch etwas abenteuerlich...Marcello wollte die Pfützen meiden und tappten daher am Strand entlang, der sich immer mehr verschmälerte. Rechts kaum Strand, über uns dunkle Wolken, links noch dunkleres, wellenschlagendes Meer.
    Obwohl ich (Jule) mir vorgenommen hatte, nicht mehr so ein Angsthase zu sein, musste ich hier streiken. Nachts mit vollem Gepäck ins Meer zu klatschen - da konnt ich mir Besseres vorstellen.
    Also doch lieber der Weg durch die Schlangengruben, die wir schon auf dem Hinweg passierten. War aufregend genug im Stockfinstern durch die Wasserlöcher zu gehen.
    Nun noch ein kleines Abendbrot am Straßenimbiss und ab ging es in die Falle.
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  • Day116

    Lagoon of the 7 colours

    January 1, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    The Mexicans love their parties and fireworks, so we couldn't sleep too much during the night. However, we still got up early which was awesome as the roads were totally quiet. We only saw the occasional still drunk or hungover person along the road.
    The humidity in the area was so high that our clothes didn't dry. So we wore same shirt today (like an old couple 😂).
    The road was rolling and we had strong headwinds once the fog had dissolved. But we still got to Bacalar early afternoon. Bacalar is located at a beautiful lagoon. It's touristy and totally overpriced, but not too bad as other places along the Caribbean coast. And the village is still nice and the water perfect! We enjoyed the swimming as well as the locals playing music and relaxing on the boardwalk. There's also great streetart all over the place which you can admire just by strolling around.
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  • Day47

    A few fine days in Mexico

    July 2, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    After bidding farewell to our fine friends; Kappa, Tabby and Lucy; Tallara and I were off to Mexico. Boy what a treat.
    After an interesting first night in Cancun we jumped aboard a boat bound for the small Isla Mujeres (Island of Women). We were glad to be rid of the craziness and tourists in Cancun (even though there’s still a few on the island).
    We checked into our hostel and hit the most popular beach 3 blocks away called Playa Norte. The water is incredibly blue here, as are the skies. The sand silky and white!
    We hit the hay early that night and arose early too for a swim. We got to the beach before anyone else and got to watch the sunrise! Sooo good!! Serene and tranquil without the monotonous American accents interrupting our peace.
    Afterwards we hired some scooters and explored the rest of the island. Resorts filled most of the beaches but we managed to find a few secret little pozzies and sneak into a few private areas! An awesome day indeed!!
    An early night tonight to get our rest before flying to Cuba tomorrow. Yeehaaa.
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    Natalie Shaw

    Maybe leave that sarong in a hostel somewhere..... 😆😆

    Natalie Shaw

    Soo beautiful 😍

    Emily Ryan

    That water!!! 😍


    John Riddle; Great pics. See if there are any old Mercs in Cuba, amongst all the other old vehicles.

  • Day127

    Last day in Tulum! Snorkeling

    March 7, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    As we love the nature and animals, we thought it would be a good idea to try out a snorkeling boat trip that went from tulum beach out to the world's 2nd largest barrier reef! 😀 As we weren't close to the beach we took a local collectivo (mini bus for anyone who flags one down 👍) and walked from tulum mayan ruins site, which is right next to the stretch of beach we needed to be on for our tour. We got to the beach on a partically windy day so braced ourselves for just bobbing along in the water once out there! It took no more than 5 minutes to reach the reef from the beach, as we all got ready to depart the boat with our snorkeling gear, flippers and LIFE JACKETS 😢😳🤔..... I think its a big deal in México to wear life jackets for anything involving water it would seem, probably with the high tourism and maybe there was that one person that ruined it for everyone else and touched a turtle 🐢 😂 so now everyone must wear them to stop us diving down to touch the marine life or get to close, and also there is the danger of drowning too, to consider lol 😂 So after departing the boat we began to swim with our guide in search of marine life. The coral reefs were beautiful with lots of bright colours and fish hiding, as we floated past on our life jackets and with the strong currents. We got to see the green sea turtles again, which never gets old 😊😀 were one of our group members decided it was a good time to use his flippers near the turtle as it swam up towards the surface, he accidentally kicked it in the face 😔😢 that was a real low point to witness, but it was ok luckily 😓 after the drama we swam on, and just before we had to get back on the boat we witnessed 3 sting rays swimming together, and we followed them in the direction of our boat. Another amazing snorkeling experience 😍 as it was our last night in Tulum we decided to get dressed up and go for moijtos at a cool little bar, complete with its own VW beetle inside and it seemed to be jazz night too!Read more

    Mel Henshall

    The coolest set of pic's you've sent to date!

  • Day3

    Playa del Carmen

    July 14 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Welcome to Miami? So wurden wir in Playa del Carmen begrüsst. Playa del Carmen ist sowas wie die mexikanische Schwester von Miami- laut, dreckig und der Alkohol fliesst bei den Tourist*innen in Strömen. Wir sind nur eine Nacht hier-das muss man mal gesehen haben ;) Leider konnten wir nicht im Meer baden, da irgendwas abgestorben ist, daher war das Wasser braun...Gegessen haben wir aber gut und viel- für nur 4- pro Person :) die Ruhe der Stadt am Morgen und das Frühstück direkt am Strand waren traumhaft!Read more

  • Day124

    Arrival to Tulum & beach day!

    March 4, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    We arrived to Tulum after another overnight, 11 hours bus ride from Palenque, which gave us plenty of time to sleep...😴 But as we have learnt by travelling via buses even though its a night bus you may not be sleeping as much as you hope! When we arrived in Tulum we headed for our hostel, we checked a taxi fare (which we knew would be higher being a very popular holiday destination) and they wanted quite alot, so the Yorkshire in both of us said No way man, forget about it, we're walking! So off we went in the blistering sun with all our bags 😂☀️🌞 Our hostel was amazing, it was on the outskirts of tulum centre, quiet and had its own little kitchenette 😍 just like being at home again... Sort of! The first day we had a nap before heading out for food... Yes I know what you're thinking, mexican food but no, pizza and a moijto 😂🍕 The second day we decided to rent bikes from our hostel and take a tour of tulum, in the direction of the beach, as that's where the beautiful views were. Riding through the town and down the busy highway to get to the beach wasn't as pleasent as you would imagine, but as soon as we got onto the tourist tracks it was like smelling roses 😂😂 the pathways were lined with flora and fauna, lots of expensive cocktail bars and resorts for the package holiday get aways. Tulum beach was where we finally stopped for the day, we managed to walk all the way down to the Mayan ruins, and see them from the end of the beach 🏖️😁 we couldn't believe how blue the water was here, so we spent alot of time in the sea, diving into the waves and relaxing on the white sands (which made our tans look even better than they are haha 😂).Read more

  • Day131

    Holbox sand dunes walk

    March 11, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    We took a walk down the main beach hoping the tide would be far enough out to walk on the sand dunes, we were in luck after trying most other days we'd been here we could never hit it right. As the water here is soo shallow anyway we weren't in any danger of being stuck if the tide did start to come in 😊 we spent the late afternoon enjoying beers on our walk and then on our way back we enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset.Read more

  • Day126

    Tulum Mayan Ruins & Turtle Beach

    March 6, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Today we visited the Mayan ruins of tulum, which is deemed one of the most important historical sites within Mayan history. The reason the Mayan settled here by the coast line was to make import and export easy between the carribbean islands, with alot of trading taking place, on what is now a reserved habit beach for turtles to raise their young, before they swim out to sea. Unfortunately when we saw the beach their is no turtles this time of year, but probably a good job as we noticed while looking down from the main fort on the cliff edge we could see alot of plastic and aluminium waste washed up on the turtle beach! 😢 Which doesn't surprise me as there is soo much tourism within tulum and definitely on the beach front. Before turtle season they clean the beach of waste ready for their arrival 😊 it was amazing to see the Mayan ruins over such a beautiful setting, so not surprised the Mayan wanted to stay here, with the blue water and white sands. On our travels we were greeted with the presence of many land iguanas, and safe to say it's mating season 😂Read more

  • Day129

    Holbox island adventures on bikes

    March 9, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today we hired some bikes to explore the town and places outside of the town. We headed in the direction of Punto Coco beach which is home to alot of wildlife, if you go looking. Including a crocodile 🐊 reserve at furthest point of the island as you start to head into the wetlands. Also early in the morning you can see flamingos in the shallow waters at Punto Coco beach along with many other bird species 😁🐦 we passed through beautiful flora and fauna, and made stops at different beaches along the front. The island has alot of art and graffiti mixed in with the natural scenery, so we also made sure we looked out for secret paintings that they are often hidden in strange places 😊😉Read more

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