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  • Day3

    A day in Paris

    June 30, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    We spent the day walking around Paris today. After a reasonable night’s sleep we ventured out for breakfast. Coffee, baguettes and pastries. Sam was surprised at the unusual style of breakfast. He had a chocolate pastry which is common. We sat outside and enjoyed the ambience of a French square right opposite a five hundred year-old church. After we had devoured the food went for a walk through the church marvelling at the age and grandeur of the building and the three pipe organs on three of the four sides.
    We then caught a train to the Isle of France which is an island in the Seine and the oldest part of the city. Notre Dame is located on the island and we walked around the outside. The cathedral was restricted access due to a large ceremony which was being televised to thousands of people seated in the square in front of the Cathedral. Apparently it was an inauguration of priests taking place.
    We then ventured over the Seine to the Shakespeare and Company English bookshop which is famous for being a regular haunt of Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein and others between the wars. The shop was opened in 1919 so it has a long tradition for which it is famous.
    We then had some lunch near St Michel. More baguettes.
    Then we walked through the Louvre Palace, the Tuileries Gardens, place de la Concord and along the Champs d’Elysees all the way to the Arch de Triumph.
    We then caught the train back to our Airbnb and bought some more pastries and baguettes for dinner. A French carbohydrate feast.
    We watched the World Cup game between France and Argentina. The whole street erupted every time France scored. They won 4-3 and the celebrations continued for hours in the streets afterwards.
    It has been a big first day. Tomorrow we rise at 4.30 am to catch an Uber to Orly Airport. Our plane to Barcelona takes off at 7.00am. Another big day planned tomorrow. So, an early night tonight I hope. Depends a bit on how long the French continue to sing their National Anthem into the night.
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  • Day3

    Charles de Gaulle

    June 30, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    We landed in Paris at Charles de Gaulle airport at 8.30pm after 32 hours of travelling. We traveled by train into Paris to find our Airbnb which is well located on a busy corner of a nice part of Paris only ten minutes walk from the Louvre. It is a typical Paris apartment on the fourth floor and no lift. Only a tiny wooden staircase. We are both tired but we went out for a walk to get something some food. Then fell into bed.Read more

  • Day4

    C: Hoppy Corner

    March 17, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 1 °C

    When at PBC yesterday, it was recommended we go here. Hoppy Corner was surprising close to where we first stayed in Paris, 6 years ago. SEE and I shared 2 flights.

    Flight 1
    Monstruous Fat Pig Stout (Mexican cake edition)
    865 CC
    Nice To Meet Yiu
    A L'Ouest

    Flight 2
    Agent Provocateur
    Mind The Gap
    Common Grounds

    (Description in pics)

    Unlike yesterday, SEE took part in drinking. Which turned into drawing Owl Art and some general silliness.

    Hops in Paris are completely different (as expected). They seem to be naturally sweeter and much less bitter, while producing beer that is just as fragrant and tasty.
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  • Day18

    Carnac Plage to Paris

    September 14, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Last night in Carnac Plage, rain continued through dinner and the late evening. Our last dinner with this group was held in a very small, classy, family restaurant right on the beach. Madame, the owner, orchestrated the service and selected the menu with Annie. Once again over-the top-excellence.

    We begin with a Champagne toast. Annie thanks us and we thank her profusely. Lots of hugging goes on and many kind words. Then:

    A Sancerre. A dark Burgundy. L'eau Minerale

    An amuse bouche panna cotta with a strange and strangely delicious mix: beet custard on the bottom, raspberry custard on the top. Presented in a wildly modern handmade glass.. An odd combo that was both totally delicious and totally unexpected. But of course...

    Next, poached lobster. After that turbot. Each served in a puddle of sauce that I can't describe with any phase other than luxurious. Bill says otherworldly. Either way, we are in agreement.

    Silence has fallen around the table. There is no conversation only the occasional moan. And then dessert. We eventually totter off to our hotel. It is very late.

    The morning brings breakfast and farewells. Annie is tearful as are a few others. It's been exactly the treo we had hoped for with a great your leader and good companions. No quitters, even on the worst of the bad weather days. And no whining either.

    Still, everyone is heading somewhere else now. Bill and I take the high speed train to Paris and a cab from Gare Montparnass to our b&b which is located near the Opera Garnier in the 9th arrondisement north of the Seine. It's a slow taxi ride because it's a nice day and the streets are filled with people. Traffic is terrible.
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  • Day19

    In the 9th Arrondissement

    September 15, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Late Thursday we finally arrive at our b&b in the 9th Arr. on Rue de Poissioniers. Our host rushes out to the street to get us just as we are searching for a doorbell to ring.

    The stores on street level are not reassuring - a hardware store and an Indian restaurant. Hmm - perhaps this was a bad idea. But then voila! Our host, Jean Etienne, bounds up the first flight of stairs with my suitcase and Bill follows.

    The host's apartment is beyond charming! It is filled with antiques but not too many. The lighting is both contemporary and generous. Our own wonderful en suite room awaits. Lovely, contemporary, brand new bath. A similar design spirit at work. Light filled, with four floor to ceiling windows looking over some gardens. It's a large corner room on the back side. Street noise is zero. Later we discover a hot pot for tea, extra water, cookies, maps, etc.

    We are amazed, happy and we feel very lucky indeed. Now to explore the neighborhood!
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  • Day19

    Quartier Pietons

    September 15, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Jean Etienne counsels us on neighborhood dining. There are lots of choices very close by he says. What he fails to tell us is that the streets are limited to pedestrians. It's cars, no motorcycles.

    Within one block we turn right and there are endless rows of casual restaurants with sidewalk seating and NO cars. When did this happen in Paris?

    Needless to say we are thrilled. We take our time checking out the possibilities which are global (sushi anyone?) but predominately French. Bill is drawn to a specialty beer place. When we get there to order, it is filled wall to wall with young adults - and us.

    We get a very nice IPA (#7 on the menu) and split it. Then - on to a local cafe that is stuffed with young adults - and us.

    We think we are the only Americans. The Parisiens are happily and noisily enjoying their evening. A salade nicoise and glass of red wine for me. Bill has another beer and a plate of pasta with a terrific mushroom sauce. We are happy and tired. Although the beat goes on at the Cafe du Centre, we retire to our wonderful suite and collapse.
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  • Day19

    All Around the Block

    September 15, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Friday begins with a very nice breakfast. There are four other guests but they are finishing their petite dejeuner and leaving. We enjoy a good start to the day and a chat with Jeanne Etienne who wants to make sure we have a good 'programme' for the day. We do, so we set off around 10 and head toward the Seine across the Pont St. Michael to Notre Dame, majestic and familiar at the same time.

    There's a young couple in the plaza posing for their wedding photos. They have a make-up assistant, a photographer and a 'producer' of sorts who holds the lighting panel. They've also hired the guy who feeds the pigeons. The birds flock to him and then he moves over to put crumbs in the girl's hand. The pigeons swarm all over her dress. Later he drops bread on the groom's head. The groom picks up the girl, the birds cover them both and swirl around them. She is wearing excellent sparkly shoes and the are smiling together. A real Hollywood moment on video. Really charming to watch them.

    Later we visit Hotel de Dieu, a 14c hospital now serving the poor of Paris. I stayed there six years ago in their hotel for families of patients. When the rooms are not full, they will rent to tourists. A great address to have on the I'lle de la Cite..

    We stay on our feet all day exploring the Latin Quarter, The institute of the Arab World designed by Jean Nouvel (very modern, good view from the roof). Then back over the bridge to the new Opera de Bastille, then home. Nous on fatiguee en extremis.

    Pasta for dinner in the 'hood, served by a guy from Palermo. He's funny and nice and loves it that Bill orders a beer. The servings are pretty robust, as is the shared salad. We can't finish everything so we just head home and pass out.
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  • Day2

    Parking the Bikes

    November 6, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 50 °F

    Motorcycles seem to be the most popular form of transportation in Paris. We're seeing them all over the city! I guess it makes sense for the people here, since parking spots seem very few and far between. Several motorcycles can fit in the space that one car would take up and yet we're still seeing them come right up on the sidewalk to park because the streets are all filled up.Read more

  • Day4

    Grands Boulevards

    November 8, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 43 °F

    It's Grands Boulevards! We made it back shortly before midnight so this has been a very full day and night. The hotel is, essentially, right at the subway exit. Right now, we just want to get back to the room and sleep. It's been such a great day and we're looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow. Good night, Paris!Read more

  • Day5

    A Late Start

    November 9, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 48 °F

    We slept in today, which is fine while being on vacation, but it means that we're getting off to a late start. I'm of mixed feelings on this. On one hand, we should be relaxing on our vacation and not worry about clocks or schedules but, on the other hand, starting out late means that we're seeing a bit less. While there's still so much in Paris that we want to see I think that we deserve to take it easy occasionally. I'm not surprised that we slept in this morning. Our long day at Disneyland Paris wore us out more than we thought.Read more

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