Paris 12 Ancien - Quartier Observatoire

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  • Day5

    Road to Rome

    May 30, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Wednesday... left at 8 o’clock for Eiffel Tower. Had a local guide went to second level, not all the way up but it was an impressive skyline. John and I walked down! Likely the oldest people on the bus so we had to prove we could keep up, very few other people did that! Then to Notre Dame ..huge and dark. Beautiful stained glass windows and statues. Statues told stories as most people didn’t read at the time it was built.
    Then rode on bus to a part of Paris where people buy fresh foods and lots of cafes. A local foodie took a small group of us to real bakery up at 3 AM to make bread for day, fruit store for strawberries, then for formage, all kinds of cheeses. We stood in street and took hunks of bread, thinly sliced ham, and Brie, goat, and 2 other kinds of cheese. I enjoyed this very much.
    John and I are not going with others to Moulin Rouge, it doesn’t interest us so will get a bite with another couple at a cafe beside hotel.
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  • Day5

    Road to Rome

    May 30, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Hi All....had trouble sending comments yesterday. I don’t think anything went. Tuesday...Boarded Eurostar after security and customs checks along with hordes of people. Super ride, going 300 km per hour. Didn’t see a lot of countryside as there were berms and trees, but did see fields of grain and strawberries, I think.
    On bus ride to hotel we stopped at Arc de Triomphe and did sightseeing from bus. Went out for dinner and boat ride on the Seine. Beautiful summer evening for the first 35 minutes and thunder storm and rain for last 30 minutes. Guide showed us many buildings on way home, rain had almost stopped. So many impressive buildings!
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  • Day3


    March 15, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Nach ca einer Stunde mit dem zug sind wir um 8:30 Uhr in Paris angekommen.
    Als erstes haben wir den Eifelturm angesehen.
    Er ist sehr eindrucksvoll und größer als ich dachte.
    Anschließend waren wir auf dem Arc de Triomphe.
    Er sieht zwar nicht sehr groß aus ,doch wenn man erstmal 267stufen später oben ankommt ist er doch nicht gerade niedrig.
    Vom Arc de Triomphe hatten wir eine tolle Aussicht auf ganz Paris.
    Nachdem wir noch beim notre dame waren und 2 Stunden Freizeit für uns hatten, sind wir um 16:30 Uhr wieder zurück gefahren.
    Am Abend habe ich noch etwas Musik mit meinem Austauschpartner gemacht.
    Das war auch sehr lustig und schön.
    Morgen dann die zweite Stadt,jedoch etwas kleiner:
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  • Day311


    February 8, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ -3 °C

    Anddd tonight we have a big snorer lol.

    Woke up wayyyy later than we meant to.
    We were ready to leave by 1 😅😅

    We bought our tickets to the catacombs at reception for 11€ each - we got a discount for being under 26

    Walked to the metro and used our tickets from yesterday.
    We got out at the halfway point to go see Notre Dame.
    Because of my awesome hunch back I have been called quasiemodo before so I felt very connected to the building HAHA 😂😂😂
    Great movie - watch when home. (Hunchback of Notre dame)

    Before we went inside we got food.
    Bloody hell what a rip off! Lucky it was nice but portions were some of that master chef crap.

    Annoying family nearby too. Mum On phone and kid causing issues pissing of the waiters too. He kept bumping into our table.

    We then went back over and entered the church.
    Stain glass galore but other than that not that amazing.

    Walked around the circuit then headed back to the metro - our tickets worked again 🤔🤔 so didn't but another one woo

    There was a lady who was completely trashed on the train. She physically pushed people off the seats so she could sit and was rambling. She was actually very well dressed considering her state. She didn't give off normal hobo vibes.

    Catacombs were opposite the metro.

    We had such a confusing line up. No signage and we got told to change lines with 2 other American girls who also had tickets 3 separate times by 3 different workers.
    We were like what the hell make up your mind.
    The last time was when a worker told us to come back to our original line and took us through
    Come on mannnn.

    Straight through and that was it. We didn't need supervision so it was a Self guided woohooo -

    Will was a bit apprehensive because he thought he would have to duck a lot and we almost didn't do it because of this but the first bit (just tunnel no bones) was only a little bit to short. He had to lower his neck but not bend his back but there was also high sections where we could rest. When we got to the bones bit it was high enough the whole time.

    The bone section was awesome. So aesthetically pleasing too. A lot of it was in patterns.

    One was morbid as hell though.
    Some one had arranged skulls into a heart.....

    The tunnels went on for ages but you didn't grow bored rather you got more impressed by the amount.
    So many tunnels were closed off too. You only see such a small portion and it's still so much!

    We caught the metro home - ticket was still valid???

    We chilled in our room before going next door for dinner.
    My Quesadillas were fantastic!

    I have packed (Will still hasn't of course) and Laura just sent through our bus tickets for tomorrow.
    Last country tomorrow woohooo!!

    1 week with Laura
    1 workaway
    A few days in Dublin then home!!
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  • Day2

    Walking around Paris

    March 23, 2016 in France ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    Bought baguette to eat with ham and cheese for picnic but it was so yummy we gobbled it up before we reached our next destination. There were loaves and loaves sitting in the bakery and we got a half loaf (regret not getting more!!!) for less than a dollar haha! A little hidden gem we passed by on the long walk to catacombs.
    Chocolate shop!
    And of course.. Boursin!!!!
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  • Day3

    Paris Catacombs I

    March 24, 2016 in France ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    During the earlier times, paris used to have a mass burial site. However, it was becoming very unhygenic (milk and cheese in houses near the burial site spoilt within the day) and overloaded. It came to a point that the floors of some parts of the mass grave collapsed, causing the bodies to tumble straight into people's cellars below. Hence, the government started this operation to move the bodies to the abandoned quarries. The movement of bones and bodies took a few months (5? I cant rmb) and was always done at night, with a priest leading the procession. Bones were stacked carefully and neatly as seen in the pictures. (Thats for the larger bones seen which i guess are probably from arms and legs. Other smaller or odd sized fragments filled the spaces behind the bone walls. If im not wrong, there were bones of about 5million people.Read more

  • Day22


    September 11, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    Journée shopping et balade à Papeete, notamment au marché couvert où l'on peut trouver fruits et légumes locaux, artisanat, perles... Puis on finit la journée en mangeant aux fameuses roulottes, c'est-à-dire une place en bord de mer où se trouvent une dizaine de food trucks où viennent manger touristes et locaux.Read more

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