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  • Day16


    January 29, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    So here´s some information that could be also included in the Lonely Planet guide: this Chile-Argentina crossing closes at 19:00 in summer. We made it by the skin of our teeth – 18:55. Pure luck!

    All-in-all, an uncomplicated border crossing. We were glad to be going into Argentina, as we saw the cars and queue for car inspection (dogs included) on the other side at customs coming into Chile.

    Between the Chilean check point, and the Argentinian, there are 44 dramatic kilometres. It might have been the nerves, a certain fear of the unknown or simply a coincidence. These 44 kms consisted of a curvy mountain pass, lake views, and a continuous dead forest.
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