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  • Day55

    Pasto, Colombia

    January 19, 2017 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    My next stop in Colombia was the city of Pasto. It's not the most popular place for tourists, but it's on the map so I wanted to go.

    I was incredibly lucky to get to Couchsurf at the home of Angie along with her sister, mother, and crazy little dog Isis.

    I spent the days hanging out with Angie, her friends, as well as her family and friends. I got to walk around and more or less get a very informative tour of the city with a friend named Oscar who seemed to know everything about the city from where a statue of a saint was actually constructed from a statue of Vladimir Lenin to how the city's theater used to be abandoned and home to an XXX movie theater.

    I was also able to get out of the city and go to Laguna de la Cocha. A large lake close to Pasto that has amazing views, great trout and lots of little boats to take you around the lake and to a small island in the middle.

    My last night I attended a Youth Orchestra concert at the local museum and the music they played was amazing with all sorts of Latin influence.

    Statue Picture: Apparently 65 years ago when the church was finished a sculpture from Cuenca, Ecaudor was commissioned to create a sculpture of the church's Saint. The sculpture had apparently run short on time and used a statue of Vladimir Lenin he was working on to create the Saint. This can be seen I the face of the Saint and the fact that he is not wearing sandals rather military style boots!
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