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  • Day101


    August 11, 2015 in India

    In the middle of a lake, there is a big Buddha. However, the rest of the city is just busy and crowded. Anyway, we've visited Birla Mandir (sadly, no photos allowed inside) and Charminar. As we had lots of time until our next nightbus, we've watched another film in cinema: Srimanthudu. We also ordered a family sized Biryani. Ali really finished it!

  • Day6

    Transfer flight to Hyderabad

    February 7 in India

    Flight from Varanasi (13.20h) to Hyderabad (15.25h)
    Transferflight to Goa (17h) with SPICEJET.
    So technically we were in Hyderabad, even it was just the airport. So footprints @ Hyderabad... CHECK! 👣✔ 😁

  • Day2

    Hitchiking To The City Of Biryani :D

    August 27, 2017 in India

    Since we have already concluded diary that you're NOT A BLOG BUT A DIARY I can start off on an unofficial note. The week has been fun, especially the cricket game we witnessed for ₹100 only. No one really cared who won or lost but the game was nice with a few hits here and a few hits there. Also the atmosphere was electric with people howling and shouting all the time. Anyways that's all I remember about the game.
    So let's get started with our trip details and how the plan to hitchhike worked out :)
    Date: August 25th

    DAY 1:
    We started as early as 5 am from Bhadra hostel and it took us little time to reach the main gate. By that time I had already realised that I had nit become a German yet :(. (I forgot to take an umbrella and a mosquito repellant and was also stupidly wearing shorts) Since hitchhiking from the main gate is a bit too much to expect we decided to go to the Chennai - Hyderabad road first and then hitchhike. So we (I forgot to mention I was with Daniel from Czech who's a better German than the others) waited a while in the rain trying to prevent mosquitoes from biting us and finally caught a bus to the main bus stand in Chennai (koyembedu). After a little food we decided to take a government bus to Nellore because hitchhiking in the rain may not have been the best option. By the time we reached Nellore (by the way THIS PLACE HAS GOT LIKE AN INSANE NUMBER OF BEGGARS and not that I'm insensitive but really it's very very noticeable) out itch for hitchhiking had begun to be out of control. So we walked through the city to the road we wanted to go to. The hitchhiking didn't take too long as we were taken up by a guy who claimed to be from Ongole. He seemed friendly at the start but we were stopping so many time and he along with his companion was getting restless calling some people talking in native language. Then when we stopped at another place he asked us for money which I had expected since there seemed something off with the guy :/. May he die in peace lol cause then we just took our bags off the damn truck and left as quickly as possible this time hoping to have a better filter for choosing a ride. This was maybe like 40kms from Nellore.
    A few minutes from there we tried hitchhiking again and this time we decided to take an individual guy not a group of people inside. We found one in less than a couple of minutes. This guy was genuinely nice who happened to be from Jharkhand and was taking 7 Nissan cars from Chennai to Kolkata. He could talk well in hindi and we were able to connect very nicely. He was a bit overcurious about Dan (well but so are most Indians cause seeing someone white give them like the OMG reactions!) and he was asking a few questions about Dan which I had to translate and ask Dan. This exercise was ok at the start but then became a bit mundane. The journey though was very pleasant. With gentle breeze flowing in from both side and a nice view of the road, it felt like this should just go on and on. The driver seemed to present a very interesting point that he had tobacco to keep him awake (gotta check up on that) also he talked about his family and how life of a driver was boring. (Well sleeping alone for 6 months in a truck ain't the most fun life I guarantee :/) As we went on and on he talked about various interesting things about what kind of places he has been to, where he likes to eat and so on. We stopped at a nearby PAHADI dhaba for some food which he insisted on. The food there was quite good with a typical north indian taste and after eating it fully we inched closer towards Vijayawada :D.
    About 40 kms from Vijayawada he was too sleepy and couldn't drive anymore so we had a final meal with him and bid him goodbye. He had meanwhile managed to help us get another truck who would drop us at Vijayawada and this ride was much smoother (well the truck was brand new that's why). So after reaching there we took a truck to Hyderabad and had a nice sleep.

    DAY 2:
    Freshening up at the railway station isn't such a great idea at all. I was surprised at how the Czech didn't mind the hygiene of the station. (I guess accepting the situation as it is makes you a bit devoid of reality) The brushing was fine but blocked toilets are a bit overbearing even for an Indian who could adjust to anything lol :p. We soon headed out to the Golkonda fort by taking a couple of buses from the Secunderabad station. After some breakfast nearby we reached the fort in time when no one else was there. The fort was a joy to go around in such a pleasant weather. The place has a special spot where if you clap you hear a very distinct weird sound which was super cool :D. Climbing it ain't a challenge at all but the views of the city it offers are truly worth it. We could see the effect of the monsoon on the city as even the usually expected dry city of Hyderabad had become green very green indeed. After a long nap near the top of the fort and a bit of sightseeing we headed below again. (The nap was disturbed by the security for bullshit reasons and I will have my revenge) So a bit more rest and a few songs later we were heading towards char minar. (I forgot to mention about the HARRASSMENT OF US almost everyone in the city for money be it beggars or the TOOK-TOOK drivers or anyone Indians are so fucking crazy about moneys lol) the ride was nice and had a nice overview of the city from the bus. The char minar is also about the street market around it and the food stalls. The place is super crowded all the time I guess lol. We tried out some Chinese food there which was surprisingly good although they served the same Gobi Manchurian as everything lol :p. Then we met with the French who had been to the fort the day before :p. PEDE :O..... That's the word I learnt. But the palace was ok not too bad. A few nice paintings lol please look at the expressions of the people who are pained and the a kid riding the horse lol that pic is hilarious. The palace also has a few cool cars to show and a few swords and weapons collection. The sofas showcased there look so comfy man. A few ice creams later we reached the char minar. The way up is quite narrow and just seems to be going on and on. We take like maybe 5 circles in the stairs and finally the view from above is nice. We see lots of different markets there and a few nice buildings. We had some nice food in a bakery nearby by the time the rain started. So we took a UBER to the train station and boarded a train to Tirupati soon. Good night diary :)
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  • Day1


    September 18, 2017 in India

    Travel from Hyderabad to Kadapa by taking a Bus

    Hyderabad houses a myriad of attractions that beckons vacationers from all over the globe. The wealthy heritage and just right connectivity with different locations makes it a recommendable place of travel in India. On the other, hand Kadapa also called as Cuddapah that is an antique city with architectural marvel from the yore. Hyderabad to Kadapa can be easily travelled by taking a bus. I took online bus tickets from , this reduced hassles largely. The smooth functioning of busways helped me to quickly arrive in Kadapa. I had plans to experience this popular tourist destination in South India. Kadapa is encircled on the three sides by means of the Nallamala and Palakonda hills. Recognized as the gateway from the west to the holy hill of Tirumala, Kadapa is also known as ‘Gateway ‘city to Tirumala.

    On the other hand, Hyderabad, with the rich heritage and smooth connectivity by road with one-of-a-kind places makes it a recommendable position of visit in India. Sights like Dhamma Chakra Stupa, Ambazari Lake, Ramtek fort Temple, etc. I took the Ac Semi sleeper from Beeramguda at 5pm and reached Kadapa at 2:30am. The bus journey went on for almost 7 hours where the seating arrangement was comfortable. The bus staff took good care of its passengers and gave rest stops too.

    I opted for an Ac Semi sleeper bus that passed through wonderful sceneries and landscapes, soon it grew to become dark outside and I got involved in listening songs. Mostly, I used to be reading a novel; they played a film in the television that was once established inside the bus.

    The bus gave relaxation stop at around 11pm; most of the passengers got down of the bus to refresh up. Journeying by the way of bus is whatever I have endlessly adored, the intent being it helps to gather many journey memories!
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