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  • Day85

    The last outing :D

    November 23, 2017 in India

    About the day : Let me conclude that the previous day had ended with a really long discussion about sizes of boobs :D and Adam secretly revealed his habit of watching a lot of videos :D. Before this the day we had a few memorable events :
    1. Ni had alcohol for the first time in his life (His dizzy state can be detected by a sudden splurge of increase in talkativeness specially about NERD stuff and increased irritability let's be careful from now on)
    2. The double roti place is a really good burger joint (a little expensive but just as good as the barbecue places if you love burgers)
    3. US101 ain't always really crowded cause the DJs are mostly playing music only on Fridays and Saturdays (this was whispered by the bouncer outside as an attempt at establishment of trust between us

    Raphael is dancing like super crazyyyy..... (Moves like Jagger literally :P). The night was memorable one starting for the parotha place. A bunch of sufficiently tasty parothas at the parotha express kicked off the start of the night. The main fun was the discussion about the baggage of Raphael given to Julian and the dilemma about too much weight. The main issues were
    1. Julian's meet with Bea in Goa which might affect the preference dynamics in case some of the luggage needs to be thrown out.
    2. His Gfs insistence on not carrying all the luggage permissible by the flight agency.
    3. Julian ignoring messages from Raphael (it's obvious why he did not care about other people!! HE WAS IN GOA WITH HIS GF :P)
    4. Maybe it's just RAPHAEL!!!!
    Anyways we had the laugh of the month courtesy of Marco ( the whole story is that Raphael as always was cribbing about the prospect of his shoes and spices being thrown out of the flight. Marco genuinely pointed that he could just put those stuff in and throw some other stuff outside instead). At the moment it just seemed really funny :P.
    The issue was solved quickly as he got a message that someone had compromised in his stead. So it all ended well temporarily :D (The group for the party was a strange one, Adam, Rishabh, Marco, Raphael, The indian from Tirupati, Dan and Ondrej (whose gf was to arrive today and HE LOOKED LIKE A SUPER FUCKING STARRRR!!!!!!!!! His blue suit just caught the eye :D.)
    I can't believe that Raphael and Marco were able to successfully hitchhike all the way to Tasmac. It felt strange that someone unexpected had all the adrenaline to do all this :D. The Tasmac was as always like Tasmac :D (lots of Indian people staring at foreigners :p, too crowded a place with a unique smell of its kind).

    The discussion the particular day was about a dilemma :
    If dropped from the top of the Burj-khalifa, would a banana hurt a person more or a coin thrown with the purpose of of damaging a person ?
    Well different logics were presented to justify both sides of the argument.
    For the coin logic :
    1) The shape of the coin would have more pressure exerted just as soon as the collision takes place.
    2) The shape of the coin would also imply a less air resistance therefore more velocity attained.
    3) Coins do hurt (seen in soccer games)
    For the banana logic :
    1) The banana is way heavier, which will directly affect the velocity to be way more.
    2) It's more mass will also increase the impact because it's proportional to transfer of momentum.
    I'm not sure what's the correct but I guess coins hurt more :D.

    The bottle flip was successfully achieved by Lorenzo :D.
    Here we sit writing you (my diary cum blog) while others are amazed with how out dancing thirst is satisfied so early whilst the atmosphere being so electric :D. (I guess it's just the hormone pumping substance that gets you all charged up to exhibit some of the primal instincts)
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