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  • Day33

    Beach finally!

    January 2, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    DAY 1:
    So the train journey from Palembang to Lampung was a long one to say the least😪. I was expecting to see the real Indonesia through trains but they were AC and we could not feel the fresh air from outside😣. Basically trains in Indonesia are not at all like trains in India.

    Let's see a few differences :
    1) Booking for trains is possible even 7 days before the journey date 😂 (in India we must book a month in advance)
    2) Trains are super well maintained unlike India. (Very clean toilets and seats are a guaranteed feature)😁
    3) Just 1 company selling food in trains😮. No other street vendors allowed to enter🤗.
    4) Too many people working on the train station for assistance 😅. It's basically a source of providing employment. (In India not soo many peeps gets jobs I guess)
    5) Trains are cheap but still only well off people travel through them and tickets are actually checked 😂 (not like general class in India)
    6) Seats may be cleaner but the distance between 2 seats is almost nothing 😫 (it's difficult to sit properly)

    It was apparently the first time that a boule had travelled from the train from Palembang to Lampung 😂 so we got some special treatment. (Me and Sira) The canteen girl was astonished to see us so we had a few chats and it was fun to interact with everyone on the train 😄. Then sleep was vital as well and the family sitting next to us connected well with us. We played many games of UNO (part of the weird traditional here is to powder the face of the loser 😫) so it's a great incentive for NOT LOSING! But it was fun playing. (A super energetic kid called BAGUS meaning 'good' in Bahasa Indonesia, a pretty girl and her super fun uncle were our players). They had these amazing biscuits with cheese on one side and sugar on another 😋! Questions and answers, games and powders later we reached Lampung! (We were super enthusiastic to meet our host whose profile seemed amazing 😍) We met the host and 2 other super amazing peeps😁. Firstly I thought they had been friends for a while (such was the connection they seemed to make) and after a nice dinner later we started our journey to the beach for the new year party 😂. The way to the beach was so crowded lol but the pumped up music kept the hopes high😎! We reached a nice corner of the beach and just sat there watching firecrackers nearby 😍. Enjoying the atmosphere around with campfires and enthusiasm everywhere. Tired from the journey sleep was fast🤗. First time sleeping in a car! ^^ haha😄.

    DAY 2:
    The next day morning was a late one and after freshning up in the beach and a nice walk later it was photoshoot time 🤗. A zillion photos later we headed towards the city for a nice meal of meatballs😋. We said our goodbyes to our friends from Jakarta and then settled in our hosts home. So the home was located to the north east side of the city set near a market (like a vegetable one). The neighborhood was of our host's family with his half a dozen bros and sisters (nearly). The home was a small village house with a bit too less illumination with a barely usable toilet and bathroom. (The toilet didn't have a door which closed 😂)
    The room we were meant to sleep in was the size of my hostel room with absolutely no illumination with just toxic fumes of mosquito repellent making their presence felt. The family members were very nice (as always one of the members developed a fondness to my slippers😂) and hence was shyly using them 😃. We took a trip around the road next to the house and the main reason for stopping was the weight of our slippers☹ (they were full of mud hehe)😆! We could visit a few shops around for our usual clothes hunts and I got an authentic jersey for my bro 😎 for just ₹250. We had a plan in the evening to meet the family which had entertained us the day before. To our host's disappointment we left to have dinner with them in McD. Not realising that they were unable to afford it ☹. It was a huge family and we managed to buy a burger for each before we set off to their home. The way there was filled with convos about new flirting lines 😎 taught by the masters themselves😂. We were greeted at the hall and we started our (what had become customary) games of UNO by now.😃 It was fun and we bid our goodbyes to 'bagus' and family😀 to return to our home and sleep well for tomorrow we had to visit the island.

    DAY 3:
    The day started early and a taxi, a bus and a van later we were at the beach😃. The island was walkable from the beach and the way there was very chantick😍 (beautiful). But I'm sure you can see the pics as proof.
    The stay at the island was optimal and nice (but it became too hot in the afternoon)😕. So we left before that back for shopping in the city. Having found and bought a couple of jerseys again I seemed content.😊
    We then headed to the UPNORMAL cafe which had amazing noodles 😋 and the concept of playing games while eating was awesome. A few weird peep meet and malaka (greek) peeps meet later we headed back home after meeting our host's sis😃. After packing for tomorrow everything seemed to go amazing till now.
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  • Day31


    July 29, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Longest day trip of the lot today! Picked up at 5am from our hotel in Jakarta for the three hour ride out to the western coast of Java. I snoozed most of the way, so I don't really remember much of what happened or where we went!

    But we arrived at Carita Beach around 8am, met our local guide and had a light breakfast of omelette and toast. Sorted out a few details and then we were in the speedboat, heading for Krakatoa. It was about 90 minutes and the water wasn't too bad - not much wind and fairly flat waves, though it got quite rough in a couple of places.

    Finally, we arrived. Krakatoa exploded in 1883, probably the most violent incident in recorded history. The pressure waves were recorded around the world for days, people heard the eruption as far away as Perth, Alice Springs and Mauritius. The original island is gone, having blown itself apart, but in 1927 Anak Krakatau or Child of Krakatoa rose from beneath the waves and has grown steadily ever since.

    By December 2018 it had reached 350 metres in height and was covered in trees. Until a large flank of it collapsed, triggering a tsunami that killed 400 people and injured thousands more (it was a busy Saturday night during holiday season so a lot of people were on the beach). In that event, it lost all but 100m of height and all of its tree coverage, but we were still keen to check it out.

    It's actually not the main focus of the world heritage site here - that's actually Ujong Kulong national park, further to the south. It's a national park because it's basically the only part of Java not covered in houses or rice fields, and that's directly because it wasn't repopulated after the 1883 eruption.

    Either way, we finally arrived and cruised around what was once the volcano but is now just a smoking hole. There's a two kilometre exclusion zone around it, so we definitely didn't approach it. We definitely didn't land the boat, and we definitely didn't take a brief hike up the ash mounds. It was completely silent, and according to our guide it only has minor eruptions a couple of times a week, so he wasn't especially worried. But he wouldn't have let us climb very far - in the theoretical event that we landed the boat.

    Did another lap of the volcano where we could see a huge area of sulphur bubbling out at sea level, as the volcano builds itself back up again. From here we went around to Rakata, the largest of the remaining islands in the chain. On the far side there's some nice coral reefs, so we jumped in and had a snorkel, checking out the coral and the fish. Fairly good condition, as they don't get many tourists!

    Landed on Rakata and had a pre-packed lunch of fried chicken and rice - Indonesia's national dish, essentially. A few pieces of fruit as well, then back on the boat for the 90 minute bounce back to the mainland. Much rougher this time going against the waves, but eventually it was over.

    A few handshakes and then we were back in the car for the long three hour drive back to Jakarta! Popped upstairs to find the hotel wifi wasn't working, so we dropped our stuff and went to a nice looking ramen place nearby that had good food and good wifi.

    Early night after such a long day!
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