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    • Day 16


      May 22, 2022 in Israel ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      Fast alle Teams vom Toten Meer in Jerusalem angekommen.
      Vor 3h noch in Badehose bei 38°C und jetzt bei gefühlten 15°
      Lange Hose und Jacke ....... Socken, Mütze und Bettfläschle...

    • Day 17

      Jerusalem zu Fuß

      May 23, 2022 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      Heute machen wir uns zu Fuß auf, Jerusalem zu entdecken. Unser erstes Ziel auf dem Weg zur Altstadt war das Grab von Oskar Schindler.
      Danach zur Klagemauer und dann zur Grabeskirche. Zuvor holen wir aber unsere Geschenke ab, ..... typisch hebräische Sandalen mit langen Riemen um die Krampfadern komplett abzuwürgen. In der Grabeskirche teilen sich die Wege, nicht alle wollen anstehen um ganz ins Grab zu kommen und gehen fürs Abendessen einkaufen. Nur zwei schaffens zum Damaskustor, der St. Anna Basilika, den Garten Gezemane und in die Kirche aller Religionen.Read more

    • Day 4

      Shabat Shalom 👋

      September 16, 2022 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Wir haben schon wieder die Koffer gepackt und verlassen heute Jerusalem.
      Heute steht uns ein kontrastreicher Tag vor. Zuerst besuchen wir Yad Vashem, die nationale Gedenkstätte für Holocaustopfer.

      Danach geht es in die judäische Wüste, wo wir ohne Netz abschalten und uns auf uns besinnen können.
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    • Day 7

      Jerusalem - Christliches Viertel

      October 25, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Hauptpilgerort im christlichen Viertel (rosa eingezeichnet) ist die Grabeskirche, die im 4. Jahrhundert auf Wunsch des Kaisers Constantin erbaut wurde. Dem neuen Testament nach ist Christus hier gestorben und auferstanden, bzw. liegt er hier begraben. Der Stein, auf dem er vor seiner Beerdigung aufgebahrt wurde, ist zentral in der Kirche und wird von vielen sehr gläubigen Pilgern mit dem eigenen Körper oder mit mitgebrachten Kleidungsstücken berührt. Hunderte von Christen quälen sich die engen steilen Stufen herauf und herunter, um dem letzten Ort, an dem Jesus lebendig war, den Felsen Golgotha, zu huldigen.
      Weitere Hunderte stehen auch an, die angebliche Grabstätte zu besuchen.
      Ein sehr hoher Lärmpegel und die unglaubliche Enge bewegen uns dazu, diese Stätte schnell zu verlassen.
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    • Day 10

      Day 9 - Jerusalem, Bethlehem

      May 5, 2022 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Thursday, May 5th, took us, first, to a few locations in-and-around Jerusalem:  the Garden of Gethsemane (where Jesus is said to have prayed with his disciples), the apparent location of the Last Supper, a large-scale outdoor map of Jerusalem in 66 CE (fantastic!), and the Dead Sea Scrolls (which date to somewhere between the 3rd century BCE and the 1st century CE) and the Aleppo Codex (10th century CE) – both amazing to see and the stories of how they were found and how they made it to the museum is equally amazing. The two containers that the first scrolls were found in by Bedouin herdsmen are nicknamed Laurel and Hardy.
      From there, we headed into the West Bank for lunch at the home of a Christian family followed by a visit, in Bethlehem, to the Church of the Nativity, a basilica from the 6th century that sits over a cave believed to be the place where Jesus was born.
      The family whose home we visited was deeply warm and hospitable, and they served us homemade mezze, couscous, a kind of beef stew, and local wine.  The mother, Faten (she is named after Omar Sharif’s wife), was raised in Germany before her parents returned to the West Bank, talked to us about her family – we met her husband (who was working in their kitchen most of the time), four of her grandchildren, and one of her sons, who was our tour guide in Bethlehem.  Overall, in the West Bank, Christians only make up about 2% of the population.
      Bethlehem is no longer “oh little town,” as its population sits at around 25,000, and it is jammed with stores and traffic.  Of course, the souvenir shops, which probably have been there for 2,000 years, are vibrant.
      #aktravel #Israel #Jerusalem
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    • Day 142

      Day trip to Jerusalem

      May 22, 2022 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Taking advantage of the amazing public transportation system here in Israel, I jumped on a train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this morning for a journey around the old city. I just happen to have a hash buddy living here, who walked me around to some of the more well know sites, and some of the lesser known ones.

      We started at the Damascus Gate, through the spice market to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and then to the Western Wall, followed by the Tower of David, Jaffa Gate, and then some parks and trails, the Monastery, finishing up at the National Library. I have attached several pictures, but if you want to fly the walk with us, see these videos. Was about 7 miles of wandering around the old city . . . and another 2 walking back from the train station . . . gonna sleep well tonight.
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    • Day 9

      Days 7 & 8 - First Days in Jerusalem

      May 4, 2022 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Our last night in Jordan, we had a delicious Lebanese meal, outdoors, overlooking the Dead Sea.
      On the morning of Day 7, we crossed the border into Israel, where we’ll be for the rest of the trip.  We crossed at the Allenby Bridge, named for British General Edmund Allenby who is portrayed in “Lawrence of Arabia,” as he was, at one point, TE Lawrence’s commanding officer.  Met by our guide and driver, we have now had, among the A&K team supporting us, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.
      We’re in Jerusalem for four nights; it’s been around since roughly 3,000 BC, has about 1m people and is roughly divided as 64% Jewish, 34% Muslim, and 2% Christian.
      Our first two days happen to be on Israeli holidays - Remembrance Day - day one, a national day in which respects are paid to the people killed in supporting the State - and Israeli Independence Day; on the Gregorian calendar, that day is May 14, but Israel uses the Hebrew calendar and, so, the date changes slightly each year.
      Upon arrival we drove to an overlook of the city from where we saw the walled old city and its contrast with the new, the lushness, and the hills.  The Western Wall, Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, and Church of the Holy Sepulcher all stand-out.
      Then it was several hours at Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center - Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust as well as the Jews and non-Jews who aided Jews during the period.  Educational, enlightening, saddening, maddening, and deeply moving.
      Dinner on Day 7 (Tuesday) was at a restaurant on the roof of a building owned by the Vatican, with glorious views of Old Jerusalem.  Several of us walked through the old city back to our hotel - the famous, old, and beautiful King David Hotel.
      Day 8 was primarily spent on a walking tour of Old Jerusalem, split into four quarters - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Armenian – partially along the Via Dolorosa, and ending with a visit to the Western Wall.
      @aktravel_usa #Israel #Jerusalem
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    • Day 6

      Jerusalem museum

      September 10, 2023 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

      This is a model of the city layout as it was from the years 0 to 100 AD. ( second temple period) This model was constructed one tiny block at a time, taking 4 years to build. The city of David was directly under the front left corner. To preserve David's kingdom they built arches and buried it.Read more

    • Day 29

      Last Supper Room

      January 18, 2023 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

      On the top floor of the building housing King David’s Tomb you will find “The Cenacle,” more commonly called “Room of the Last Supper.”

      “Cenacle” comes from a Latin word for “dining room,” which makes sense, since tradition holds it is where THE Last Supper took place.

      In one corner of the room, you can see a pillar topped with a pair of pelican babies pecking their mother’s heart.

      Female pelicans are used as a symbol of sacrifice via the mistaken idea that the female feeds her babies from her very own flesh.

      I didn’t catch the meaning of the tree statue in the side niche. Must confess that a kitten came dashing through at one point and began chasing a leaf, which distracted me for a few moments while our guide was speaking. (You can see the little guy in one of the photos.)
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    • Day 4

      Mount of Olives 🫒

      September 8, 2023 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

      Gethsemane/Mount of Olives is a sacred site for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Setting at the base of Kidron Valley and holds over 150,000 Jewish Graves, including Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.
      This mountainside holds a vast importance to Christians seeking the history of the Bible. King David fleed from his son's rule to these mountains (1 Samuel 15:30)
      King Solomon worshipping idols (Kings 11:5-13)
      Jesus ascended to Heaven (Acts 1:11)
      Jesus praying the day before his crucifixion (Luke 21:37 / 22:39
      And then the Muslims believe the 7-arched bridge will connect the Mount of Olives & the Temple Mount, and only the righteous will pass.
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