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    • Monterosso: We ❤️ You!

      June 10, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Let me start off by being extremely positive today! Richard and I woke up, had breakfast and headed off to Monterosso! What an absolutely amazing, enthralling, challenging and beautiful walk it was! We both found it challenging and I was proud that Richard kept pushing on and he was equally proud he did because the end result was everything I had heard about the Cinque Terre and more! More beautiful in scenery, landscape and spaciousness but more importantly, the people were everything I remember Italians to be: friendly, welcoming, kind, generous and innately humorous… What an absolutely beautiful town it was. And how different the inhabitants were! You could feel a difference in the air. Hard to describe but it reminded me of Mykonos with its beautiful alleyways, sloped spaces, hundreds of cute little restaurants and WELCOMING smiles! Thank you Monterosso you have restored my heart and soul and love of Italy! 💚🤍❤️

      On returning to Vernazza I had dread in my heart… All I am going to say is this: I actually think even the locals don’t want to be here (obviously not, but seems like it!) I concede that I made a mistake in booking into this town for our specific requirements in a holiday destination. Had I chosen Monterosso things may have started off differently. Who knows? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ We live & learn. It is what it is!

      My morning started off by heading up to the information counter at the station where I was greeted with the same nonchalant attitude as yesterday. Thankfully a wonderfully beautiful couple from Canada heard my questions and spent 20 minutes telling me all about the walks, the best way to proceed, tips, hints and everything any other tourism bureau would and should offer. It was wonderful and informative and said results for the success to follow. I’m not speaking without experience; I also worked in tourism and if I’d have been as wet & unhelpful as the staff in V I wouldn’t have lasted a week!

      It took about 2 1/2 hours on very steep cliff tops and steps. But, I loved every single minute of it! I feel exhilarated and accomplished. Was just such a magical and beautiful day! Restoration of my faith in humanity! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

      I desperately tried to convince Richard to stay in Monterosso for dinner but understandably he was plum ‘tuckered out’ and wanted to head back to that place which I shall not speak of in name, just as “V”!

      So, please enjoy the wonderful images of the spectacular walk along the path from the place we’re staying at to Monterosso! I’m sure you’ll agree they are out of this world!

      As soon as we arrived at the end of the walk there was an instant opportunity to dive straight into the crystal blue sparkling water. I could not resist or get in there quick enough. I just took everything off except my jocks and went straight in. It was like nothing you can imagine after a 2 1/2 hour hike! I felt instantly refreshed. We had lunch atop a magnificent cliff top and then spent the afternoon wandering around looking at the most picturesque of towns. Just so Stunning 🤩😍✊🏻🥰

      A friendly local business owner informed us of a bar where we would be able to get reception and Wi-Fi which was also a relief because I could inform my parents that everything was okay. I love them very much and it was distressing to know they were worried. It was such a relief to be offered the use of connection by this bar in town. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart! Incidentally, I had actually started to embrace the fact that I was completely void of technology. I hope to transfer some of this behaviour in my life when I return home 🏡 and asked Richard to keep me in check if I stray! We are FAR too invested in technology these days and I feel I need to start living in the moment more back in Australia 🇦🇺

      On arriving back to V I headed straight for the water for another swim. Interestingly the swimming harbour was full of seaweed and rocks which was symbolic of my experience here. Enough of that! I think you get the idea now! 👍🏻😉🙃😂

      Richard and I had the most delicious pizza for dinner back in V and was served by the most gorgeous of Italian men who actually made the pizza 🍕 lovingly in his oven. He was as sexy as they come! No photo unfortunately lol 😂 Sorry Mummy! 🤣 Both Richard & I were equally disappointed for us (but happy 😊 for him) when he showed us photos of his cute daughter 🫤🤩😉😉😉

      Richard has headed to bed… It is 11 pm and I have taken the Cinque Terre express back to Monterroso for one last lemon spritz in this beautiful little village! It is magnificent! I love it love Love Love love! 🍋🍋🍋❤️❤️❤️Everything I know and love about Italy 🇮🇹 is contained herewith 🥰🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      As I enjoy my Lemoncello Spritz please enjoy magnificent wonderments of our day of hiking 🥾 and delighting. Viva Italiano! 💚🤍❤️
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       So glad you are both enjoying it all --even without WIFI for a while .We were so glad to hear from you when you phoned Troy !! We didn't know what to think .---All our love to you both!! [Love Mum and Dad XXX]


      Traveler  We need to not rely on technology so much! Remember when I lived in London. No phones or messages. Only postcards and letters and occasional phone from box 📦 We all need to live like that again. So refreshing not to have to look at phone 📱 all day!


      Traveler  Phew! And all is good again in the world. Monterrosso has made up for it and then some. Wow! It is truly spectacular just like I imagine it. Keep enjoying it all Troy xx


      Traveler  Big time! Just beautiful Riomaggiore now!!!! A new adventure x


      Traveler  Wonderful Richard

    • Day 28

      Santuario di Nostra Signora di Reggio

      May 23, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      We took a very curvy bus ride up into the hills to the sanctuary above Vernazza. The early people that settled here first settled high up in the mountains for protection and farmed on terraces. Each of the Cinque Terre villages has a sanctuary high above that was one of the first things built.

      We were the only people there and it was lovely and peaceful. We then wound our way back down on foot to Vernazza. We saw a lot of homes tucked away in the hills, and some cars that we still can't quite figure out how they managed to get there.
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      Traveler  How did Willow do?


      Traveler  ...not great, but didn't throw up this time so that's progress.


      Traveler  What is this?


      Traveler  A little grotto with a fountain for travelers... the face looks very pagan for church grounds...

    • Day 4

      Cinque terre 🏘️

      May 15 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      Desde la Spezia empezamos nuestra aventura en Cinque Terre 💫. Vamos primero a Riomaggiore, donde hacemos una parada técnica para comer y beber cervecita italiana ✌🏼. Seguimos con Manarola, donde hacemos una pequeña ruta hasta un mirador. Después paramos en Vernazza (mi favorito, y parece que el de mamá también), donde vemos muchos perritos. Y finalmente Monterrosso al Mare, que pensábamos que era pequeño y descubrimos gran parte del pueblo "escondida", que nos sorprende mucho. Nos comemos un típico gelato italiano 🍦, compramos algunos souvenirs y volvemos a la Spezia. Llegamos y vamos a una placita a cenar con una buena birra moretti 🇮🇹Read more

    • Day 7

      Walking the Cinque Terre trail

      August 23, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      We head off in our gym gear at 11.30am to find the start of the Cinque Terre trail.
      I am so pumped for this.

      Through the tunnel up the hill and off from Monterosso we go.


      Athena stops at some steep downward steps.
      She tells me she can't do it.
      She is afraid of heights.

      (As this is not the first time Athena has pulled out at the last minute on me, due to her fear, whilst adventuring, I say ok I will see you at the hotel. and I simply turn around and just keep walking)

      I did look back to check if she made it down the steps. And sure enough she had. I walk back and ask are you coming then, she says yes.

      Off we go, I am so excited, the first part is very steep, lots of steps, straight up. A good glutes workout.

      However, our adventure turned out to be very slow going.

      So what is mean't to be a 1.5 hour trek turned out for us to be a 4. 5 hour trek.

      That woman was a mess. Shaking. She clung to the rock walls and the shrubbery like her life depended on it.

      In the end she clung to my hand or arm or top whenever the skinny path became open. She never once looked out at the glorious view.

      I did just wanted to walk freely, but was not allowed to just leave her stranded.

      The track was beautiful. Very steep with stone steps along the way. Thin pathways, enough for one person to get through.

      People were walking dogs, one lady had her baby strapped to her back. The walk was easy once you got up higher. The ocean to our right heading to Vernazza would pop out you.
      I'd say 'wow Athena, look at that' but no dice.

      As we went so slowly, I never even broke a sweat.

      We walked through vineyards, between rock walls, over bridges with waterfalls.
      A cat sanctuary sits in the middle for homeless cats. I was sad here.

      4 hours walking a difficult trail in the heat, whilst 'pulling' someone along whom is scared to death, now that deserves a bourban at the end.

      Many hikers passed us. and we would ask how much further. They would tell us 30 mins, which for us translated to 2hrs.

      Honestly, with Athena wearing dark sunnies, it looked like I was leading a blind person over the trail.

      After much trial. We hear the noise of people from the town.

      And the view of Vernazza, is before us.
      HELLO VERNAZZA!!! You beautiful thing xx

      I would walk this trail again, anytime. Even with Athena xx
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      Traveler  Ahh that looks so awesome poor Athena ...I would be sad about the cats too and would be trying to rescue them lol ..I'm laughing reading this ..just love the way you write 😍😘


      Traveler  Well done to both of you. What a shame Athena was so scared and afraid to look. The views are amazing. I was jumping up and down at how far I had come!!! Love the view over Vernazza. I sat at that cat sanctuary too and marvelled how far the volunteers had to walk ( up hill ) to reach them. You are knocking this holiday out of the park, Sandra!!! So thrilled I am along for the ride.


      Traveler  Hi Sandra, amazing views and great walking! So proud of Athena for pushing on, hopefully you celebrated with a relaxing cold one!

    • Day 31

      Fire in the Foothills

      May 26, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

      We heard a helicopter and looked up to see smoke coming from the hillside above Vernazza. They lowered someone down and the fire was out within minutes. All of the hikers on the trail turned around and came back quickly!Read more

    • Day 7

      Cinque Terre

      July 5, 2021 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Ein ganz fantastischer Tag heute.
      Wir brauchen früh mit dem Zug zum ersten der berühmten Cinque Terre Monterosso al Mare auf. Von dort aus wanderten wir über die Weinberge einen sehr schweißtreibenden Weg in das nächste Dorf Vernazza . 4 Kilometer ging es die Küste rauf und runter, Moritz war in meiner Trage mega entspannt und hat es geliebt getragen zu werden. Angekommen in Vernazza schlenderten wir durch Gässchen und aßen leckere Foccachia mit Tunfisch.
      Mit dem Boot ging es dann zurück. Am Nachmittag düsten wir dann noch mit den Rädern zum Baden nach Bonasola, dort waren Miri, Flo und Luki.
      Der Weg dort hin war genauso aufregend wie Moritz erste Berührung mit dem Meer. Durch Tunnel und super Radwege waren wir in innerhalb von 10 min in dem anderen Ort .
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    • Day 4

      3 von 5 Terre

      August 4, 2021 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      Von Levanto aus besichtigten wir die Dörfer der Cinque Terre mit der Fähre, um einen schönen Ausblick vom Meer auf die kleinen bunten Dörfer zu erhaschen. Der erste Stop war in Monterosso, das größte Dorf mit 1.500 Einwohnern. Dieses wird durch einen Felsvorsprung in zwei Teile aufgeteilt. Der zweite Stop war Vernazza, welches als schönsten der 5 Dörfer gilt. Dort nahmen wir die Treppen, um die Stadt von oben zu sehen. Das Dorf Corniglia wurde von der Fähre nicht angefahren. Unser nächster Stop war Riomaggiore. Auch dieses kleine Dorf schauten wir uns von oben an. Manarola sahen wir uns von der Fähre aus an. Mit einer 1h 30 min langen Fährfahrt gingen es dann mit etwas flauem Magen wieder zurück nach Levanto.Read more

    • Day 16

      Hiking @ Cinque Terre

      September 18, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Okey, heute habe ich es glaub etwas übertrieben? Aber von vorne …

      Der Wecker klingelt heute schon um 6.45 Uhr, da ich um 7 Uhr beim Frühstück sein will. Warum? Ich hatte bei meiner Reiseplanung ursprünglich gar nicht auf dem Schirm, dass ich hier an der Cinque Terre vorbei komme. Also muss ich hier natürlich umplanen und einen Tag in den fünf Dörfern der Cinque Terre verbringen.

      Wie ich halt so bin starte ich relativ früh von Lavente aus mit dem Zug. Ich fahre direkt durch bis nach Riomaggiore. Also quasi an das letzte der fünf Dörfer. Ich habe mir vorgenommen dann die ganze Strecke zurück nach Monterosso zu laufen. Das gelingt mir auch, war aber schon ne anstrengende Nummer. 21km und über 1.000 Höhenmeter.

      Allerdings ist mein Zeitmanagement ziemlich durcheinander gekommen. Zum einen weil ich mir die Dörfer auch anschaue und nicht nur durchlaufe und zum anderen weil die Dörfer mit Touris überlaufen sind. Okey, ich bin auch einer aber ich bilde mir ein ein besserer als die Anderen.

      Jedenfalls zeigt sich wieder einmal auf der Wanderung die ganze Bandbreite des „Homo Touristikus“ oder auch der gemeine Touribock. Zu Beginn begegnen mit ganze Gruppen mit Reiseleiter. Das Bild ändert sich im Laufe der Strecke dann deutlich und es zeigen sich wieder einmal gewisse Wahrheiten (jedenfalls Wahrheiten für mich):

      Der gemeine Tourist achtet nicht auf Hinweise. Der Pfad ist konkret zum Hiking ausgeschrien. Jedenfalls der den ich gehe. Okey, der andere - die Tourirennstrecke - ist wegen Felssturz aktuell gesperrt. Daher begegnet mir alles auf dem Weg. Von Flipflop Wanderer bis Bikini Mädels auf der Suche nach dem Strand. Die sind total ok und außer Puste weil Sie nicht wussten dass der Weg 400 Höhenmeter überwindet. Wie auch sonst an der Steilküste? Auch begegnen mir immer wieder Stockenten. Wenn einem diese Entgegenkommen brauchen sie den ganzen Weg, weil die Stöcke ja links und rechts ausgestellt werden müssen. Auf die Seite gehen? Fehlanzeige! Aber das ist bei meinen Lieblingstouristen (den Franzosen) sowieso nicht anders. Wenn man nicht weggeht wird man umgerannt und grüßen tun sie sowieso nicht.

      Das ist Sehen und Fluch zu gleich wenn man so beliebt ist. Einfach zu viele Leute unterwegs. Gar nicht von den Dörfern selbst zu reden. Das wimmelt es nur so wie in einem Ameisenhaufen.

      In Monterosso angekommen springe ich kurz ins Meer. Das muss jetzt sein und ich gönne mir eine Belohnung…. Den Rest einer Coca Cola welche im
      Rucksack jetzt acht Stunden durchgeschüttelt wurde und die Sonne drauf geknallt hat. Gegen 18 Uhr bin ich wieder zurück in Levento am Auto. Trenitalia war super pünktlich.
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    • Day 5

      Cinque terre

      March 15 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

      Wir machten einen Ausflug um die wunderschönen bunten Fischerdörfer an der Küste Liguriens zu bewundern. Allerdings war unser Plan diese mit dem Auto zu erkunden etwas fehlgeleitet und gestaltete sich schwierig. Dennoch konnten wir auf diese Weise die unglaubliche Küstenstraße Liguriens bewundern. Ein Paradies für Motorradfahrer. Am Abend gab es sogar noch Strand und eiskaltes Meer.Read more

    • Day 56

      Vernazza, Porto Venere, Cooking Class

      May 3 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      הגעתי לVernazza, הכפר הכי יפה בCinque Terre ונדהמתי מכמות התיירים, פשוט לא יכולתי להישאר. אז מה5, רק הגעתי לשם. היה יפה אבל יותר מדי בשבילי. במקום זה, הגעתי לי Porto Venere ונשארתי בין הסלעים בByron’s Cave. למחרת עשיתי שיעור בישול שוב בLerici האהובה עלי. בקרוב אכין פסטה לכולם!Read more

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