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  • Day50

    Cinque Terre

    October 22, 2016 in Italy

    Ever since we saw the pictures of Cinque Terre that have recently become popular on the internet we knew we had to go there even if it meant taking 3 train transfers!

    Consisting of 5 villages on the Italian coast that make up "Cinque Terre" we decided to split our time by staying in Manarola and Corniglia. We enjoyed the beautiful views from the amazing Airbnb we rented in Manarola and got a little sun bathing and swimming in at Corniglia!

    We also hiked to Riomaggiore one day which took about 1.5 hours where we got a panoramic view of Cinque Terre. Exploring the villages was fun as each had its own character and feel.

    Cinque Terre definitely had some amazing sunsets as well which we won't forget!
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  • Day25

    A day at Cinque Terre

    January 8, 2017 in Italy

    A very early start today. We had another private tour guide again today Alessandro. He picked us up at 8am and we headed of to Pisa. We climbed up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was just beautiful the tower and the climb. Climbing up was an unusual experience, I felt a bit motion sickness. One minute you lean one way and the next you are going the other way. The grounds were very well kept and we were there early and it wasn't too busy.
    Back in the car and we head to Cinque Terre which means 5 towns close together and is a national park. A little different to our national parks. Alessandro takes us to the most picturesque town first Manarola, unfortunately the clouds came over so there sun to make the photos pop. We caught a train to the next town which takes 4 minutes and you are in a tunnel the whole time. Then we decided to have lunch before a walk. Alessandro booked us into a restaurant and because we were on the coast seafood was on the menu. Octapus, clams, mussels, calamari, prawns and fish. We all have pasta dishes, Brodie had tomato sauce, Kellie pesto, Dave prawns and mine was spicy tomato. Daves prawns were like skinny yabbies, he wouldn't suck the shells so I did. After lunch we walk to the next town. There were a lot of steps and if you weren't going up you were going down. The walk was along the coast line through peoples backyard and farms. I am amazed I don't have holes in my jacket I hugged the rock face most of the way and if we met someone coming the other way I made sure I wasn't near the edge. Along the way there was a ledge of rock were cats lived and you feed them and give a donation for food if you want to. We only saw one cat, so we had our Millie fix. The walk took us about 2hrs and my joints are now seized. Alessandro once again picked us up, by this stage its 4.30 and we had watch the sun set at the end of the walk. He tells us he will take us to Lucca on the way home were we can either bike ride or walk around the city wall. We are all wondering how we were actually going find the energy for another walk. Before we get to Lucca we say that we have had enough as it's dark and we won't see much. It was another long drive home, and the Italians certainty have a different style of driving. We get home abot 7pm and it's hard work climbing the stairs. My fitbit is reading 22525 steps, 15.74kms and 160 stairs. It's time to crawl into bed.

    Photo 1 - Leaning Tower of Pisa
    Photo 2 - Manarola
    Photo 3 - Train staion at Manarola
    Photo 4 - The cats on the walk
    Photo 5 - The walking track
    Photo 6 - A view from the walk
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  • Day20

    After a very long day of travelling, three trains and lots of steep stairs and hills we finally made it to our next location for the next four nights. And boy were we impressed.
    We are staying in Riomaggiore, one of the five fishing villages that make up Cinque Terre. While it may not be the best of the five fishing villages with the main and only street being very steep, our apartment is amazing. It is a renovated wine cellar built in the 900s and it has been renovated in such a cool way. One wall near the bed still has the mountain wall showing through it and the other stone walls and wooden ceiling are all original. It has a real charm about it and has been so well equipped! Our best accomodation so far! Definitely worth the climb of the many steep, old and crumbly steps.Read more

  • Day22

    Today we took the ferry to Portovenere to check out the town and the Church of Saint Peter. It is such a great way to see the coastline and we were very lucky that the ferry wasn't full and we got great seats on top to admire the view.
    It amazes me how some of the houses on the steep hillsides are even built and how on earth people get to them.
    The Church of Saint Peter is the first thing you see as you come into Portovenere on the ferry as it is built on the cliff above the sea, in the Gulf of the Poets, also known as the Gulf of La Spezia. Built in 1198 over what was left of an ancient pagan temple, Saint Peter’s was probably completed between 1256 and 1277, when its distinctive black-and-white striped body was erected. Then, from the 15th century on, fires and ransacking caused great damage to the structure, until it was fully renovated in the 1930s. The church's striped body, made from black rock and white marble makes it an eye-catching monument.
    The bronze doors decorated with different figures make for a striking entrance and the dark naves give the church a very solemn feel.
    The view from the outside terrace to the sea is amazing, especially on such a clear day as today. While the church isn't big, it was nice to visit.
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  • Day22

    Byron Grotto Portovenere

    September 20 in Italy

    Just next to the church and visible through the many arched windows in the wall, is the famous Byron Grotto, the inspiration of Lord Byron. It is recorded that the immortal poet, a daring swimmer, defied the waves of the sea from Portovenere to Lerici.

    These magic landscapes were of great inspiration for many poets, especially the English Romantics. Among them, Lord Byron who lived between the Gulf of Poets and loved especially Portovenere. It was for this reason the the incredibly beautiful grotto was dedicated to him and the Byron Grotto is one of the landmarks for spectacular international diving championships.

    Although now partially collapsed, the walk down the steep rock steps on the side of the cliff was worth it just to admire the surrounding scenery, the turquoise crystal clear water against the sheer cliff with its layers of stone. The views out to sea and back up the cliff towards the church and castle were equally impressive. We just wished we had brought our togs so we could have enjoyed a swim here.
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  • Day22


    September 20 in Italy

    Portovenere is the first stop on the ferry going from La Spezia to the Cinque Terre villages and while it is not part of the Cinque Terre it is still a beautiful place to visit and spend a few hours.
    We arrived by ferry from Riomaggiore and were lucky enough to beat the crowds. We enjoyed a bit of sight seeing via the sea front and then strolled through the back streets admiring the many beautiful doors and decorations. Such a pretty town to stroll through.

    We used just enough energy to warrant a refreshing drink by the sea before returning to Riomaggiore. I loved the coloured buildings, the quirky touches (a curtain made out of pasta for the pasta shop), the fishing references, the men selling hats (and yes it worked because I bought one), the many cafes and restaurants that were beautifully laid out, and the general vibe of the place. An easy day to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
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  • Day6


    May 14 in Italy

    Nach 3 wunderschönen Tagen mit Jonas und Marina am Lago Magiore, sind wir gestern weitergefahren Richtung Nizza.
    Nach ca. 250 km hat unser Bus dann Probleme gemacht und wir beschlossen bei Pietra Lingura einen Zwischenstopp einzulegen.
    Nach einer verregneten Nacht wollte der Bus noch nicht weiterfahren, und weigerte sich anzuspringen.
    Also einen weiteren Tag im Küstenstädtchen.
    Nach einiger Zeit haben wir das Problem gefunden und behoben, so dass sich Vicky erschrocken hat als der Motor plötzlich angesprungen ist.
    Jetzt machen wir uns heute einen schönen Abend und fahren morgen weiter Richtung Frankreich.
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  • Day2

    Der Sonne hinterher

    March 27 in Italy

    Am Dienstag fuhren wir über alte Bergstrassen nach Levanto. Zum Glück kennt sich Olaf mit engen, kurvigen Bergstrasssen aus. Jedoch kommt er mit den zahlreichen Schlaglöchern noch nicht so zurecht. 🚐💨
    Von Levanto fuhren wir mit dem Zug zum Nationalpark der Cinque Terre. In Manarola bestaunten wir die vielen farbigen Häuser, die direkt am Meer gebaut worden sind. 🚂
    Die Pizza zum Mittagessen durfte natürlich nicht fehlen. 🍕
    Am Abend ging es weiter Richtung Livorno. Den Camping „Pineta“ erreichten wir, nachdem wir uns ziemlich verfahren haben. Unserem Navi kommen die italienischen Strassen so ziemlich Spanisch vor. 🗺 🇪🇸
    Endlich am Camping angekommen, kochten wir das Abendessen und bemerkten, dass wir praktisch unser ganzes Kochequipment nicht dabei haben... Wenns jemand gesehen hat, bitte melden. 🍳😅
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  • Day1

    Savona - Start der Weltreise 2017!

    January 6, 2017 in Italy

    Nach der langen Anreise haben wir endlich Savona erreicht. 😁

    Zu Anfang etwas verwirrt haben wir unser Schiff gesucht, bis wir gemerkt dass das Große Gebäude im Hafen, kein Gebäude ist.

    Wow, die Luminosa ist ein Prachtwerk 😄

    Nach einem relativ unkomplizierten Check-in und einer traurigen Verabschiedung durften wir dann endlich an Bord gehen. Nachdem wir einen kurzen Blick in unsere Kabine geworfen haben, wurde das Schiff erkundet und bereits kurz danach verließ die Costa Luminosa ihren Heimathafen und die Weltreise 2017 begann. 😍Read more

  • Day4

    Riomaggiore, Italien

    May 16 in Italy

    Unterwegs in den wunderschönen Cinque Terre. Die jahrhundertealten Küstendörfer sind bekannt für ihre bunten Häuser und die terassenförmig an den Steilhängen angelegten Weinberge. An der schroffen italienischen Riviera liegen die fünf Dörfer Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola und Riomaggiore.

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